You know those times when you’re seemingly doing all the right things, but you still aren’t seeing the biz results you want? This episode moves away from the how to’s and concrete strategies, and instead focuses on energy, alignment and tools you can access that help you get unblocked and finally moving forward. You CAN create all of your desires; tune into this episode to learn how.

Jeffrey: Welcome to the light, your launch podcast today, we're talking about creating alignment in your business and abundance with Akashic records. Stay tuned.

Jeffrey: Welcome back to the show. I'm Jeffrey Somerano, I'm back again with Katie Collins today. We want to talk with a very special guest about some business tools that you might not be aware of these tools help you not only in business, but in life. And you're going to be pleased with these amazing results and this topic.

So Katie, could you please introduce our special.

Katie: I would love to it is my pleasure to introduce our guest today, as she has become a personal friend of mine over the years and the Denver area. After ditching a high power job in corporate sales and marketing, she started on her path of self discovery through scientific hand analysis. After a rigorous year-long training, she dove into learning about the Akashic records, Reiki and the law of attraction.

This guests transformed her life and now the lives of her clients through what some would refer to. Magic. She is passionate about helping people, helping women who feel they have a deeper purpose, knowing that they were meant for more in their lives. She helps women find their strength by removing energetic blocks, revealing their gifts and highest path to joy and fulfillment.

Let's welcome. Our guest Angie craft.

Angie: thanks, Katie. I love that intro. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me.

Katie: Yeah,

Jeffrey: welcome to the

Katie: you. Yeah. So one of the things Jeffrey and I were so excited to bring you in is, you know, we're so kind of concrete, strategic, how to do this. Here's a template, right? Here's a resource, here's a, here's a website. And I love, you know, the power behind what you do because it's, there's some, sometimes no matter how many templates or courses or coaches you hire.

Sometimes there's just a stuckness, right? That blocked energy that we w some people feel, uh, is impossible to remove on their own. And you have so many tools, as I've gotten to know you over the years, you have so many tools beyond that initial scientific hand analysis, you know, that really teach about, um, energetics and being able to remove some of that stuck energy.

And not only that, but like discover what it can teach you. Right. Um, so I wanted to just kick it off by talking about doing business from your own alignment. You know, I kind of said the word magic with air quotes. Um, you know, like it's like, I think sometimes. For people like me anyway, who is that concrete strategy person?

You know, the energetic stuff I believe in it, but I don't necessarily know too much about it in order to like use it in my business or show.

up for, um, in my clients. But when you talk about doing business from alignment, that's really exactly what you're talking about is like the energetics of it. So go into a little bit.

You know, uh, overview of what it means to be in alignment with your business.

Angie: okay. So the way I look at alignment is things are just clicking. Things are so much easier. Things are flowing. You might. Find that when you're not in alignment, you're having to work really hard to make things happen. Like you were saying, kind of explaining, you know, to go out there and pound the pavement and find the templates and find the people.

But when you bring yourself into a space of alignment, you're in a space of allowing. And so you're just allowing all of those things to come to you. So the people that if you, there is something that you need to learn. That person will just appear out of nowhere. No problem. You don't have to get on the phone.

And a lot of times, the way it works for me is if I want something or desire something in my business, like say for instance, to be on a podcast or to be on multiple podcasts, right. To be a guest or something, I might just say something like. I'm invited to lots of podcasts and I'm invited to speak all the time and then just sit back and just allow myself to be in alignment with that.

Right. And then allow those experiences to come. To me just easily and freely without me having to go out and get on the phone and think the old way of doing business. And I know both sides, right. Is that if I think, okay, I'd really like to be a guest speaker on a podcast, then I would have to think of a list of everyone.

I know that has a podcast and reach out to them and tell them my intention of being a guest speaker now in my new way of doing business, right. This, the second half of my life is where I'll just say. What it is that I want to tell the universe and then just allow myself to receive that from wherever it's going to be the most.

Perfect. Right. So whatever that perfect podcast is going to be, that person's just going to find me, reach out to me and it's just going to be happening. So that's the difference. It's a lot easier to be in alignment. It takes a lot less energy and your, your experience is a lot more joyful because you're not having to spend so much time.

Doing all that searching and trying to make things happen, right? Like trying to force everything to happen. It's just a receiving and an allowing of all of the good things that you're desiring. It's so much easier.

Katie: It is. I always love how you make it sound so easy to you're like Katie, when I want clients, I just declare it. And poof, here they are.

Jeffrey: So Angie, that sounds really nice, but I know cause I'm kind of one of them. I know there's people out there that are thinking well, sure. That sounds so easy. How, how do I get out of this idea of I've got to do something and do something and do something I got to make it happen.

I got to strive for my success. I got to reach my goals. I got to do all this stuff. Like that's a full-on personality. Right. You know? And then to hear you say, well, you know, just, just allow it. You're like, how does, how do I even conceptualize that? How does that, that doesn't exist in my reality. Right? So what do, what does somebody like me how to do to get to that place?

