Today Katie shares a few powerful questions to help shift your perspective around the objection that “now is not the right time” to buy. Whether you’re making the sale or making the choice, these questions can help you gain clarity and focus about what a “yes” or a “no” might mean for your happiness and wellbeing.

Jeffrey: Welcome to the light in your launch podcast today, we're talking about how to respond when you're selling your program and you hear now's not the right time. Stay tuned.

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Jeffrey: Welcome back to the show. I'm Jeffrey [inaudible] and I'm back again with Katie Collins today, we're tuning into a special live training that she performed in our, in your launch Facebook group. If you're not already a member, please come on in. We invite you to join us, go to the launch squad, forward slash Facebook. We go live all the time. We're always engaging. We're here for questions. And if you're curious about launching what it takes to launch, hop into the group and we're here to help, okay, Katie's going to address some common objections. One of them is, is when you're trying to sell something and you're, you're, uh, talking to a prospective client and they say, now's not the right time. So what does that mean? What does that mean about them? And what does that mean about, uh, about you in timing and how to overcome their objection? So let's listen in

Announcer: [inaudible] Hey, Hey, Katie

Katie: Collins here. I am delighted to join you again on this Thursday. And I, um, you know, usually pick some sort of sales topic to talk about today and because I'm in a sales cycle for somebody else's lunch, um, I picked one that we've been hearing a lot for this particular launch, but before I dive into that, I wanted to say, um, I chose a card from my super attractor deck. Uh, you may notice that we've been posting a card every Monday for Monday motivation, Monday mindset. Um, but this, this deck is just a magical deck for me and for us at the launch squad. So I pull the card with the intention, like what card is the right one to pull for this topic around how to, to, you know, now's not the time. And once again it nailed it. The card says, I believe I'm worthy of feeling good.

Katie: I believe I'm worthy of feeling good. And that is so spot on for this topic today, because often when we say now is not the time we're putting our needs and desires in the back and it's like, oh, I know, I know I could feel better. And I know I could feel better starting right now, but, uh, I'm going to go ahead and put that on the back burner and say, now's not the right time. And, um, you know, kind of go about things as they are. And it's like, you're allowing the bad feelings or the kind of negative results or the lack of success to continue. And I know when you're on the side of being a sales person, which I know you probably don't call yourself that. But in fact, when you're having a consultation, enrolling people into your programs or your coaching services, you are in fact, a sales person.

Katie: And when you're in that role, you can see so clearly that this person is stuck and they're so stuck in feeling bad that they can't even see through the muck to make a change, or to realize that they have the choice in the decision to make a change. The first thing I want to say to you is, and I said this in the description, we've all said it I've said it. You've said it in our potential buyers have said it. It's a very common, it's almost as common as I can't afford it. Those are the top two objections that we hear to sales. And, um, they're, they're so common and we believe so much that it's true. And that part is, um, really heartbreaking when you watch somebody that is a perfect fit for what you're offering say, no, now's not the right time. And you know, they're going to walk away and not only continue to feel bad in whatever way that, you know, whatever niche you serve.

Katie: Um, so they're going to feel bad in terms of not getting enough sales. If you're, you know, into serving business owners, they're going to feel bad if they're not getting their health under control. If you're a health coach, they're going to feel bad if they're not getting the relationship in check, or if they're not, um, choosing to learn, you know, how to attract the partner of their dreams. If that's in fact, they want in fact what they want, right. They're going to continue to feel bad. And it's heartbreaking. It's heartbreaking when you're on the other end going, ah, like I don't want to be pushy, but I practically want to push you over the ledge because you're so blind to what is possible. And you're so comfortable in the word. No. So I say all of that because I always say the first close you have to make is to close yourself.

Katie: And in, in this case, and really in any case of any objection, you need to overcome it for yourself. So if you're somebody that's always saying, I can't afford it, or in this case, you're saying now's not the right time. Um, I would do a self check and make sure now caveat, it is sometimes true that someone can't afford you. And it's sometimes true that now is not the right time. I have spoken to several people this week in this sales cycle that I'm doing for someone and they're, and they kind of convinced me now isn't the right time. And I respect that. I really do. So. It depends on the situation. Um, and I am not at all meaning to indicate that I know better than someone and their own life circumstance. But what I do know is not only will they continue to feel bad if they don't make this choice for change right now, but it's not like it's going to stay.

Katie: Um, even, even feeling of badness, it's going to go down. It's going to feel worse. If we don't take care of our health right now, or our weight right now, six months from now, it's going to be more weight that we're upset by if we're upset that we're single right now, and we're not willing to sign up willing or able. Cause now it's not the right time to sign up for a attract your soulmate class. Um, then six months from now, they may feel even more lonely. If they're in a relationship, if they're married and they're needing to work on the relationship problems with their spouse, but now's not the right time. Do you really think six months from now, it's going to be better. Now. It's not even going to stay the same. It's going to get worse because symptoms build on symptoms, build on symptoms, right?

