How do you know when the Universe is speaking directly to you? Today, we’re talking about seeing signs that can help us make tough decisions and even save our lives.

If you desire more clarity around big decisions in your life, then fostering your ability to discern what the Universe is saying to you is an incredible tool to have in your back pocket.

Today, we’re unpacking…

  • What do signs look like?
  • How does the Divine talk to different people?
  • How do you create intention around seeing signs?

Jeffrey: Welcome to the light and your launch podcast today, we're talking about tapping into divine support. So we don't miss opportunities stay tuned.

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Jeffrey: Welcome back to this show. I'm Jeffrey [inaudible]. And I'm talking today with my lovely wife. Aleia about what it means to tap into divine support and how one of the ways or byproducts of that is seeing signs that you're on the right or wrong path. So we'll lay a welcome to the show

Aleyah: It's good To be back.

Jeffrey: So I want to start this off really by kind of grounding us. W w what are signs? What does the sign look like? How do we know it's a sign? What's a sign?

Aleyah: Well, assign is the way that the spiritual realm, your divine energy connection on the other side speaks to you while you're in the physical world, right? So signs can look very different for different people, and it'll always be something that means something to you. You know, there will be some kind of little sparkle around it, and if you're not somebody who trusts your signs yet, it's something that'll make you pause and go. Was that a sign? Was that what I think it was until you build up that trust muscle and faith muscle and start to, you know, just get really clear that like, oh yeah, that was a sign I'm on the right path, or, oh, whoa. That was a warning, you know, red alert, red alert, but it's just a way to have clarity and guidance on your lifestyle.

Jeffrey: And we, we get signs, good signs and bad, or not bad signs, but signs that we're on the right path and signs that were on the wrong path to, right.

Aleyah: Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I notice that a lot of people I work with and, you know, obviously ourselves included, we see a lot of nature signs. That's very common. Sometimes we like to think we're sort of separate from nature, but we're really not. So divine energy speaks to us through the natural world all the time. And so if you have any animals that you feel an affiliation with, that's often, you know, assigned that you might see. Right. And so like, I have hummingbirds and we both have all these synchronicities. We can talk about later about our ELLs that, you know, we've been seeing every day and, you know, there's, you know, when we see that it gives us like this lift, it gives us this joy and this feeling that there's something communicating with us. Right. So, you know, but I have definitely been in a place of like, when I was much younger and sort of, hadn't really found my alignment in my life yet.

Aleyah: And wasn't very grounded and would get myself into all kinds of predicaments. Right. Cause I, my saboteur was up and I just had all this unprocessed stuff and I would be in these dangerous relationships or situations. And I would have my grandfather who passed away when I was 12 would show up in my dreams. And he was very clear and I would always know that those dreams were different than a regular dream because they would be brighter. And like my grandpa would feel so real. And so present, my heart would just be bursting with love, but he'd sit me down and he'd be like, honey, this is, this guy is dangerous. Like, you're actually in danger here. You need to break up with this guy and get away from him and never looked back. And that happened to me more than once, unfortunately, but it was, he was so right on.

Aleyah: And then later I might find out something really creepy about the dude or something like that. And I was so grateful that I had these warning signs for my grandfather and I also will smell, um, tobacco because that's a smelling associated with my grandfather. And if I'm ever in like, um, a, uh, like a place of sadness or grief or something like that, sometimes a comforting smell for me is tobacco. And I will smell it just like all around my body and kind of get a little heart tingle with it. And I feel like that's my grandpa's saying hello.

Jeffrey: So let's, let's talk about that. Unpack that for a second. Cause I know some people are thinking, well, I'm the guy, you know, my next door neighbor smokes tobacco. So that's not a sign for me, you know? How do you, how do you know it's a sign for you

Aleyah: For me, for one thing, it's not cigarette smoke. It's like pipe tobacco. And I'm in my room where there's nobody smoking, no one in our house smokes and I'm sad and I'm grieving and maybe praying. And then I feel this like sense of love around me, along with a little comforting sense of like pipe tobacco in Woodsmoke. Cause that's another smell that I associate as like fresh, you know, like a wood fire with pipe tobacco. And um, so for me, I know that's a sign because there's literally no one around me smoking. There's no one, there's no physical smoke in my environment when that's happening.