Angie: great question. So I definitely resonate with what you're saying, because being in the corporate world, How you get things done, you just have to make it happen. Right. So I was there for a long time and I can see it is difficult sometimes to make that transition because it's really from that doing mode to the allowing mode.

And when we have that patterning for the. Right. That that's how we make things happen. We have to do, do, do, do do, and then we can have our reward. It's kind of about, and that's really where the work that I do comes in it's about unwinding those patterns, right? Because it's always about what we believe, whatever we believe is what we're gonna experience.

That's just how it works. And so if you believe that you have to be doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, and then you get the reward that is going to be your experience. There's no other way. So, if you believe that it can be easy and that you will, of course, you'll always be doing because that's our experience as a human being, right.

We're doing things. But if you could believe that the amount of things that you would have to do to have the same results could be so minimal. Right. And they would just be the exact right things. And honestly, because when you're in alignment, They come so easily and naturally you forget that you even did anything.

Right. It's simple things like, you know, I just did this normal thing that I would always do, you know, my Friday live or something. Right. And the perfect person was there and reached out and said, Hey, do you want to do a podcast? Something like that. Right. Like going back to the podcast analogy. So it it's, it can be that easy, but you have to unwind all of that programming.

And that's what takes a little bit of time is you kind of, you have to go with it and you have to sit with yourself and look at the places and really observe yourself and what you're doing, right. Because you have to create a new experience.

Jeffrey: okay. It, what I'm hearing, it almost seems like you're saying that by believing. You've got to work hard to achieve your goals, your creating hard work.

Angie: Yep. Exactly.

Jeffrey: Dang it.

Angie: But it's a relief to know that too, at the same time. Right?

Jeffrey: Yeah. Yeah. A hundred percent. I love this idea. It's just, it is a mind boggler for a lot of people. I know this because I mean, I've been working on this myself and it's not easy to change beliefs. It's not easy to change beliefs. Right.

Angie: it takes work. It takes effort. You really have to go within yourself and. One by one sort of, I always call it like, how many licks does it take to get to the center of the Tootsie roll, right? Like you have to keep, go eat and peeling back the stuff.

Jeffrey: three, it takes three licks and

Katie: Three

Angie: only three. And then you crunch in.

Jeffrey: Yup.

Katie: that that is a measure mint of his patients. Um, so. The first thing that came to my mind, um, because of the work we've done together, Angie, um, you know, we've both hired each other. And so I hired you for an Akashic record session. So when Jeffrey was saying, it's really hard to change those beliefs, what came to my mind was, oh, well you have to have an Akashic record session.

Is that true? I mean, can, can that help that like, to really help you remove some of that or tell us more, what the heck our Akashic record. Tell our listeners let's start at the beginning. There.

Angie: okay. Perfect. Yeah, I would love to. So the Akashic records and everybody describes it a little differently. The way I describe it is it's the records of your soul. Everything that you've done as a soul. So it goes into past lives. I just like to call them other lifetimes. Sometimes people recognize that more.

Past present future lives like that. Um, and so it goes into all that and a lot of times the things we're experiencing in our life, Parallel with something that we've experienced at the same age, in another lifetime. And so those things can come up again as like, okay, how are you going to work through it this time?

Right. And it's just a little attachment there, right? If there was something that happened in that other lifetime and you were not able to work through it, or you were not able to process through emotion, a lot of times they'll just be like a little. Emotional attachment there, like some fear around something got created and it just didn't get resolved.

Right. So then you get that opportunity. In this lifetime, when that comes up to resolve it, right? So you can resolve thing. So it's a lovely way to be able to look at things from the higher perspective of your entire soul and be able to resolve something much more easily than like you were saying, Katie, when people are feeling stuck and they're just spinning and spinning and spinning their wheels.

And it's like, why. Can, why am I always up against the same thing? Right. Well, typically it's because you've done it multiple times in other lifetimes. Right. And so you're up against it again, cause it's like, can you resolve it this time? Can you move through it? Right. And it create the experience that you want to create.

So yes, there are an amazing tool. Of course, you still it's, you don't, you still feel the emotions that you need to feel things that you need to release still come up. However, you can have that direct release of something because you can see exactly how it started. And you can just say, I'm going to have a different experience.

I'm going to release this now, and then that parallels with the life that you're in, or it could be something that happened in your past and this. It could be something, a belief that you created, or it could be things that you brought in because of your family line, because of the way your ancestors have done things for a long time, you can bring that in.

And so it's, it's such, I feel like it's the reason it's so powerful is it's almost like surgically pinpointing, right? So much of what we do is just, we're just kind of generally working through things as best as we can, but you can really pinpoint. How did that begin and then release that energy from that exact place.

If that makes sense, for lack of a better word. So it's, it's, it's so powerful that way. I just love it. I've created so many shifts in my life because of this things that really upset me or triggered me situations, people, um, doing this work and then being in those situations. And realizing that I was just at peace completely at peace with myself.

