Today Aleyah and Katie talk about how following the cycles of the moon and your body can help you be more productive in your business. They give you tips and strategies for maximizing each moon phase and show you how that’s also mirrored in your body’s natural cycle. Learn when to rest and when to go full steam ahead and why following these cycles matters.

Katie: Welcome to the lighten your launch podcast. Today, we're talking about how to maximize your monthly cycle to get better results in your business. So stay tuned.

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Katie: All right. Welcome back to the show. I'm Katie Collins, and I'm here with a last one. And today we want to talk to you about how you can use the rhythms and cycles of nature and your body to feel more productive and more aligned in your business. So Aaliyah, I'm so excited to dive into this with you because I love the moon. Like I'm always drawn to the light of it. Every time I'm outside. I love the magic behind full moon nights, and I love how it rules the tides of the ocean. Like it's just so magnificent and you know, at the same time, admittedly, um, I've got a book on moon cycles and things like that, but I really don't know too much about the cycles. So I'm really excited to dive into today's podcast with you because you have so much knowledge when it comes to using what we have often referred to in the launch squad as moon. So tell us, let's just dive right in. Where are we right now in the moon cycle and tell us

Aleyah: Well, today we're in, um, the waxing moon, which traditionally waxing moon energy is going to be a time of building and creating, um, energy. And then you're waning moon, which is after the full moon is going to be like a time of release, letting go kind of moving back and word. So we're going to dive into all the different, um, or at least the four basic moon cycles. You can get really deep with moon woo and all the nuanced cycles of the moon. But I think today we're just going to stay with the energy of the new moon, the first quarter, the full moon and, um, the last quarter of the moon. So just the four main cycles.

Katie: All right. So yeah, let's, let's dive into like new moon, cause I know one just kind of passed right. A few days ago

Aleyah: It started on the ninth. So, and new moon energy is usually a time to kind of go inward. It's a great time to get a massage, kind of nurture yourself, take a break and a rest and recover. Um, it's a good time to start dreaming your dreams and thinking of, you know, seeds that you want to plant. It's usually a more quiet feeling time if you're tuned into the new moon energy. Um, and then that energy starts building in the first quarter of the moon, you know, starts, um, getting a lot more creative and then you build up to the full moon energy. So if you're feeling that, you know, if you're sensitive, you might feel this stuff without even realizing that it's affecting you. And it's, you know, all of these phases also can coincide or be reflective of your body's natural rhythms as well.

Aleyah: And so we're gonna talk about that a little bit too, just how, um, which phases of your own cycle coincide with the moon phases. And sometimes you're sinked up with the moon phases and so it can feel extra powerful and sometimes you're not. And you know, and so you might feel, you know, sometimes it's a very layered nuanced thing, right. But, um, you know, I feel like we're always, especially as entrepreneurs, we're connected to our gadgets all the time, we're on our computers all the time. We've got earbuds hanging out of our ears all the time. You know, I joke with Jeffrey about just feeling like a cyborg half the time, um, because we're just always plugged in, but that's why the taking breaks and being in nature and being aware of your connection to nature can feel so important. And it can just give you that grounded feeling because no matter how much you're, you're plugged in to your gadgets and to, you know, our, the world that we live in, that's so full of technology, no matter how much we're plugged into that part of this is also equally, if not more so plugged into nature and needs nature and is on some level aware of nature, whether we know it or not.

Katie: Yeah. Yeah. I love that. And I always write emails about using nature as a metaphor. I just love, you know, weeding the garden is like my favorite one, but really just like watering your flowers, fertilizing them, how they grow and, you know, imagine what happens when you fertilize your dreams. Right? So I'm a huge fan of that. And like, again, I really don't know much about these cycles, but I just think about my weekend and how I chose to spend it. And there, it was a landscaping project and I didn't plan it, but I looked at this one space that I knew I wanted to tackle someday. And I was like, today's the day, you know? And I tilled it and you know, yada, yada, I've got it all, got it all done. But yeah, I just love, um, the hindsight of, of seeing this and going, oh, I did that without even knowing it exactly.

Aleyah: It just like the right time. And some, a lot of the times the stuff is so intuitive. You can't, you can't even separate yourself from these rhythms and cycles. And it's more about tuning into them because you're never really going to be separate from them.

Katie: Right. Oh, I love that. You're never really going to, even if you're like, no, I don't want to deal with that. It's like, well, that's okay because it's operating in your, in your system anyway. Yeah, it is.