Jeffrey: Right, right. So that's

Aleyah: Accompanied with a feeling.

Jeffrey: Um, and then how about, uh, um, animals and nature? Like how do they give us those little hints? Okay.

Aleyah: Well and animals in nature. I've heard people say, well, how do I know? Yeah, it's a sign and I'm not just seeing a hummingbird cause I have a hummingbird feeder in my yard and it's true. Like we have that. We have a hummingbird feeder in our yard. I also love hummingbirds so much as you know, but so it's not assigned to me when I see a hummingbird at the hummingbird feeder, although at that brings me joy every time I see it. But what is assigning is if I'm out on a walk away from my hummingbird feeder and a hummingbird comes and just hovers in front of my face while I'm thinking of, let's say a new idea for something or I'm thinking of our daughters are like, I'm worried about them or something like that. And then a hummingbird comes and is hovering a foot in front of my face and just staring into my eyes that's happened.

Aleyah: And I just feel so much comfort that to me as a message from the divine that, you know, things are going to be okay, you're supported and reminds me that I have support on the other side in the unseen realm that is there always. And it's just a lift. And like when we were creating the launch squad, it's funny. Cause we brainstorming as a team or kind of brainstorming what our name was going to be. And we finally decided on launch squad and you know, it already had a lot of good feelings about it, but it was still a new venture. So there's that kind of, you know, like, should we do this? Should we not do this? But there were two times that really stood out to me. Hawk is one of my other animals that has, has a lot of meaning for me.

Aleyah: And there were two days right around that period. And they were pretty close together where I walked out the front door and there was a Hawk in our driveway. One day that lifted off like a launched into the air from our driveway. I don't ever see that. I hear Hawks in our neighborhood every day, but I've never seen one in our driveway and I've never seen one launch as soon as I walk out the door. And then another day maybe like three or four days after that I walk out and a hummingbird is in our driveway on the ground and it launches up into the air and goes into the tree from our driveway. And it was like just picking itself up and then lifting off. And I just immediately was like, oh my gosh, the bird they're launching. And for me, Hawk is about focus and like getting from point a to point B and not getting sidetracked. And then hummingbird is all about joy for me and, um, sweetness and that spiritual connection. And so with both of those together, I was like, oh, this, this venture has some juice in it, you know? Yeah.

Jeffrey: Uh, so, so here's what I'm hearing that for things to be assigned because of course anything could, anything could be assigned, anything

Aleyah: Can be assigned, but

Jeffrey: So how do you identify a sign is that you have some emotional connection to it and it arrives in such a way where maybe you would put a question out there. Maybe you were having a specific thought about something. Um, so, so I feel like it's, it's very contextual, right?

Aleyah: It's out of the ordinary. So you'll see something that's a little out of the ordinary. It's just like, if you find a feather, if you have feather pillows and your other pillows, like you've taken your pillowcases off and there are white feathers all around your room pouring out of your feather pillow, that is not a sign. That's just like

Jeffrey: Feather pillows, your

Aleyah: Feather pillow is leaking. And so that's not really a sign, but if you find a feather at a specific time, like while you're thinking, if you find something you think, is this a sign? Like, what were you just thinking about? Were you asking any questions? Were you having any emotions, you know, is this something out of the ordinary, you know, like, did you just find a feather in your shoe? Or like, were you just thinking about something important, having an, especially like a question marks? Cause I feel like the divine is oftentimes speaking to us for comfort or for guidance, you know, like if we're not feeling clear, but we're open to guidance. That's one of the ways that the divine helps us along our path is to throw these little signs along our path.

Jeffrey: Um, I want to unpack that later on, but what I'm curious about here is that I know you and I, we see signs all the time, but I see them a little differently than you see them. How, how do sine show up differently for different people?

Aleyah: Well, I think there are so many different ways they can show up. And I always, you know, I have clients that are more wired like myself, where we're kind of really open. Um, and we're like feeler, intuitive perceiver types. Then I have clients wired a little more like you where you're very cerebral and um, think you're like an IMTJ, I'm an ENF P so our operating systems are a little bit different and that's the Myers-Briggs um, whatever you call it, the Myers-Briggs I want to say scale, but I can't remember if the right term is, but the Myers-Briggs, um, terms if, for anyone who's curious about that. And so like our operating systems are a little bit different. That doesn't mean you can't have a sign, you know, it just means it's going to come through in a way that feels special to you, whatever that is.