And I think that's one of the greatest benefits is just to find that still point within you, even in situations where, you know, they used to be really upsetting for you or for that's how it was for me.

Katie: Yeah. I can really relate to that because like, after our session, um, And I thought my life was going to drastically change overnight, but it, but it did kind of, because I remember getting, having another upset about this topic that we worked on together and I got over it so much faster. Like I was just able to release it and be like, okay, well that, you know, thank you for that lesson.

Moving on. Right. Where I think before it would have taken me a lot longer to overcome it. And then, you know, within, I don't know, a month or six weeks, like everything changed. Like what we worked on did release itself, right? Like that the stuck energy unstuck. So. Yeah. So, I mean, it's, it's really a powerful thing.

I'm so curious. So I always, um, my friends laugh at me because I always say like, I'm just not a magical being. And I use that word a lot because my friends use that word a lot and we kind of play with that word. So I don't mean. Magic tricks or anything like that, but just like this, you know, like things happen that you can't touch and you can't see.

And you're like, did that really happen? Like prayer. Right. I would refer to as magic as well. And you know, I'm always like, I don't know. I used to say to my friends, like, oh, you're, you're much more intuitive than me. And they're like, no, you're just as intuitive. But with the Akashic records thing, you know, they're, I remember you saying, can you feel that?

And I'm like, no. And I felt like, oh, there's something wrong with me. I can't feel it, which I know isn't true, but I'm so I'm curious. 'cause I think you teach people how to do this, right? So it's possible for people to learn this and learn how to do it for themselves.

Angie: Yep. Absolutely. And

Katie: don't, you don't have to be a magical being

Angie: as well. You are magical, everyone is they just don't realize it yet. Right. So yes, absolutely. If anyone is called to learning this, of course, they would be able to. And that's, that's the distinction I make is that people that wouldn't be ready to learn this work just wouldn't know about it.

They wouldn't be on this podcast or they just, they would never have heard of it until the moment when they would be able to make that connection. So that's how I explain it. And of course, if someone is called to the work, then they're going to be able to make that connection and be able to learn how to do it for themselves.

Yeah. It's such a

Jeffrey: does one learn it?

Angie: Well, the, uh, there's, I'm sure many, many, many teachers out there I learned from, I started connecting and then my guidance took me through all kinds of different healings and processes and really taught me. So I learned basically from my own guidance, how to do these processes.

And then I teach. Uh, I feel like it's a really powerful, but super simple process for people to do this work. Exactly. Like I was explaining where, you know, they have, they're seeing something in their experience and they're going, why is this this way? Why am I seeing this either over and over again? Or why is this coming up for me?

What does it mean? And they can go into the records and do. You know, either just gather information or go through a healing process like Katie did, that's really simple. So that's what I teach. And, um, I find that people get great results from learning it. And it's something that you can use for your business too.

So you can go into the records of your business, of the energy, of your business and shift things for your business because your businesses and energy, and it has.

Jeffrey: Okay. So. Touch on this. How do we use this for our business? I mean, you say, go into the record of your business, but what if I haven't created the business yet? Or are you, are you actually saying that, you know, if I'm not making the money that I want in my business or maybe a launch didn't go well, or I can't figure out my marketing message.

Are you saying that these are things the Akashic records can help with?

Angie: absolutely. I've created many launches and programs from the Akashic records. From that perspective just going in and. Just asking for information about what

Jeffrey: Sounds like cheating.

Angie: for words. Well, it's really that it's not because it's that direct connection with your higher self that helps you to receive that information.

And it's already been created by you, right? It already exists. So you're just receiving the download of the information. That's how. All of our most fantastic light bulb ideas there, a download, right? So you're just opening yourself up to that expansive place where you can receive those downloads that are already there for you.

So I've gotten names of programs, what they're about. Um, my ideal client I've met because of the Akashic records, all of those. So it's, it's such a great, like, I can't say enough about is such a great tool. I can't imagine my life without this tool.

Jeffrey: I'm really trying to wrap my wrap my head around this. You're saying that it's already written, what do you mean it's already written? I haven't built it yet, or right. What do you mean it's already.

Angie: Well, it's already, it already exists. The energy of it already. So it already exists in the quantum level. So you're going to bring it into manifestation. Right. It's already been created on another level of experience. Right. So, so it's okay for you to tap. Just like it's very much like tapping into the quantum fields, right?

The caustic records exists on the quantum field. And so if you think of it as like a super computer of all of the information, right. Future present. And you're just going to tap into that information that already exists. Right. And just bring it into this physical experience. You already do that. Think about it.

We all do that all the time. You're just consciously doing it. Is that making sense more that way?

Jeffrey: is. I'm starting to wrap my head around this and this sounds really powerful, but it still sounds like cheating a little bit.

Angie: Okay.