Katie: And whether it's weight or lack of money or lack of communication or lack of love, right. They build on each other. And so what I did, I sent out an email today, if you're on our email list. Um, but what I did was I broke down four questions and in order to, you know, make a sale, you've got to close yourself. I want you to ask yourself these four questions. If you just said recently, now's not the right time. Or if you, you can just think of a situation where you, um, where you said that, and I want you to take yourself through these four questions. The reason is when you take yourself through these questions and you may end up changing your mind and saying yes, or the next time, the opportunity comes along, you say, now is the time I'm not going to say not now again.

Katie: Um, then you have a story to tell when you're trying to overcome this objection for your potential. So it's really two fold, but if you're constantly coming up with your own excuses and you're not hiring, or you're not like buying into the support that you need, it does energetically block sales from you. It's like, you're holding onto the dollars you have as if it's sand and guess what? It doesn't, it doesn't stay right in our, even if it's in the sand, the sand in the hand, doesn't stay, it falls out. And so all of a sudden we're losing money. And then you're like, thank God I didn't sign up for that thing because now I'm losing even more money or this other thing happened. And you're not realizing that that's energy and the energy of, of, of your know. Right. All right. So, and that's enough, like esoteric stuff.

Katie: Let's just really get into some questions that you can ask yourself to say, you know, is this is this right? So number one, do I really want this? And I mean, really? Do I really want this? So that's the first question you ask yourself. And again, this is a question you get to ask your potential buyer as well. So write that question down. Do I really want this? Now? If the answer is no, then change your response from now is not the right time to no, thank you. It's not for me. Do you see how much more empowered that statement is? Like really learning to speak. Our truth to ourselves is so valuable. And when you're always kind of lying to yourself or fibbing to yourself, and you're not ever really getting to the root of how you really feel, there's just such a lack of clarity.

Katie: You you're unclear if you want to sign up, if you don't want to sign up and then you may end up saying later, oh, somebody convinced me of that. I didn't even want it. She pushed me into it. No. So we start with the empowered. Do I even want this? Does this person feel good to me? Does the program feel good to me? I'm not asking about time. I'm just saying if this thing, if we could remove all the time, barriers is the SIM, is this something that you really want? Right. Okay. So if it's a no speaker truth. Thanks. Anyway. It's not for me. If it's a, yes, we go to number two. Number two. Is it true that now right now is not the right time. Isn't true. And then what is on my plate? That makes me feel that way. So I, you know, whether you're married with kids, you've got a full-time job, you've got a full-time job and a part-time job.

Katie: You've, you're running a business, you're running four businesses, whatever, you know what? Everyone is busy. I don't know of a human being in, you know, in this general of, of the world. That's not feeling busy regardless of where they are, what they're doing. Um, what I find is people say, oh gosh, I am so busy. And you look at your calendar for next week or for the next six months or whatever is going on, right? Oh, the classes on Tuesdays. Oh, I'm busy on Tuesdays. Okay, great. What do you do on Tuesdays? Oh, I go to the gym. Okay, great. Like, is, is that the only night that you could go to the gym? Is it possible that you could shift and change your time of going to the gym for this length of time for the program? Right? Or, um, I heard someone, I used to sell a lot of programs that involved events.

Katie: And so everybody, of course, you know, they're looking at spending, you know, $15,000, what are the dates of the events? And we had it set in, in there where they could pick, you know, either the date that's coming up in the next three weeks, or they could wait six months and then come back and take the program in six months. And they would look at the date and literally this one woman say, oh no, I've got a dentist appointment that Friday. I couldn't, I couldn't fly to California for that Friday. And I'm like a dentist appointment. That's booked six months out. You don't think you can change. Because what we're talking about here is a life-changing event. It could be business changing, could be like an entire, entirely new life after the end of the three days. And you're going to let a dentist appointment get in the way of that. Right? So it's not about the dentist and it's not about the time. It's about the choice that you're making. That's making two dues more important than feeling good. What is so important in your life that you're going to let this feeling good, take the back burner.

Katie: So again, sometimes it's just, you know, I've got a husband with dementia. I heard this week, I'm taking care of my elderly parents. I heard this week. Uh, not only am I taking care of my elderly parents, but I'm also, I've got my grandkids full time. You know, I heard this week. I, I'm not talking to those people. I get it with the minimal thing that I had to deal with with my mom, getting her hip replaced and providing meals for her three times a day. Um, I get it on a slight degree. Cause I'm not my mom's caretaker at all times, nor does she need that. Thank God at this time. So I, I really get that. And I'm not here to talk those people out of it and say, oh, you know, who are you to put your stuff on the back burner?