Aleyah: I mean, I just knowing you for so long for you, I see your thought processes are really important and that signs oftentimes come to you through your thoughts. And I'm an angel intuitive. When I see Archangel Uriel with you all the time, who is an angel that really helps with that and inspires people, um, through thoughts. And so having a repetitive thought for you when you come and you're like, gosh, I just can't stop thinking about this. I'm super into like cryptocurrency lately. Like you're so into it. You know, I pay attention to that because I'm thinking that's a sign for Jeffrey that he can't stop thinking about it. He's having these repetitive thoughts. Things are kind of lining up for you. I'm like, Ooh, that's got some juice, right. For me, it's like, I feel it in my body, like talking about, you know, feeling my grandpa's signs, you know, I get like a heart tingle.

Aleyah: And you know, even when I go to the grocery store, like if I'm trying to make a choice between like two boxes of, I don't know, Mac and cheese or something, it's like, I will hold each one. And I literally will feel like a little Tingley surge in my body before I even look at ingredients. And I paid more attention to how my body feels when I touch something, then I do to what I read, but I'm still gonna read the ingredients or something and then I'll go, oh, I like this one better because it doesn't have some corn syrup or a citric acid or something that, that is, um, gives me allergies. But like, I'll feel it in my body first because I'm just such a feeler. And it's kind of like, I'll know if I like, or don't like something because of how I feel more than what I think then more than like, it doesn't necessarily have to make logical sense.

Jeffrey: Yeah. And, and I'll say for me also, uh, being super logical, I see a lot of, uh, signs in my life occur through timing. Like I feel like the divine would be speaking to my logic in that regard, like the mechanical awareness of how the world fits together. Right. It's all orderly, neat and orderly or chaos. Right. When, when things seem to line up orderly within chaos, like to me, I see meaning, right? So that's a tool the divine can use to, to inspire me or guide me, I guess, in a way. Right.

Aleyah: Um, yeah. It's so wonderful. Just whatever works for you and lights up your life for you, whatever signs have meaning for you. You know? So not judging your signs, I think is important. Just whatever mechanisms work for the way that you are or what is meaningful to you because our, you know, our divine connection is part of us. It's not outside of us. We are, it, it is us and it's all around us, but it's, you know, very personal. So the more you kind of open up that connection through inviting it in, you know, every day, the more you start to pay attention to that language you have with it.

Jeffrey: Okay. Well, that's the perfect segue to my final thought here. My final question really is like, how do we, how do we make more of it? How do we intentionally start CRE? And maybe this sounds weird, but start creating signs in our lives. Right. I I'm sure there's people out there who are like, well, I never see anything. I never see that. I never see this. Like all of the things we're talking about right now, maybe they don't see birds flying off as a sign and you know, maybe it's happening, but they just don't see it. And maybe, I don't know, but how do you create more intention around saying, I want to be guided. I want to see signs. I wish I did see signs. How could I see more signs?

Aleyah: Well, just that word intention is so powerful. Like your intention has so much magic and juice in it. So if you really want that and you set the intention to have that it's going to happen, but you do have to open yourself up to it, right? Like if you have, I mean, I do tell people like if you've got one foot in one foot out with this kind of stuff, that's okay, but it does take a little time to build up that trust muscle. You have to like go through the experience of seeing the sign, being grateful for it, acknowledging it as a sign, you know, seeing it's, how it plays out in your life to have that support. And those signs how the, that guidance feels and shows up for you and make, has some results. Like you have to see the results. And then that itself builds up the faith muscle.