Katie: I love that. I love that you said that because. I picture, like, I don't know if I saw it or if I just like made it up in my head, but I picture like a cartoon. Where like the universe or, you know, spiritual guidance is like, why do people make it so freaking hard? Right. And we're down here going, I'm so stuck.

I don't know what to do. Right. And it's just like, all you have to do is go poof, like, and, and you can fix it. But we humans complicate stuff. We don't believe it can be that easy. We were like taught. That you've got to work hard or money doesn't grow on trees. Right.

Jeffrey: is going, this is going against like, 10 20, 30, a hundred generations of like pick yourself up by your bootstraps. You've got to work hard to make a success. You've got, if you don't, you know, all of this stuff, like, wait a minute, this is everything that we've ever been taught. Now you're saying it's, it's, don't, don't pay attention to that.

Just tap in and go straight to the source and find all of the answers and skate through.

Angie: Well, you still have to go through everything though. Even if you have the answer, you're still get, you're still in this physical experience. You still go through the emotions. You, you don't skip that part, right? It's not like the movie click where you're just hitting the remote. It's just, you're doing it from a higher perspective.

Right? So like Katie said, It's it's easier. It's it's not so painful. You're not so stuck in the muck. Right. You're moving through things and you move through them faster. Like she said, you move through things faster. You still are experiencing it. You're still a human. You still are here for this experience.

And this is, you want to be here experiencing this. Right. It's just having, it's really expanding that connection with source with the quantum level. So that. You can, it's almost like having that a constant companion that you can go to, you can receive guidance, you can understand things, and then it doesn't ha you don't have to be.

So, um, in the personality level, all the time, muddling through everything feeling like it's so complicated. Does that explain it a little bit better? Okay.

Jeffrey: Yes,

Angie: Okay.

Jeffrey: I'm still wrapping my head around it. It's it's sounds profound. And I feel like there's a level of acceptance too. Of course. Um, I don't want to say buy into this idea, but to really accept this idea and to actually have it work in our lives. I think it, uh, I see that there's, there's, there's this level of, um, I'm going to accept this as truth and, and have it help, help me in some way.

Right. Um, it's not like that movie epic where there's a room full of scrolls that you can just like look at and read the past or the future. It's something where you're tapping into a higher energy, a higher vibration it's unseen. Um, and you really do have to have the sensitivity to do that.

Angie: And if you're drawn to this work, of course you would be ready. You would be able to do it just with a little bit of practice and the intention that you want to do it. Absolutely. Yeah. And then, like I said, people that wouldn't be able to reach that vibration. They just wouldn't be, they wouldn't be knowing about the caustic records.

They wouldn't be finding out about it. So that's. Basically how I,

Katie: yeah. I really believe that's true that if it's on your radar, there's a reason why, you know, I always say like, if you have a desire for something, it's your soul speaking to you

Angie: Yeah.

Katie: for it. Um, So I want to dive into another topic that I think a lot of people go, Hey, and, and I, and I do too sometimes. So like the multidimensional, you know, people will be like, oh, that's just 3d or 4d, or go into that a little bit.

What, what does that even mean? And where are most people living?

Angie: okay. So, so when we're talking about the different dimensions that we can expect. And you're referring to, you do hear a lot about 3d 45 D right now, right? So 3d is the experience that we've been having. Right. And we're all graduating, right? Most of us are graduating or if we're it, everyone has their choice.

Right. If they don't want to graduate from that, then they can continue to have that experience. It will still be available to them. Most people, if. Like the two of you and people that are listening to this podcast are graduating from that. They realize that that isn't serving them anymore. Right. They've learned all they can.

And that's why the Akashic records is so needed and so powerful right now. And why we know about it right now is we learned all we could from those experiences. But it's like we were stuck there because of those bonds. Right? Like I said, those attachments and things. And so that's why. The ripe time is the word that comes to me to like release all of that.

And then we can move forward into a new experience because we learned all that we needed to learn. Right. And so that's why these tools are available to us now. And so a lot of people are moving through the fourth dimension now. Right. Really, which is, you know, basically clean up of all the things from the third dimension.

Which we're leaving behind most of us. Right. And moving in the fifth dimension, which is like living from your heart, doing things like the Akashic records, right? Like normalizing what I'm telling you is the fifth dimension. Right? So living in a place where you're allowing and things are easy and you're experiencing bliss and joy and ease on a daily basis.

Versus where that was the rarity, right. More in the third density that was, you know, oh, you're lucky if you can have that experience. And the other experience was like the hard work, the drudgery, the, you know, lower emotions that the guilt, the guilt was a big part of the third density experience. Right?

Like everybody had to feel guilty about everything. Like you're always doing something wrong and bloody, bloody blah. Right. So that's what relieving behind. And that's, I, I feel like that's what the fourth density is about. Right? It's about going through and releasing all of these things that we've been attached to in the third.