Aleyah: And if you honor it, you can really utilize it, which I think is, you know, a strength for us. If we honor our cycles, you know, whether it's the moon cycle or your body cycle or both, you know, they're kind of interrelated, but if you honor those cycles, you actually can be a more productive entrepreneur as well. So yeah. I mean,

Katie: Why not leverage the powers that are right here in front of us? Right. So that, to me, it's like, Hey, if you know, um, when you should be getting work done and when you should rest and you leverage that knowledge so that you're not burning yourself out and you're getting a lot of stuff done in a short amount of time. Why not? Yeah.

Aleyah: And that's really what honoring the cycles does for you is it helps you not get burned out, you know? Cause if you, if you listen to what your body needs and what the cycles are trying to tell you, you're gonna rest during your rest time and you're going to produce during your productive time create during your productive time. And you're going to be so much more productive if you've had the rest time, if you skip over rest time and just keep going, you know, full throttle. That's when we get burned out, especially if we're sensitive, which, you know, a lot of us are, and we don't want to admit that, but a lot of us are, you know, like if you push through your rest time, you know, not only can you feel physically burned out, you can feel more emotional and more vulnerable. And like everything starts to feel harsh or like the world starts to feel like a harsher place, you know, when we haven't had our rest time and we feel like we're just like, there's these demands on us to get everything done. You know, it just starts to not feel like there, the flow starts to feel like there's a dam in the flow, you know?

Katie: [inaudible]. Yup. Yup. All right. So you said you were going to chair like about four kind of main cycles of the moon. So we've got the new moon. What's the next of these four?

Aleyah: Yes. So the waxing first quarter of the moon is when you're going to take up your creative energy and notch and start really thinking about your intentions and goals for the next month. And this is great. If you keep a moon journal, this is a fun way to kind of keep track of all of this stuff, because most of us are so busy. We'll forget what the heck, you know, the moon, like, how do we, how do you know what phase it's in? And, you know, we're usually aware of the full moon and the most people are just kind of forget the rest of the month. So keeping a moon journal or having a calendar, I always make sure even my wall calendar and my kitchen has the moon phases on it. Even if it's not a Wu calendar per se, I just make sure it's got those moon phases so that I can just have a quick reference.

Aleyah: And then I always use the, um, the wee moon, if you've ever seen this beautiful little banner, there's some women that I knew when I used to live in Austin that live in Portland now, but they put these amazing planners out and, um, they go into, uh, the details of the moon phases and also have beautiful art and poetry. And, you know, just to really connect in with that yin energy. So even if you don't use it every day, if you just tune into this beautiful little journal a few times a month, it really keeps you connected with that type of energy.

Katie: Yeah. I remember getting that, um, journal, like in my twenties, it like brought me through my twenties. I loved that. Still, just as good today.

Aleyah: Now we have our D everything's digitized. I

Katie: Know I shy away from the paper at this point, but, uh, I love looking at it at the bookstore and flipping through it just cool artwork. And like you said, poems, and it's just very neat publication. Yeah. The

Aleyah: Advantage of it, I find is that it does, it's more specific. So if you end up wanting to get really specific with your moon cycles, it's a little, it goes into more detail than if you just buy a wall calendar. So anyway, I'm just going to plug the Wayman calendar cause I still think it's amazing, but yeah. So first clear the moon that's when you're going to be, um, setting your goals, starting to take action on any new projects you have coming up or new ideas you've been brewing on. This is a great time to start taking some action in the physical world. You know, getting it out of your head onto paper or your computer or whatever it is out into the world. It's a great time to start writing your emails, creating content, you know, thinking about what you want to manifest for the month. If you have, um, any new habits you want to start, this is a great time to do it. So any new, even it, you know, we're talking about work stuff, but also non-work stuff. So like if you have any health habits or, you know, a new sleep schedule, anything like that, this is a great time to implement new things like that.

Katie: Okay. So dumb question alert here. Um, how many days it does the moon take to go through all the phases?

Aleyah: It's generally a 28 day cycle, you know, give or take, but that's okay. Yeah.

Katie: So the first quarter of the moon is seven days. So we had our new moon on July 9th. So the first quarter is, is this Friday? The 16th?