Aleyah: So you just start wherever you are. And I just mean faith in that connection and that divine support. So you start with wherever you are, you know, start with a daily invitation in the morning, you know, invite the divine energy N ask for signs. If you have a particular quandary you're working on or something, you know, showing up in your business or your life or someone you're worried about, or, you know, any of that stuff, ask for some help and signs around it and then pay attention. And then when you get assigned, say thank you, you know, be grateful for it. You can get very specific with your signs. You can actually ask for a specific sign and you just have to let go though of the timing of it. Like, that's what I've noticed anyway, but you can get very intentional, like on my morning walks, I used to just say, Hey, I'd like a feather, you know, just like give me a feather. And, um, and I'd be so happy when I found a feather. And then I started playing around with it and was like, Hey, I'd like an Al feather. And I started getting owl feathers when I asked for alpha feathers. And then when I get tired of alpha there's, cause I bring home a lot of feathers

Jeffrey: And I was like,

Aleyah: We definitely kid it would be actually be pretty magical with all the different colors. And then this was happening recently where I was like, okay, I'm going to ask for Hawks next. I'm going to get Hawk feathers. So I asked for Hawk feathers and I definitely always chose birds that were at one time I did, I wanted to test it. I was like, I want a colorful pheasant feather, and I didn't get one. But, um, but I was asking for Hawk feathers and then sure enough Hawk feathers. And so then the next time I was on a walk, I was like, okay guys, surprise me, give me a feather I've never had before. And I was just really open. And I thought at the little pile of Ygritte feathers, beautiful white Ygritte feathers. And we do have e-cigarettes around here because of the river. And it was just so magical.

Aleyah: It was blowing me away that it was just the consistency of it. It was literally every walk. So man, that really, you know, made me realize like, why don't I do this for other things it's feathers, but just having that language be so clear and having that connection be so open and clear is just, it's joyful. It makes everything feel better. And like trust makes the world just feel like a trustworthy supported place. And you know, for me, even if I get knocked off my center by something in life, which happens, right? I mean, life still just happens no matter how spiritually connected do you feel there's still life, which is great some days and difficult, challenging sometimes too. But I feel like having that support, knowing that the unseen support is there is so huge comfort and it makes me just look for always the next right step and not get too far ahead, which is stress inducing for me. If I go too far out where I'm like trying to control things too far in the future. Right. That makes sense.

Jeffrey: Yeah. And, and you, something that came up as you were talking is that, you know, that skepticism and I know I had this back in the day where there was a point where if I would ask for something, it would show up and my rational mind simply wanted to pass it off as, oh, that's a coincidence, you know, that has a coincidence. Coincidence has always happened. Sure, sure. You know, and I F I think for me, it had to have been it when it became intentional is when things started to, I guess I kind of started convinced myself, you know, where just like you are doing where you're saying, show me a feather, show me a feather, and then it would happen. Right. And I think that's kind of where to start. At least that's where it was for me is to kind of ask for small signs, right. Something that's, it's doable, but it's going to stand out for you. Right. Seeing a feather is completely plausible. There are birds everywhere, but what are the chances that you're walking a path that guarantees it a feather, right? Yeah.

Aleyah: Yeah. It's kind of amazing, but yes, that's such a good point. And I'm so glad you brought that up because as you build that, this is kind of goes into some pretty amazing, like manifesting type, magical stuff too. But as you build that, and I'm in the process of learning that and sort of building that in my life after decades of building up just my divine trust muscle. Right. But the manifesting muscle and that aspect of your connection, starting small with something that your mind isn't going to jump in and just negate, everything you're trying to do is really important because if you're just like, Hey, universe drop me a million bucks on the street right now, you know, that full of a million dollars cash, you know, your mind is going to come in. I'm not saying that can't happen. I have no idea, but your mind is I know that most of, for most of us, our mind is going to jump in and say, yeah, all right, good luck with that. Whatever, you know, loser just like dumb. I mean, that's what my mind would say.

Jeffrey: It's like, it's like having, uh, a request. I mean, imagine walking into a, a restaurant and ordering food, but then telling them, but don't, don't really bring it. I know you won't really bring it to my table. You know what I mean? Like having to so much doubt or resistance around what you just ordered. Cause you're, I mean, you're kind of putting it out to the universe, show me something, if you, and for me, I guess it was like, if you're showing, if you're trying to ask for something that you have resistance around, you straightforward just don't believe it'll ever happen or you're coming at it from a place of, I'm going to test this to disprove it versus I'm going to test this to prove it. Right.