And then we're emerging. In the fifth density. And of course we're still experiencing a little, well, we're experiencing all of them at the same time, actually. So all 12 at the same time, it's just, where are we resonating most of our attention, like, where's our frequency, most of the time hanging out. Right.

And so, yeah, we could be sometimes still experiencing things that we're attached to in third density and in fourth. And then in some areas of our life, we're probably experiencing. The fifth dimension already. Right? So it's just, it's it's like you said, it's the multidimensional nature right now of we're in all these dimensions and the more we're expanding through the fourth dimension, the more we're opening up to the fact that we realize we're in all of these dimensions and we can access them.

And really when I'm talking about the Akashic records and Jeffrey saying, wow, You know, so crazy to think that we're, you can access this higher guidance. And it's all of these things that I'm saying it is. It's it's that that's where we're going. Right. That's just going to be normal to be able to access those higher dimensions, because we're realizing that we are multidimensional and we can achieve that vibration.

Right. Maybe not always hold that super high vibration all the time, but we can reach up. And experience it and receive information and downloads and ideas and all of that consciously right. From those higher dimensions. And so that's where we're just expanding more and more. Right. We're really. Uh, state of evolution right now where we're Fastly evolving our consciousness and things like what I'm talking about right now to some people a year ago would have been like they could not wrap their brain around what I'm saying.

Right. But now we can have this conversation. So many more people can have a conversation like this and realize, wow, I I'm following this. I understand it makes sense.

Katie: Yep. I love that. It's funny. So we're on video so we can nod to each other, but

Jeffrey: Right.

Katie: I know that the listeners are like, that was a pause, but we're all happily smiling.

Jeffrey: we take this in nod contemplate. Meanwhile, listeners are like, uh, did my player stop?

Katie: Um, I mean, I don't know if this is related or not, but the thing that popped in my head, as you were saying, that was like, in my own experience, say in the last decade that I've been in business, moving away from dry. And just like literally not engaging with it. So I I'm in a lot of groups where women will share their screenshots of text conversations and asking for feedback, did I handle this right?

What would you have done differently? And, and sometimes it's just complete drama and I'm looking at how the person engaged with the drama and it was back and forth, drama, drama, drama, drama. And I'm like, Ooh, I wouldn't have even really. I would have deleted the text, block the number and that's that? Do you, is that part of it?

Like, you're just moving out of that kind of reality of like, it doesn't have to be tough and I don't even have to engage with this vibration because I don't want to be on that vibration. Is that, that that's been my journey anyway, is to just eliminate the drama and walk away from people and things that don't make me feel.

Angie: Yeah, absolutely. And you're D you're not resonating in that vibration. And so you really, you can't even hook in if you want to, if that makes sense. So once you've left that sort of drama triangle, right? The victim, the perpetrator, the hero, and every single one of those people on every side of the triangle wants to play the victim.

Doesn't matter where they're going in. Right. Ultimately the hero's going to be looped around to be the victim. The perpetrator is going to be turned. They're going to turn themselves somehow into the victim. Everybody wants to play on that victim side and that's the drama triangle, and it just marches around and around and around.

And we've experienced that for so long. I mean, you can turn on the news five seconds in, you realize. It's the drama triangle playing out right. All over the planet. So you're right. So you just don't resonate at that frequency and you just can't, you can't even, even if you wanted to, like, even if there was a piece of you that was like, oh, I really want to get into this conversation.

You can't anymore. Your frequency is just not there. So, yeah. So you've left that behind. That is part of the evolution of all of this, right. And more and more people are going to realize. That there just isn't anything for them anymore in the drama triangle. They're just not getting any satisfaction out of it.

Where, you know, before it might've been really satisfying to be the victim or play the victim, but it just, it just becomes not part of the frequency anymore. So a lot of that stuff will fall away. Now, what I've noticed is before things fall away, kind of like what you were saying, Katie, with your experience with the.

They can get really loud for a second. Right? So our news is really, really loud and all the drama things I feel like are really loud right now, but you could see that that's like a set up for that to just fall away. It's like that last scream, you know, like I'm just gonna really scream this out and then, and then it can release.

Right? So that's how I look at kind of all of those cycles that are being shown to us is. That's

Jeffrey: It's like the dying donkey kicks the hardest. Right? If it's, if it knows it's on the way out, it's going to try and grasp on and try to hold on to its its lifespan.

Angie: exactly.

Katie: Yeah. Yeah.

Jeffrey: reassuring though. That sounds I'm ready for all of that stuff to go away.

Katie: I know. I know, but I, I, I really like that word vibration. I mean, you know, I'm still a hippie, so, you know, the, the vibes, you know, I've been talking vibes since I was like 19 years old. Um, but. It's it's a palpable thing, you know, you can really pick up on people's vibe. Right? So if there are listeners out here where this is kind of new stuff, it's like, um, you know, if you get on an elevator with, I mean, from a woman's perspective, if I get on an elevator with a man, that's giving me a little bit of a creepy vibe.