Aleyah: Um, yeah. Okay. Okay. So it follows that I think said the 17th is actually the more exact day. So, you know, you follow the general,

Aleyah: That's why you want to have your calendar handy. Yes, yes, no, totally Saturday

Aleyah: The 17th. So you kind of give or take, you know, with the way that our calendar works, but, but in general it follows that month, a month long cycle.

Katie: Yeah. All right. Awesome. So first quarter, I just, I like, as soon as you said, starting new habits, I'm on the verge of starting a new eating regimen and I'm like, Ooh, when should I dive into, you know, it really is just a decision and pick a date and start right. Stop thinking about it and do it. So that, that's why it was like, wait, what day is that

Aleyah: Good time? You know, coming up in the next week for you to do that. Yeah.

Katie: Yeah. Perfect. All right. So we talked about the new moon and the first quarter, what's the next phase.

Aleyah: So then we hit the full moon, which everybody kind of knows. That's your big energy. That's when things are really manifesting, you know, you might feel more intuitive and, you know, full moon energy really varies depending on, you know, if you get really specific and personal, whether it can be your, the way your astrology is affected by this particular full moon, you know, it varies. So some full moons, you might feel just high on life and on top of the clouds and then some full mans, you might feel incredibly emotional, kind of thrown for a loop. Things might feel a little scattered or too big, like the energy is too big. And then it just varies depending on what's going on. If you get into more, a deeper astrology. Um, so, but we're not going to do that today. I want to keep it real. Right.

Katie: Right. So, because the

Katie: First question in my mind was like, oh, so when it's full moon in Leo and in cancer. Yeah. And all that. So yeah, I get it. I get why you don't want to dive into that. That's like a whole other podcast or book.

Aleyah: Okay. Right. And that's where you want to have like a good astrologer in your back pocket to help you with those spaces. But in general, the full moon energy is going to be when you want to socialize and connect, it's a great time to do all your, um, your more social things in your launch or business, like making your videos, recording your podcasts, doing, you know, scheduling your launch. Like we usually schedule our launch squad launches, you know, building up to a full moon so that we have that, um, that waxing moon building creative, you know, manifesting energy. So, you know, this is when you might feel physically like you have more energy, you need a little less sleep, you know, very creative feeling like your goals are coming to fruition. This is a great time. You know, some people use the full moon to release, you know, energy on the actual full moon night. And some people just like to really capitalize on the manifesting energy of the moon. So it kinda just depends what's going on in your life, but it's a powerful time to kind of use as you need it.

Katie: [inaudible]. And I, for me, like I said, I don't follow it too much, but I it's a reminder that there's an opportunity for like deeper prayer or intentions, like a ceremony. And I think without the moon, I would always kind of put it off, but the full moon is the full moon. Like this is the night. And, you know, I was sharing with you earlier. Like I, you know, did follow someone's full moon thing, like every step of the way. And, um, it really was powerful. Like everything that I was intending, you know, came true. And I was like, whoa, I don't, I do that every month. So you did like a ritual around the full moon? I did. Yep. And like wrote stuff down. I kind of remember I wrote stuff down and then I ripped up the paper and put it in like a bowl with salt for some reason. And then I buried the paper in this plant that I had outside, like with an intention and then left my crystals on there, like overnight just to clean out my crystal. So that's kind of the, um, that's about all I do. That's great.

Aleyah: And just having a ritual like that.

Katie: Yup. Yup. And just that reminder, like it's, you know, stop putting it off. That's what I like about it. It's a date on the calendar and you can't really put it off, just do it because it really can and will work if you put your intention behind it. So, absolutely.

Aleyah: I love doing little manifesting, using manifesting tools around the full moon. And I usually can't sleep very well around the moon. And that used to, well, when I was really young, it was fun. Cause those were the nights we'd stay up late and kind of party and socialize. And then when I had kids, I was like, well, this sucks because I need to sleep. And I, you know, when you have little ones running around, it's like, you don't want to miss three nights of sleep because of the full moon. But now at this phase in my life, I feel like it's my time to do extra meditations, to pray, to like, I'll just stay up in the night and connect with my guides. And I use that time sometimes to even just get up and sit under the moon. And I put my crystals out under the moon and I'll just use the time to connect with the moon and the night energy, you know? And it's, and now I think of it as a special time, rather than an annoying time of, of that's keeping me awake. I'm like, well, there must be some reason I'm awake. I'm just going to use this intuitive connection time.

