What if you could be that person who everybody’s heard of, that’s always part of the conversation and is trusted even by people who haven’t actually experienced your service? What if there was a way to increase your business exponentially at a very low cost and even without paid advertising?
Sound impossible? It’s not.
It’s called PR-driven Sales and today’s guest is here to tell us all about it.
Praised as a modern-day Dale Carnegie of Radical Influence, she has empowered and inspired people through her best-selling books, national and international speaking tours, and as a master publicity strategist and consultant.
She provides training programs on publicity, networking, kindness and influence marketing, and how to position your business for more profitability and more visibility in the marketplace.  She has been featured in International Media including: Inc, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC News

She is CEO of a strategic consulting firm and has over 25 years of experience working with over 100,000 people plus national and international media. She also helps authors to create book deals with major publishers and agents, as well as obtain foreign rights deals.

Join us as we talk shop with Jill Lublin!


[00:00:00] Jeffrey: Welcome to the light and your launch podcast today, we're talking about publicity and the exponential impact it can have on your business. Stay tuned.

[00:00:56] Jeffrey: What if you could be that person who everybody's heard of, that's always part of the conversation and is trusted even by people who haven't actually experienced your service. What if there was a way to increase your business exponentially at a very low cost and even possibly without paid advertising?

Sound impossible. It's. Welcome back to the show. I'm Jeffrey summer. I'm back again with Katie Collins. And today we want to talk about how to supercharge your visibility with media exposure. It's called PR driven sales and today's guest is here to tell us all about it. Katie, please tell us, please tell our listener who we have today.

[00:01:39] Katie: Yes, well praised as a modern day, Dale Carnegie of radical influence. She has empowered and inspired people through her bestselling books, national and international speaking tours. And as a master publicity strategist and. She provides training programs on publicity, networking, kindness, and influence marketing, and how to position your business for more profitability and more visibility in the marketplace.

She's been featured in international media, including Inc Forbes, entrepreneur wall street, journal Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC news. She is the CEO of a strategic consulting firm and has over 25 years of experience working with over 100,000 people plus national and international media. She's also helps authors to create book deals with major publishers and agents, as well as obtained foreign rights deals. Welcome

to the podcast stage Jill Lublin.

[00:02:39] Jill: Thank you, Katie and Jeffrey excited to be

[00:02:42] Jeffrey: so glad

[00:02:43] Katie: glad to have you we're really psyched to talk about this topic.

[00:02:46] Jeffrey: Yes.

[00:02:47] Katie: So let's just dive in, you know, we're talking about PR public relations, like what does that even mean? What is PR.

[00:02:56] Jill: Yeah, it's a great question because unfortunately, people have it confused with advertising, you know, so what I'd tell you is public relations primarily is free. It's a marketing strategy that helps you bring influence and impact into your world. Whether you're a coach, a small business owner, whatever you do, you're going to have more influence and impact with publicity.

And I like to say it gives you the three M's the ability to magnetize. Monetize you and multiply you because you get to reach so many more people so much easier.

[00:03:31] Jeffrey: I love that. I love that. Oh man. So you stated that publicity is the most powerful and cost-effective tool around to attract and retain customers and clients. So how does that work? How does that all work?

[00:03:49] Jill: So the thing about publicity and as the author of guerrilla publicity, I'm really dedicated to helping people, um, create good visibility strategies without spending a fortune. Right. And so you want. The big guys as I like to call them. And you can be a small one person business. You can be a coach, you can be a consultant.

You can be, you know, many things, but the truth is unless someone's heard of you, what difference does it make? Right. So what I particularly love about the power of publicity is that trust factor. And one of the things to get that trust going where to start is really your message. The message is what do people know?

You. What do they associate with you? Like you've got to have, in my opinion, pick a lane, right. And at least from a publicity perspective and that lane, maybe I'll just tell you right now, unrelated to even what you're really doing out in the world. Um, like I had a coach who got publicity because he had a four year old kid and there was national hot dog.

Right. And that was fun. got them in because of that. I had a woman who is a communications coach and we were doing a great story about how to communicate effectively in troubled times. Sorry, I got a cat back

[00:05:06] Katie: Like your cat communicating effectively in troubled times.

[00:05:12] Jill: My cat loves to do that. Yes, darling. So what we had her doing a beautiful story about, um, how to communicate, right? And then when black lives matter happened, I said to her shift your story to how to be a strong black woman communicating in today's time. Using what I like to call everything she's got.

Right. So you want to take a look at how can you use who you are? International women's month? Um, one of my clients had an autistic child, so we use national autism day. Just talking about that experience, not even what she did. Like how can you use. Everything. You've got every part of who you are to drive publicity to you.

And I think that's a really important and good question right now. Um, particularly if you're in business for yourself as an entrepreneur, like most of you are who are listening and watching. There's something happening right now called the great resignation. Might you be an expert in that because you've already been doing your own business, you know how to do this, how to translate that.

And so that's something I really want people to be expanding your mind about right now and think about how could I be using everything I've got.

[00:06:31] Katie: Um, I love that advice because. What I'm about to ask you is really around resistance, because I think there are so many people that are like, who is going to give a crap about whatever my little slice of, you know, the earth is right around my business. Um, so I'm just curious, like what advice would you give to somebody who's feeling that resistance?