I'm going to get off the elevator. Right. And like, he didn't do anything or say anything or, you know, endanger me in any way, but I could just feel like, Hmm, Nope. Um, and, uh, you know, so I just think it's important for people to, that are new to this kind of stuff to just, instead of being like, that sounds weird, or I've never heard of that or I don't get it.

I just think it's important to stay curious and be like, well, do I feel that. Right. And can I can, I can tell when my energy is up or down. And I can tell, I can even see that my impact and other people, if my energy is up or down, right. So I just think it's really important for us to realize that because coming from a sales perspective, you know, if your vibe isn't on track, you're not going to make the sale.

And, you know, one of my teachings is like before a sales call, you've got to shift your energy from whatever was happening and ground yourself. And so my favorite way is dancing, but, you know, saying a prayer, pulling a card, you know, all my, you know, um, take a crystal or, you know, and those are my kind of hippy ways, but there are lots of ways to change your vibration and you can change it in an instant. And you have to believe that. And I think a lot of people get stuck on w wherever they are. And they're like, well, this is the way my day is going to be, you know, I woke up tired. I'm going to feel tired all day. Well, do you have to, right? Like, is that the vibe that you want to have, or can you, you know, find your, find your energy, um, physically and. Energetically energy. Um, but Yeah. so I don't know. I, I like, I like that verb, that word vibration. So speaking of vibration, I want you to share a little bit about this little white device that I have in my hand, which no one can see, but you guys, the healing. Um, I got a heli device through Angie actually, but I've seen several of my friends post about it and talk about it.

And, um, I do a horrible job explaining to anyone what it is. And so I actually don't talk about it because I'm like, I just, I don't do a very good job at it, but, but it really is that kind of bioenergetic frequency. So share a little bit about it and like, how did you find it and what has it done for you?

Angie: okay. Yeah, I would love to. So my, so going back to your last question, how did I find it? My friend, Carrie got a heli because she had connections through Australia and it was new in the United States, but she had been using it for a while because she had friends in Australia that. Gotten her Healy. And so she was, she had a lot of knowledge around it and invited me over and wanted me to check it out.

And I, we ran a couple of programs and we ran the aura scan, which I know you've done a few times, Katie and. It gives you insight into what's going on, what lessons you're working on. And it was so on point with what I had been working on. And what's so profound about this is I decided that day there was something that was written in there about, um, it was like an ancestral thing and it was manipulation around money and it was in the root chakra.

And I just sat in affirmation that day. I don't even remember what it was exactly, but I just. I am releasing all of that now. And I'm creating a new experience with money and I'm not, I'm not engaging in any. You know, um, drama around money or I can't even remember what it was exactly. Um, and what was so interesting, I decided that day that I needed to heli, cause it was so profound what the statements that were saying, honestly, I only did two minutes of frequency, so I hadn't even experienced that much frequency.

It was just like, wow. This thing is amazing that it can go into that much depth around what's going on in my energy. And by the time I got my heli, there was this weird COVID shipping delay. Cause it was right when COVID hit. It was may right after, you know, all the lockdowns and all that stuff was going on.

And I got, so I got it like eight weeks later, I want to say, and I, my first scan, it said, this person has transcended this money, whatever. I don't remember how it was written, but this, um, tendency to be manipulated around money or. Can you even believe it? I had done the work over the summer till I got me and I just was, and this is before I even was experiencing the frequency.

Right. And just from that report had shifted my own energy, that profoundly from this little device. So then I got it. Absolutely loved it right away. Wanted to share it with everybody because after two weeks I just thought it was so amazing how my energy was much more steady. I was, it's hard to even remember you guys, because so much has changed.

Um, I started sleeping better, which was my biggest concern and the reason kind of why I decided. 'cause Carrie said there was a section for sleep. And I thought, well, you know what? That would be really cool. Even if it does more than this really amazing thing where it can tell me what's going on with my energy, that would be great.

You know, not realizing that it does so much, right. And my sleep was improving my energy, my confidence, the way I was showing up, I just felt like I was more present. I was just more grounded within myself and I was just noticing so many things and in. And I was manifesting much quicker. Things were showing up for me because my vibration was in alignment, you know?

And when I, when I got my Healy and especially, you know, I'd been working in the records for awhile, but especially watching what was happening after I got my Healey, I was understanding alignment at a whole nother level. Cause it was just vibration. And how it was aligning me to all of my desires at the same time.

It was the whole thing was blowing my mind and I just, it was amazing. And it still is amazing. I went to two dentist checkups since I got my Healey. I had a lot of dental stuff that I had been dealing with for. Um, you know, the last, probably 10, maybe even longer 20 years or something, they could not find anything.

I like, yeah, there's this there's, there's nothing. We just, everything looks really good. I think they were really surprised and kind of couldn't believe what they were saying. My hygienists ended up buying a heli. So it was because, you know, cause it was so profound because you know, she knew, they knew my journey.