Katie: Right. I always think that when it keeps you, and again, I make this up, but like when it keeps you awake at night, it's to bring your dreams into like life, like your dreams are in it for just sleeping. Yeah. It's like waking you up so that you can cross the dream, you know, into reality. So, but again, I just made that up in my head. It's a deep Katie. I love that. I love it. So I have deep, deep thoughts. All right. So the final kind of, uh, phase of the moon that you wanted to talk about was what, yeah. After the full

Aleyah: Moon, it starts to wane and that's a great time for releasing and surrendering, anything you're letting go of. So if you've had, you know, blocks holding you back in any way, it's a great time to let things go like old patterns. Um, you can also, this is a great time to reevaluate. So if we're thinking of it for your business, this is a great time to reevaluate what happened last month and see if there's anything you want to shift or change. You can also of course use that in your personal life. But, um, it's a great time to wrap projects up. If you have any loose ends hanging around, then it's a great time to finish those up. Um, it's a great time to take an inventory of what you're grateful for. Like what went well during the last month, um, make a gratitude list about that.

Aleyah: So, um, and you know, really go inward and be honest. It's a great time for honesty, like really looking at like, is there any missed opportunities? Is there anything you can improve just going over all your systems that you have? Is there anything you need to add or let go of any like extraneous stuff going on that you don't need? Um, it's just like you're cleaning house, clearing your energy. It's also moving back into that, um, dark moon energy of just the rest and, you know, renewal phase again, where you're going to go back inward, you're going to recharge start meditating, you know, get your massage this time of the month, if you are so lucky to have that. So, um, you know, soaking a salt bath, you know, this is, it starts to move back as you go through the last quarter of the moon phase. We, you know, first you're kind of re-evaluating reorganizing. Then you go move back into that new moon phase of rest and renewal.

Katie: Got it. All right. So we've talked about, you know, the earth essence of, of the moon and, um, and what's happening and how we can impact interact with, excuse me, the phases. So what about like our body and the phases and how that, you know, coincides or doesn't coincide? Yeah.

Aleyah: So if you have a menstrual cycle, then the phases that, uh, there are phases that very clearly go with the moon phases. And of course, I don't need to tell you there's tons of, you know, metaphors and analogies of women in the moon connection or, or, um, people who men straight the moon connection. And so the, the new moon will coincide the new moon energy. So I know that you're, I just want to say, I know your cycle, doesn't always coincide with the moon phase, but I'm going to just talk about them, you know, how they relate to the same energy of those phases, if that makes sense. So yeah, you know, noon, noon time is also going to coincide with the energy of the bleeding time of your cycle. So when you're on your period, it's the similar time where it's like, that's where you're going inward.

Aleyah: You're taking time to nourish and nurture yourself and just taking time to rest and reflect and, you know, just take care of yourself during this time. And, um, then you move into the follicular phase of your cycle and that's where you start to plant more seeds and start to set your goals. And all of that that we just talked about, and then the full moon is going to coincide with the energy of ovulation, where you fell on top of your game, feel more social and sexy and, um, have your intuition, you know, dialed all the way up. And then the luteal phase is the last quarter of the moon coincides with that, which is where you're, re-evaluating, you know, releasing anything that needs to be released, organizing, you know, all of that that we just talked about. So those kinds of lineup, and of course, you know, they're not always going to line up.

Aleyah: So like with our, the last couple of launches that we did, we scheduled it with the moon, but my body cycle was in an opposite phase of that. And it happened to be that I was at the worst time of the month for, you know, being for my personal self for my personal body. It was like the worst time of the month for me to be on video or trying to be super creative. And so this month I am making sure I plan ahead. And so I'm paying attention to my body cycle so that I'm getting all of my launch stuff done now ahead of time. And I'm going to really power through these next two weeks because we have a launch after that. And then I've got a trip after that. So I'm going to utilize the two weeks of the month where I feel a ma you know, amazing.

Aleyah: And on top of my game, that's when I'm going to record my videos, I'm going to be putting out my content and creating new content. And I know I'm going to be thinking clearly, and I'm going to save those the times of the month when I feel more tired and more inward, I'm going to do things like schedule my doctor's appointments and dentist appointments, as well as, you know, wrap up loose ends and whatever work I have. And, you know, of course go to meetings and everything, but I'm going to save my energy. Like it's precious gold for, you know, the time of the month when I have the most energy, that's what I'm going to utilize that to produce stuff. And if I try to fill them on my videos and do all the hard stuff, quote unquote hard stuff, like during my tired time, I'm going to feel a little like victimized by that. I'm going to feel a little tired. I'm going to feel, you know, questioning like whether or not it's it's, uh, you know, I'll just, I feel I give whiny, basically

Aleyah: He can ask Jeffrey, I'll be like, is this good?