Katie: I'm not talking to those people. I'm talking to the people that say, I've got to drive my kid to soccer. I've got to, um, yada yada right. Make up whatever busy excuse we have like, oh, I go, I take my dog to the chiropractor every Tuesday night. I can't do it. Those kinds of things we can reschedule or ask for help. It's a limited amount of time when you're looking at signing up for a program we're talking six weeks, six months. It's a limited amount of time that you get to say, you know what? I am so worthy of feeling good that I'm going to raise my hand and ask for soccer, mom, number two, over here. If she wouldn't mind driving my kid to soccer, meanwhile, the kid would probably love it because it's a change in the routine. They like that kind of stuff.

Katie: So we make these decisions thinking, oh, I don't want to let my kid down. But in reality, are you letting your kid down or are you maybe letting your kid down because they're watching you give up on feeling good in the name of taking them to soccer practice. So I don't mean to minimize the busy-ness. I really don't. And it's so hard for me to come up with an example. That's not going to like make someone angry, but I'm just asking you are the things on your plate that are preventing you from saying yes. Now worth the, the, putting your worthiness on the back burner. All right. I'll pause on that question. Is it true? That now is not the right time. What's on my plate. That makes me feel that way. And can they be resolved by asking for help from others? Okay. Third question you want to ask? Will I be happy if my life stays exactly the same and let's be clear, it's likely not going to stay the same. It's going to worsen the situation will worsen. Am I going to be happy a year from now or six months from now? If I continue to say no to this, am I okay with where my life will be at that time?

Katie: How will you feel if things don't start to get resolved right now? So again, just, you know, we've got the four mega niches. It's like health, wealth, relationships and career. And so it's like, I saw a dear friend of mine post in her group about just being like such an unhappy teacher. She's, you know, here we are June 17, so likely they're out of school and they're probably doing professional development. Cause she was saying, I'm in training right now. And I literally couldn't care less. Now this gal is a dear friend of mine that we met as early teachers before we even got our teaching jobs. We met, um, you know, at say age 25. And so I've known her for 20 years and she has continued teaching this whole time where I quit, you know, long before. And you know, so I commented and I was like, girlfriend, I get it.

Katie: I get, and she was like, I am like disillusioned. I don't want to teach next year. And I'm hoping that this summer will make me feel better enough that I can go back and like do another year and do another year. Now she's only 45. So it's not like she can retire in three years or five years. I know another teacher who doesn't love her position, but she's going to get full pension if she sticks around for three more years. So I get it. She's going to stick around for three more years, but this person who's looking at 20 more years of doing the job she hates, is that worth it? Why is she putting this worthiness of feeling good on the back burner? In the name of the fear of, you know, what, what else could I do for a career now? I told her I have a, I have a great, um, referral for you.

Katie: This woman, I trust dearly Patrice Perillo. She's in this group. She's so good at career coaching and getting to the root of what's your next step. And you know, and I said like, it's not cheap, but for me it's worth the investment in yourself to be happy for the next 20 years of your career. Now she may or may not say now's not the right time. I have no idea. But do you see what I mean? When we make these decisions where she's going to maybe teach another year and she's been unhappy for at least five to six years now that I've known. Um, in fact, I remember having a conversation with her about that when I lived in my other house and I sold that in 2013. So that long ago she's been feeling this way. And so will I be happy if my life stays the same?

Katie: Or like I said, it's probably going to be worse. If I wait, how will I feel if I don't get things resolved right now? That's the third question. The fourth question is, is it worth it to wait? And then I suggested doing a cost and benefits analysis, which I know sounds so boring, but we're talking about your life here. Cost and benefits analysis of waiting versus doing it now. Oh, if I do it now, I'd have to get my kid to SOC. I'd have to get someone to take him to soccer for the next six months. That's that feels like a burden. Okay. What are the other things? Oh, uh, I wouldn't be around to do this or that or right. So we kind of list what would go wrong? What, what would make it difficult if we said yes at this time, probably it would be about time and money and agreements from partners or friends to help you make this happen.

Katie: And then you look at the benefits and it's like, I would start, you know, let's give a, um, a health coach example, Kathy Glaser, if you're here. Um, Kathy helps people, you know, who are pre-diabetic or coming back from the doctors with scary numbers. And the doctors are saying, you know, it's time for you to stop ignoring the fact that your nutrition sucks. Your habits are horrible and you're carrying too much weight and you're going to have a heart attack or something's going to happen. Those are usually the state. That's the state when people reach Kathy and Kathy so much more than a health coach, dietician, all that. Um, so, so the question is it worth it to wait? Right? What's the cost of waiting. You can have a heart attack. Literally. I have a good friend from home. He had a heart attack and died in his bed at age 43.