So, so things like that just keep happening, really surprising, amazing things. And I'm just always so grateful that this came into my life. It's just, it just fell into my lap. Right. And talk about being in alignment. All a lot of the things I was asking spirit for thinking back, I wanted better sleep.

Right. I wanted to manifest certain things in my life. I wanted more abundance. Interestingly enough. Came to me through this alignment that this device helped me achieve. Right. So I kind of, so it's almost like Healy, it wasn't Healy. It was the alignment. Right. But Healey made it possible for me to manifest these things I was asking for.

So that's just fascinating to me and it just never surprises me how spirit is going to bring. You know me, you, whoever's asking, going to bring you whatever it is you're asking for. If you're open and you can just let go and say, I have no idea, but it's going to blow my mind, whatever it is. Right. So I think that was a Testament to just how magical it can be when you just sit back and go.

I have no idea what this thing even is, but I need it.

Katie: yeah.

Yeah. And, and, you know, for, for people that don't know what it is, so it's like this, um, little, you know, really essentially plastic, but electronic. Thing like two by two square, maybe three by three. And then it operates through an app on your phone, two apps, and sometimes it has you put your fingerprint on it, but you can also send like this, these vibrations out to other people, to your clients.

Um, so it, it, I mean, I'm still such a newbie at it. Um, but. It has been really profound when I do, you know, the aura readings and whatever they're saying, I'm like, oh my God, it's actually, that's true. You know? Um, and the same thing for my partner, you know, I just ran some stuff for him and, and I could see it was true for him too.

So, um, I, I'm excited to learn more about it. I think it's, uh, I think it's really powerful. And I, again, it's something I don't understand at all, but I, I don't really care that I don't understand, you know, I don't understand. A lot in the world and I still have wonder about it. You know what I mean? Like it's like the power of the moon every day, I glance up at the moon and just check out its shape and the brightness.

And you know, it's like the moon can make the waves move, whether it's full or not. Right. Like it lights up the sky, whether it's full or not, just things like that. I, I just, um, I don't necessarily, I can't explain it, but I can accept it

Jeffrey: We don't know how to, uh, we don't have to know how to, how an engine works to drive a car.

Katie: Right. Right.

Angie: Good. I don't want to know.

Katie: yeah.

Angie: Yeah.

Katie: But I just, I thought it was important to bring up because it's just again about that vibration, you know? And I think for people like me and maybe other listeners that feel, uh, less magical than other people, it's like, you've got some tools that you can play with, you know? And I mean, I've loved, you know, I got into ferry cards before I knew the word Oracle or that there were other cards.

All I had were angel cards and ferry cards. And this is back with. Doreen virtue when she was into that, which now she's not. Um, you know, but I mean, that was back in like 98, you know, maybe 2000. Uh, so I've been really playing with those cards for a long time. And I did feel like there was power in. The choice of the cards that I was having.

And it would tell me what to work on and provide guidance for me. So I've always just loved tools because I think I have a little bit of self doubt with, you know, what I'm capable of doing, but tools help show me. And I just love, you know, having someone guide me in the Akashic records, I've had that done a couple of times.

Um, and even just, you know, I know you're certified in, um, teaching the law of attraction. I mean, I've learned a lot about that too. Right. But really just the power of your intention and consistently repeating that intention and then really working on removing that self doubt. And sometimes you need tools, I think, to do that. Um, yeah. So I love, I love that. I love you, Angie. I think you're a magical being. And I'm so glad to talk about some of this stuff that some people would call, you know, woo, woo or energetic or whatever, but I just love the balance and that's, you know, we, we, um, feel blessed to have a lab in the launch squad because she provides that, balance for us as well.

Um, you know, just that it's not always about strategy. And, you know, you can launch a hundred times in a year and it may still not work for whatever kind of block that you're experiencing. And I think that the more we're willing to dig deeper into ourselves and to really hear what our soul is guiding us to do the better our businesses,

Jeffrey: you know, and that, that's what I'm hearing most of this entire conversation. It's like, um, I've heard, I've heard James say this before, too, where it's. To two people can, uh, have the same teaching and do that, run the same launch and do the same tactic and have the same everything. But one of them gets result in one of them.

Doesn't right. And it really, what this seems to be pointing out to me is that. It's it's a lot more about what you're showing up with from an energetic and a belief perspective. If you believe no one's going to buy, no one will buy. If you believe you're going to have great success, you're going to have, you know, you're more likely to have great success.

And I think this is opening up and this should be opening. A world of possibility that if you do the inner work, if you are able to shift your mindset, your belief structure, to as a tool, as a tool in your back pocket for business for life or whatever it is, it feels like what you're talking about here is like put this tool in your back pocket and that tool is changing your belief, changing your energy.

For an intent intention. I think that sounds so powerful.

Katie: Yeah.

Angie: Yeah, absolutely.