Aleyah: I don't know if I'm saying the right thing. And like, I just don't feel in alignment with everything that's coming out of me if I'm trying to push through and be super social and productive during my rest time. Um, do you notice stuff like that, Katie?

Katie: I don't know that I do. Um, I, yeah, I don't. I mean, I'm sure that that's the case and I'm sitting here listening to you going, well, you should track it. Right? So like next time I'm in that cycle where, you know, next time I start my cycle and I, you know, of course I can feel sort of emotional stuff come up or whatever, but I've never associated it with my business before, or, you know, am I productive or semi productive? I do know that the week of my cycle, as you've witnessed, sometimes I have to take a day or two or, you know, a few hours and rest because I'm actually really ill from it. And I just feel like my body is asking me to rest. Like that's, what's coming up in my body is just, yeah, it's going through systems and processes that I have no control over. And, um, so I do slow down. Um, so I don't know if it aligns with exactly what you were saying, but, um, yeah, I know, you know, and, and you know, what I, what I appreciate too, is for those of you that identify as women, you are following this and you're like, yes, yes. You know, preach it. Right. And then for the men that are listening, you may be thinking, oh, you know, I don't have a cycle, but we always joke with Jeffrey. Like yes, he does.

Aleyah: Definitely does. Yeah. He's sensitive though, too. Yeah. Yeah. But he's also

Aleyah: In a house surrounded by people that with a very strong cycle. So

Aleyah: He's yeah, no, if we bombard him right there, their hormones, but yeah. Right.

Katie: He takes in the energy of, of all of you. Right. Um, but no, I, I re you know, have read various books. I can't source them right now, but you know, that, um, women even have like a 24 hour cycle, um, where men have a seven day cycle and, you know, the work week was based on a masculine persona. And it's why women struggle sometimes with, you know, doing that 40 hour a week, eight hours a day, go, go, go because our cycles are, are, yeah. Our bodies just aren't built for that. So it's just interesting, like, I think what we're sharing today, um, sometimes it's like maybe a generalization and maybe your cycle doesn't sound exactly like this, but it's kind of getting curious about what is your cycle and tracking it, like you said. Um, so, you know, having that moon calendar, for example, and then asking yourself, am I experiencing the same thing that I sh you know, I could be experiencing during the cycle? I don't want to say should, but right. Cause everyone's got their own rhythm. Um, but just to notice your rhythm and I love your point about getting stuff done when you're feeling really good and on it, and then allowing yourself, um, cause I do know I have about a week a month where I don't feel like doing anything. I've never associated it with what time of the month that is. So I'm going to pay attention. Yeah.

Aleyah: Track it, start checking it and see. And again, you know, sometimes it's layered because we've got our moon cycle or a straw astrological cycle. We've got our own body cycle and they're not always totally aligned up. So, you know, it's a nuanced thing, but the more you pay attention to it, the more you can utilize all the different cycles, um, in different ways.

Katie: [inaudible] so one question that came to my mind was, um, if, say for example, um, we're talking about the full moons, you know, the full moon phase and, you know, in a, um, in any body that's experiencing, you know, that, uh, menstruation cycle, then the full moon is equivalent with obviating. And if that's not true for your cycles, say you obviate a week later. Um, is it being suggested either by you or others that you kind of choose, whether you're going to follow the full moon specifically on the calendar, or are you going to follow your own cycle because you can feel in your body, the difference is that what's being suggested, like you get to pick the timing that makes the most sense for you and your

Aleyah: Body. I'll tell you what I do. Yes. I think yes. To all of that. But I, what I do is there certain, like a full moon calls to me for a ritualistic in a row, which in our ritualistic way, like you were just saying, like, it's fun to do a full moon spell and it's fun to put my crystals out and cleanse them or charge them up during the moon. And I have a little full moon ritual around that, but when it comes to my body cycle, that's going to, to me, that affects me more as far as the productivity piece for work. So I'm going to listen to that more personally, because I'm very sensitive to my body cycle. Some people aren't as sensitive to that. And you might just be, or depending on your age and like what your hormones are like, like that's just so varies for everyone. So, um, you know, I listened to that more now, as far as scheduling like this, like I was talking about a minute ago, just I'm going to use my ovulation cycle for being really productive this week. Whereas I'm still going to do my full moon ritual though. And we're still gonna launch, you know, whether or not, cause there's no way if you work with a team, there's no way to schedule a launch around everybody's physical cycle. You're going to have to use