Katie: He ignored the doctor. Um, you could gain more weight. It could become even more difficult to get around, right? Uh, okay. Let's change niche. Let's do relationship coaching. You're in a marriage. Maybe it's not going well, your communication is breaking down. Uh, there's a lack of trust. There's broken trust. And so you're staying together for the kids, but, um, you know, life is not happy. Is it worth it to wait? Um, is, is the cost of waiting, gonna be more beneficial than the benefit of getting started right now? What if your relationship could literally change to exactly what you wish it were within the next six months? If you could be promised that would you want to do it? So those are my four questions that I, if you came in late to the live, um, thank you so much for being here. I appreciate your likes and your comments.

Katie: And, um, I know that we're all worthy of feeling good. And I know that as people in sales, and again, you may not call yourself a sales person, but if you're selling something for your business, you are in fact the salesperson, when we overcome our own objections, right? When we move forward in a sales conversation, even though we didn't feel ready, even though we didn't have time, even though we didn't have the money, then we have stories to share and you can say something like, would it be okay if I share of time that I was in your shoes and how I changed my mind? Are you open to that? So I always get permission, but then you can share the story of these four questions, and then you can ask them if they're not ready to make a decision, you can say, I want to set a followup call with you because I want you to answer these questions.

Katie: I want you to leave this call feeling very empowered, whether it's a yay or nay, please. And I keep pointing because I have another screen where these questions are. Um, but getting people to get to an empowered decision instead of the norm, because let's face it waiting and not spending money keeps us right where we are. And I always talk about this and I'm going to be a broken record. And I don't care because the minute somebody had said this to me in my learning, I was like, that is it. You're in your comfort zone. Now I don't know about you, but I know a lot of people that are in a comfort zone of pain, of dissatisfaction, and of frankly just pure unhappiness, that's their comfort zone. And the minute you invite change, it's out of their comfort zone and it doesn't feel good.

Katie: And so our ego mind just goes, ah, Nope, can't do it. Can't afford it. Nope. Don't have time. Phew. That was scary, right? Oh right back to my comfort zone. Now I don't have to make a decision or I'm I kind of made one, cause I just said can't afford it. And it's so easy to say that. And it's such a cop-out and I can say that to you cause we're not in a sales call, but like wait till you are on sales calls and you just think in your head, this is such a cop out. How can I get this person to see this very clear blind spot for them? Because they don't see it as a cop out. They really believe it's true. They're not trying to lie to you, but it's your job to help them see that this decision is not serving them if it's really meant to be.

Katie: So do I really want it like really? Is it true that now is not the right time? What's on my plate. That makes me feel that way. Will I be happy if my life stays the same or gets worse in the next six to 12 months? And is it worth it to wait and doing that cost benefit analysis. So when you take yourself through that and you might change your mind about something that you had originally said no to, um, and it doesn't have to be a program or anything. It's just a, oh, I'm not going to get signed up for the gym till next month, or I'm not gonna do whatever until three months from now. Here's why I want you to take yourself through this four questions and see if you might change your mind and put your self and your worthiness in front of all the excuses that keep you right where you are.

Katie: And when you do that, you have a story to tell on the next sales call that you're having. When people say not now, now's not the right time, because I think most of the time that's not true. All right. So that is my training for today. Thank you for being here. I appreciate you so much. Um, if you're not already in the light, in your launch Facebook group, I want you to check that out. You can go to my personal profile. There's a banner with a link. Come on in. If you're already in the lighten, your launch group, I know we've got a few more new members recently. So in a welcome, you let you know that I do lives every single Thursday. Some glad you're here. If you've got any topics about sales or strategy or mindset that you want me to talk about, let me know.

Katie: Um, Alayah also does videos. Um, we call her as whoo Wednesday. And so anything about spirituality, her favorite Oracle cards, how to manage your energy crystals, that she likes, that kind of thing. And then we've got Jeffrey doing tech Tuesdays where he sharing just amazing things that we don't know how to do like this week. It was, um, Lincoln calendars, how to link your personal and your business calendar together. So we are an incredible team that, um, serves in so many different ways for a very holistic approach to launching your course, your course, or your coaching program online. Um, and we are just excited to get to know you and have you get to know us and be here and soak up our trainings. So Fran, thank you so much for being here. It's so great to see your name and face and I appreciate your support. Thank you. All right, everyone have an amazing day. We will see you. The rest of this week tomorrow is ask us anything Friday. So feel free to post any question. And one of us will answer or tag the appropriate person who should answer and we'll make sure you get your questions answered. So we are here to support you and add value. And we're just really glad that you're here, um, in this group. So all right. Have a great day, everyone. Bye. Yeah.

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