Katie: I remember helping a seven year old learn how to ride a bike one time. And it was like right at the beginning of my life coaching certification. And I was just learning about all of this stuff. And so I just looked at her and I said, do you believe that you can do this? And she's like, no. And I was like, well, that's your problem, my friend.

Jeffrey: Yeah.

Katie: Right. So it's just, it's so interesting. And like, I, uh, I would love for her to remember that and be like, you know, I learned the power of believing at the age of seven, because I think for us, you know, it took us to our four 30 forties, fifties, you know, to realize life doesn't have to be this hard business.

Doesn't have to be this hard. I don't have to stay stuck in this financial, whatever, wherever are you. Um, I've been like, so attuned to the life I lived 10 years ago versus now recently just, you know, the holidays shopping for the holidays, how much easier it is for me now. Right. Just, and so I just have so much gratitude for how things have shifted and they wouldn't have, if I didn't.

And so it there's just so much power in changing those beliefs and Yeah.

I love that you help people do that, Angie.

Angie: Thank you, Katie. Thank you so much.

Jeffrey: Angie uh, we've, uh, want to be sensitive to your time. We're about 40, 50 minutes into this, and I want to make sure that, uh, if there's anything you want to wrap up this, uh, conversation with anything we left out or you want to put in there.

Angie: Um, gosh, what do you guys think? Did we cover all the topics? I feel like we did. I feel like we did a good job moving through the business aspect. Personal, um, talks about what the records were, the Healey alignment a lot.

Jeffrey: I feel like we can jam on multidimensional realities for another hour or two,

Angie: Oh, for sure.

Jeffrey: right. The quantum mechanic, uh, perspective and all of that stuff. I love all that stuff.

Katie: Awesome. So Angie, where I know that you had, um, you were going to offer a nice little gift for our listeners.

Angie: oh, yes, absolutely. So I have a new free gift. I've just had the amazing opportunity of working with Katie this last year. And I redid my free gift. So I'm really excited about that. And it's, um, it's called ocean of abundance meditation, and it really helps you to understand your energy. What it looks like and how the giving and receiving, receiving cycle works with your energy body.

So I'm loving it. And I got the reason that I decided to make it into a free gift was I got such fast results from this. I was shown this by my guidance and I started doing it. And the next day I went into my car. To look for, actually, I went into my purse to look for a chapstick and in my chapstick pocket, there was $20 and I never put money in the chapstick.

I am not kidding ever would ever do that. And I just knew right away. Wow. This is really powerful. This tool really works to shift my energy around abundance and money, and I've just kept using it. It's such a simple process. Once you learn. You can do it while you're doing the dishes. You can do it any time and just continue to expand on it.

So that's why I created that free gift. And it's on the front page of my website. It's on the right hand side. So it's life purpose, and it's just down and, um,

Katie: Awesome. And we'll put that in the show notes.

Jeffrey: that's amazing.

Katie: Um, and then where can they hang out with you if they want to kind of get your vibe and your energy, where do you hang out on social media?

Angie: absolutely. So I have a free Facebook community that I've loved over the years. It's life purpose, Pathfinders with an ass on the end of finder. Some people are like, wait, I can't find it. Yeah, it hasn't asked on the end. So in that community, so you just asked to join and just, it just says, how did you find out about this community?

Just wanting to make sure that people are in alignment with the community. Just, you can just say from the podcast, so yeah, absolutely.

Katie: All right. And then for people that want to dive into Akashic records, whether they want to like get a session from you or learn how to do it, you've got a training course on that.

Angie: I do. I have a training course. I did. I made a coupon code for this community and it's, uh, it's 20% off of my training and it's a Kaushik 20 and the training includes nine. Modules that it takes you through and you would do them throughout about a three-month period. And it's three weeks on one week off, and we meet three times for 90 minutes throughout that process to help you really learn how you can use this for yourself or for your business, whatever you want to use it for your family, you know, anything.

So it's, uh, so I did a Kaushik 20 through the end of December for your podcast community for the 20% off.

Katie: That's awesome. Thank you. Yeah, we will link that up and put the code in our show notes as well. Um, but I know from working with you, just how many testimonials you have. People That. just declare this work so powerful. Um, so I love that you're putting it out there and, you know, it's, it can be a self paced thing, but that they also get to talk to you.

I think that's really important to get that extra support, so that 20% is amazing and Yeah, through December 31st. So that's awesome. Thank you so much.

Angie: Yeah, you're welcome. Thank you.

Jeffrey: Awesome. Thank you, Angie. And thank you for all your time. This has been kind of mind blowing for a lot of people. I'm sure. Myself included. Uh, so thank you. Thank you so much for you.

Angie: Thank you. You're so well.

Jeffrey: Awesome. And thank you guys so much for listening. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a five-star review and hit that subscribe button and you can check out all the show notes and how to get that special deal to her Akashic records training course at forward slash episode 52.

All right, guys, we'll see you next time.

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