Katie: It. You're like, no I'm ovulating. And I'm like, that just doesn't work. So,

Aleyah: You know, so it makes sense to use the astrological cycles or phases and the moon and other things, um, for something like a launch. But if you're a solopreneur, you can really schedule around your own, you know, whichever one you want, you can pick and choose more. I mean, we've got a team going, you know, eight people or something now, so yeah. Yeah. All right. Get out your calendar,

Katie: Uh, with summer vacations. Um, you know, so I appreciate that. And I'm, I'm laughing at my question and I know my friends that are listening are probably also laughing cause it's, it's me, it's me being the one on the Enneagram, which is like, there's a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. And I want to follow the rules. Right. And it's like, w which, which one should I follow? So it's just funny. It's just permission to say, you probably know the answer, Katie, and it's like noticing your own body and your own way of interacting with these different cycles and which one feels stronger. And then also just the intuition of, you know, this month, this full moon is like, you know, I remember like sometimes I would draw a heart on my calendar where it said full moon, like pay attention to that. You're right. And that was just this intuitive. I didn't know what it meant, but I did. And that's when I did the ritual. Cause I was like, that was weird. I'd never do that. So what was it about this moon? But that was my intuition just tapping in and saying pay attention. Um, so I think, you know, anyway, I answered my own question, but for those of you that are one on the Enneagram, you know what I mean with the, what are the rules

Aleyah: And I'm sorry, how do I do it? Right.

Katie: That's what makes us great partners, you know, cause we're different and we can see each other's different perspective and give each other permission to do it a different way, you know?

Aleyah: And I think it is both like you use the, your moon cycles for me. Like lot of people love to use the moon cycle for their manifesting. Right. It's like, and, and release. So if you can just think of even, even starting out, just using it for that, what do you want to manifest this month? And what do you want to let go of? Those are two basic things you can start doing with your moon cycle. Now your physical cycle, I think, is more pertinent to your work. You know, you're paying attention to your resting time and your productive time personally. That's what I think.

Katie: Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I love this. This is awesome. And I think, um, I was just excited, uh, bring a little bit of woo into the podcast, you know, it's like we sprinkle some, some Lao

Aleyah: Throughout some sparkles in there. Yeah.

Katie: Yeah. And so I was really excited to talk about this though, because it is something that I'm keenly interested in and yet haven't really studied it enough to have ever led this on my own, but I was glad to have a conversation with you about it. And also to ask my dumb questions, quote unquote, dumb questions. Um, former teacher here, there are no dumb questions, but, but you know, it's like, I know there are people out there that knew everything that you said maybe, and there are other folks listening that are like me kind of on a beginner path of all of this. And so, um, hopefully, you know, we've been able to answer some of your questions, um, and you know, if we didn't and you've got more, you can always really personally chat with us inside our Facebook group. So if you're not in the light in your launch Facebook group, get in there.

Katie: Um, and I also wanted to mention, because it is timely, um, we are doing our next launch virtual retreat at the end of July, starts on July 26th. And so just stay tuned for that. You're going to see if you're on our list and in our Facebook group, um, or even liking our page, you'll see registration for that. Um, but you can go to lighten your and that will take you to the registration link. And yeah, we're really excited about this one. It's um, you know, just, uh, it's our second time through this or a third time I forget. But anyway, we have this amazing, um, week ahead workbook trainings team, like it's just like nothing you've ever experienced before. So, um, yeah, we are thrilled to invite you to that. So go check that out. Any final words, a lab before we wrap up today's episode? No,

Aleyah: Just, um, other than, yeah, let us know if you start to track this stuff, if you have any epiphany's or insights, we love to hear about that. Or if you have any more questions, then that opens up a new podcast topic, so definitely drop it into the group. Yes. Yes.

Katie: Awesome. Um, all right, well, thank you so much for joining us. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a five-star review. Um, and if you add a little words to that review, I think it does us even more greatness. So we appreciate that and then hit the subscribe button. We drop live episodes. Every Monday you can check out the show notes for this [email protected] slash episode 32.

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