Aleyah: Uh, yeah. I mean, there's so many angles you could veer off too with this topic. It's so interesting to me, but it's, you know, definitely if you want to start practicing and developing this, then start small with something that feels, feels doable and then build up. Um, I mean, gosh, we've seen, we know so many people that have had like amazing miraculous things happen in their lives and businesses with all kinds of stuff. So I mean, having that focus, being open to miracles and just the good in the universe and that you are supported, I think it's Rob [inaudible] that at this astrologer I've followed for like 30 years. Um, but he has a term called pronoia instead of paranoia, but it's just the belief that the belief that the universe is secretly conspiring in your favor. I always love that. But so the more you're open to that and not just like, oh yeah, right. You know, the universe isn't going to do that or are your guides or angels or, you know, whatever it is that you, um, connect with on the other side, it's like just that belief that what if it is there? What if that support is there?

Jeffrey: I think that is a huge fundamental shift. I feel like a lot of people I've met or have bumped into, um, are truly coming from a place where they think this is a hostile world, it's all against them. And, uh, the, the evidence is all around them, you know, and I think that's a huge, uh, mindset shift to begin with is just that, that small shift, the universe is actually conspiring for you.

Aleyah: Yeah. More we can be in our like childlike wonder of the world and delight and the natural world and delight in just all the connections that are possible in our daily lives. And the more grateful we are when those things show up, you know, the easier of lives become. And that's just what I find to be true.

Jeffrey: I, I remember reading a book by fruit off Capra, um, the Dalla physics, and just seeing how studying physics in the real, the, the physical world, the, the weird and wacky world of quantum mechanics, how things get crazy down there at the small, small scales. And, and for that, you know, hearing his perspective on it and how there was so much wonder in it. And there was so much discovery in it. And, and, you know, literally as they were breaking the grounds on these new concepts and theories, like they were like little kids again, like, oh my God, I didn't know. This could be possible. This is, there's no explanation for this. How is this happening? Like all of this wonder, just kind of coming back. And, and now we see, you know, people are talking about quantum mechanics all the time and how they are really kind of just reinforcing the wonder that a lot of spiritual, uh, beliefs have been saying for centuries.

Aleyah: Yes, it's so cool. I know it's, even though I have all the belief in the spiritual realm and have experienced so much with the spiritual realm, I love the physical scientific realm as well and where those two worlds intersect is just so exciting and interesting. I love that because they just kind of reinforce each other in my opinion. It's

Jeffrey: Very cool.

Aleyah: Very, very cool. Ooh, should we tell them about our ALS that we've been seeing at night?

Jeffrey: We love our ALS yeah. Tell them about our ELLs. We've been manifesting antlers.

Aleyah: It's kind of like our, the feather story I was talking about, but we do these evening walks out at, um, a levy orchard or orchard levy. I don't know how you say it, but

Jeffrey: Since

Aleyah: You, since you grew up with the levy, but, um, so we walk our dog out there most evenings. And a couple months ago we saw this gorgeous barn owl just swoops through the orchard as we were walking through it, huge wingspan, just, they're so beautiful. These white, mostly white owls with little Tawny brown feathers. And they're just completely, noiseless when they fly, but swoop really close to the ground looking for, um, I guess that one was just looking for dinner. Right. And, um, anyway, we were so excited by it and then we saw it just land and stand by a tree. It seemed like it was like three feet tall. I don't know how tall

Jeffrey: It was,

Aleyah: But we were mesmerized and we were so excited. It was the first one we had seen, even though we'd been walking out there a lot. We'd been going every day for a few months. And we had, that was our first Al that we had seen. And so then what did we do? We were like, okay, I want to see more out. So we started looking for ALS when we were walking in the orchard, looking for ALS and we weren't seeing any. And then, um, I know I started putting out the call like in my mind, and then we would start kind of just jokingly, just casually, you know, like, Hey orchard, like we want to see more owls, where are the ALS? And then now it's weird if we don't see an out, we, you know, remember that just like a few months ago. And then now it's like, we see owls every time we go.

