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Energy Maven

As The Launch Squad’s Energy Maven, Aleyah does more than talk about crystals. With over 20 years of energy healing experience, she’s obsessed with helping you integrate your sacred superpowers into your everyday life and business.

Through providing grounded spiritual guidance, Aleyah helps you achieve a tangible, and self-affirming sense of worthiness and support. After helping to run an online business for the last five years, Aleyah has a clear understanding of the common energetic blocks for entrepreneurs, and can help you clear what’s keeping you stuck around your messaging, client attraction, self-worth, and more.

She believes that, as an entrepreneur, your business is a direct extension of your heart and soul, and that what you’re doing matters. Even if you’re selling crocheted kitten hats, you just put a smile on someone’s face which has a profound ripple effect.

Let this energy maven help you work your own special magic in your business and know you’re not alone!