Aleyah: It's like weird to not see when we hear them talking. We see great horned owls. We see the barn owls, we see co Al couples swooping around together flying between the trees, talking to each other, you know, it's like Naomi and I just, the other night, we're walking there and saw an Al person a tree. And you could just see it's a beautiful silhouette against the sky. And you know, now it's like so common, but I remember just putting out that call silently sometimes to myself, just asking for more owl sightings. And then sometimes you and I together saying it out loud. And now we have Al out of the wazoo and now I'm even dreaming about ALS cause last week I had a beautiful Al dream where they were all circling above my head and then one came close to my face and was just looking at my eyes.

Aleyah: And I was so excited about it and so overjoyed by it. And I think that's another important thing is letting that emotion and excitement and wonder of the world bloom inside of you instead of skipping over it or pressing it down with your mind saying that's not real, but allow it to just bloom and blast them and be there, let yourself be in wonder, because it's just as magical as gratitude, right? Wonder is the same. And like letting the mystery be the mystery, we don't have to know. We don't have to have it all figured out. Right. We can just be in wonder of it and appreciate it.

Jeffrey: Ah, that is so good. And I think there's so the, for the people out there that are saying, oh, I don't see signs. And that would never happen to me or whatever. Like, I feel like there's a condition in so many people where part of them says, wouldn't it be so cool if, and then immediately there's a, but, uh, but that's so uncommon. Uh, but that would never happen to me. Uh, but that's illogical. Uh, but that's not probable

Aleyah: Well, here's something if that's happening to you, but there's still a little, you know, sparkling you that thinks otherwise then the first order of business isn't necessarily manifesting owls or whatever it is you want to manifest. The first order of business is, Hey, I need help removing the blocks that are keeping me from this connection.

Jeffrey: Oh,

Aleyah: So prayer. Well, the prayer, I would say would be, thank you for removing any blocks. I have to my divine connection. And I would say that every day until I start to see that shift, but that's like, what's underlying the skepticism, right?

Jeffrey: Oh, that's awesome. And to kind of spin this to a business world or anything like signs or signs, like your, your journey is everything. Whether it's personal, whether you're ending or entering a relationship, whether you're, um, entering or ending an investments or starting a business or whatever it is like signs, I feel like signs are a tool that you can use in any aspect of your life. And when you kind of start developing and be, like we said in the beginning, like becoming intentional around the desire to create and notice signs in your life. I feel like it's just like this tool in your back pocket where if something's really big, you're really wondering, oh gosh, should I join that club? Or should I start that business? Or should I start that relationship? You know, like you start asking with bigger intention and, and the universe is there to tell you what you're looking for, what kind of to give you the answer. It's like your magic eight ball is the universe is the world around you.

Aleyah: And oftentimes it's just confirmation of what your gut is already feeling. And sometimes I just feel like, well, I'm having the science. Not necessarily that I had a big question mark. Like when I had my Al dream last week, I didn't have a question before I went to bed, but seeing the ALS and my dream and the joy it gave me was just that alone was just perfect and precious. And it just boosted my energy, affirmed my divine connection for that, for that alone. Like, I didn't really need it to mean that it had to be connected to the business or had to be connected to anything. If that makes sense. Like sometimes just that reminder of your divine connection in itself is just a powerful, sacred moment in your life.

Jeffrey: Okay. So how can, what are a few things that people can do to just strengthen that right now today, or tomorrow morning or whatever, like this week, what can people do to start strengthening that muscle?

Aleyah: A really easy practice is in the morning, have a daily invitation to the divine. What would that look like? So that could be a little prayer. That could be a meditation. It could just be before you get out of bed, you just say, Hey angels, Hey universe, Hey God, whatever your word is for what you connect with on the other side, you know, just, um, I'm inviting you into my life today. I'd like to see some signs. I'd like to feel my connection with you, or, or if you have a particular issue. So this is a good thing to scan your life for. Like, okay, is there anything that feels out of whack right now that I need support around and then ask for that support? And then while you're asking for that support, ask for assigning to guide you something that feels clear to you and you set that intention in the morning and then don't expect it always to happen instantly.

Aleyah: Especially if this is not something you're already doing every day, right? So give it, let it have divine timing, let the divine timing of it, play out so that your sighing is really good and juicy and meaningful, but, and also give yourself time to develop that, that, um, muscle, that trust muscle. But if you do that every day, you are going to start getting some signs without a doubt. And then the other thing is noticing them and taking an inventory. And at the beginning, a lot of times I noticed that it's not natural for everyone. Like people are questioning their signs all the time. Like if it's not very, you know, if it's something new for you, you might be just going, is that a sign? Is that a sign? Is that a sign? And it can make it your like your mind gets in on the game and it kind of makes it a little more confusing than it needs to be, but that's okay.

Aleyah: Just be patient with yourself. If you're doing that, don't worry about it. Like that just seems to be a natural thing that happens for some people, and that will get better over time. And then you just can pick each thing apart and just say like, how did that make me feel that feel connected to something I was asking about? Is there any kind of connection, right? He, he keep a little journal, but I love to do a sacred inventory. And this is one way to, to not, um, brush over your signs where, you know, sometimes I think like we have all these amazing things around us that we just forget to notice, or like we just kind of skip over it because we're busy. And if you go back through your day, take a sacred inventory and go, wow, was there any thing that I kind of just didn't take the time to acknowledge that happened today? Right. And you might find that there's something that you missed or something that happened that you just didn't give gratitude for. And the more you notice that it's just like anything else that you put your focus on it's going to grow. Does that make sense?

Jeffrey: Totally. I know for me, my trust muscle with was tested in the beginning. Like there were, there were tons of times where I'd be like, show me a sign, show me a sign and I didn't see anything, you know, but I mean, I, I guess I was just kind of, um, I really wanted to see signs and of course, being around you, um, surrounded by and reinforced with the belief in it all the time. So I just kind of kept at it. Right. But just to go back to that, there's, there was plenty of times where I'd asked for a sign and I didn't see something, you know, so it, it was tested the test trust muscle was tested, but man, I just kept believing that it was real because of course I was reinforced with it. And you would share so many of your signs and my gosh, if you see signs, I can see signs this, you know, she ain't special.

Jeffrey: She's so special. Um, but, but it worked, it worked, it really did. And there was a shift, you know, and I'd start seeing them in my own way. And I think that was the key is that I would hear your signs and the things you would be seeing. And I would look for those and I wouldn't see them, but then as I just kept at it, I would see, start seeing other things. And you're right. Just to go back and reiterate the, the, you know, how do you, what are the signs look like? They produced feelings and they were in such timing that they stood out, you know, it stood out to me. So just for anybody who's out there testing it, don't get disturbed and discouraged when you don't see it right away.

Aleyah: Oh, gosh. Yeah. I mean, I've worked on this stuff for decades. And I remember in the early days, my first prayers were definitely to remove any blocks that I had because I knew that I had them, but I was also the reason that I had faith in like my, I just was excited about that connection at all, was that I had had some big ones happen. And during momentous times in my life, like the warnings and like times when my life was in danger, I had had these incredible experiences with the unseen, with the other side that were so powerful in my life was literally saved multiple times, which those that's like other podcasts. And I think you've already talked about some of those here, cause that'll take us off on a long day, but the, but having those, you know, I think that's not uncommon.

Aleyah: Most people I know have had something like that. You've had that, you know, many other people we know have had that where you're like in a life or death situation, you have this intervention that saves your life. And so that was enough for me to, you know, kind of, and I'm just always been curious about the, the spiritual world anyway. And so I was just determined and like reading other people's encounters and signs and experiences, I was just like, I'm going to get there. I'm going to, that's going to happen. And so I really worked at it.

Jeffrey: It does take work. It does take

Aleyah: Work and consistency. It's just, you know, when you have a consistent practice, you are more likely to see and notice your signings. It's not that they're not there. It's just noticing them, appreciating them, growing them, growing that connection and developing it. But anyone can do that. I fully believe that anyone can do that.

Jeffrey: Awesome. Is there anything that you want to say to wrap this up with a bow before we end it?

Aleyah: Yeah, we're good.

Jeffrey: We are complete. We are feeling complete. Alright. Thank you guys so much for joining us. This was a quickie, but goodie. If you enjoyed this and you want more of it, uh, head over to wherever you're listening to this right now, hit that five star. Write us a review and subscribe. Uh, if you wanna, uh, check out the show notes, go to the launch squad, forward slash episode 47. All right. We will see you next week. Chat for now.

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