I think you've addressed some of it, which is really take a look at all of who you are and all of that you stand for because publicity is one thing. And then what you do with it, I think is. You know the next part of the strategy. Um, but if you have a client That's just experiencing feelings of unworthiness, um, or fear around being that media spotlight, how do you help them overcome that?

[00:07:17] Jill: Well, I'd say you're human. We've all got it. Right. I mean, me too, by the way, I get afraid sometimes before I go on a stage or on a podcast or a media interview, I think that's very normal. But one thing I've learned to do is I turn it into excitement. And instead of I'm saying. Afraid. I go, I'm so excited because as we know the brain, doesn't actually know the difference between fear and excitement is the same emotion.

And I have plenty of people believe me who are afraid of publicity. Um, and the great thing is at least they took a step in the right direction by being willing. That's the first thing. Um, and what I notice is when you get clear about your message and when you're able to say it, As I like to say rinse and repeat because it is a system and it's somewhat a script and it needs to be authentic and resonant to you.

And when it is authentic and resonant, and then, um, you have it in you, so to speak, guess what your confidence is going to go. So up that it was. You won't feel that fear anymore. And believe me, I've worked with plenty of afraid people or, um, introverts different people and, you know, different, uh, different shall we say, parts of who they are.

Uh, and we start where we start, you know, everybody's in a slightly different position, but I think if you don't take a step toward getting yourself out there, then you know what no steps are taken and what good did that do? No.

[00:08:48] Katie: Right,

[00:08:50] Jeffrey: You're still where you are, right. You haven't moved

[00:08:53] Jill: Yeah, without really a lot, um, shifted. And so I'm big on, you know, let's make a shift, um, and imagine this, you appearing. In one podcast even, or a radio show or a newspaper locally, or a business journal. And, you know, that's what a starts attracting your prospects and attracting your clients, um, and generates that I've heard of her.

I've heard of him somewhere syndrome. Right. And it's a trust factor that gets built.

[00:09:26] Jeffrey: I love that.

[00:09:27] Katie: it sounds like the winds outweigh the fear and the resistance, right? Like what what's on the other side of that as with most things.

[00:09:35] Jill: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you know, it's an listen. If you look at all companies throughout time, you would notice that they spend at least 10 to 15% of their budget on publicity. There's a reason also why. We'll call them celebrities and musicians and people in the arts industry spend time doing a lot of interviews.

Not like they don't want to go home after they spent three to six months and more shooting movies. Right. They sit in a hotel room and entertain media after media, after media. It's important. Otherwise guess what out of sight out of mind, same thing goes for your business. I don't care how big or small it is.

I had one of my coaches on ABC radio in. Uh, let's see San Francisco. And she got literally from that one interview and she was just talking about how to start a coaching business because they were interested and sort of same thing I'm saying now about this great resignation. People want to shift careers, right?

Coaches, consultants. They already understand how to do this. You're already a step ahead. So it's like being a leader and, and being able to, uh, shall we say, advise people what's going on. Um, so to me, that's. Being influential. That's giving your gifts. That's being, um, being somebody who makes a difference for others.

And I think most people would want to do that.

[00:10:58] Jeffrey: I love that you said something that kind of sparked some curiosity, and you said that big companies spend a lot of money on PR or, or spend a significant portion of their budget on PR. So am I correct in assuming that, uh, That's a barrier to getting on these platforms. How do, how would we do it if we don't have a million dollar budget for, for PR and how do we get on these

platforms, know, without a huge marketing budget.

[00:11:34] Jill: Well, you do it, the guerrilla publicity way. So, um, there are lots of wonderful platforms to get an article on. For example, like medium.com would be great. You to all to go to help a reporter.com it's free. All of these are free. Um, and, and then see what media people are asking for and jump on and answer some of those queries they're called.

Those are two free ways, right? I'd go into iTunes and type in your key word. What do you mostly coach on or do business in one word? Let's say leadership and put in that word and let's see what podcasts, what business podcasts are talking about that, um, if you specialize in working with women, put in women, now those are some things that quickly get you into.

Um, and, and help you, you know, connect quickly. And then we want to get creative. Like when prophet of kindness came out, as much as I'd love to tell you, you know, seven Fox news interviews, literally the first week Inc magazine Forbes twice, by the way, just on that one book. Let me tell you the reason why it wasn't because Joel's got a book out.

In fact, most of my clients don't have books. There are people, you know, who have. Oriented business. Um, our entrepreneurs, you know, usually smaller budgets, obviously. Um, none of them are million dollar budgets. None of them are big companies. And that's where my heart lies with the entrepreneur and, and the biggest thing, uh, is finding and what I like to call pushing the right button.

So, you know, the right button typically is the creative story. Listen, I got off the phone today with a 21 year old, uh, gentlemen who inspired the heck out of me because he not only sold his company before he was 21. I'm like, seriously, he says, not, not one of those, you know, high tech millionaires, but I, I had enough to fund my passion, which for him is writing a novel.

Right. And he's 21. He's got his second novel in the works and that's stuff. Now in my mind, he's an entrepreneur who happened to write a novel. I'm like your story. We're selling the novels. Okay. We're not selling the books, we're selling your story because your story is what's inspiring. So I think most people have an inspiring story.

They just haven't found it yet. Or they forget to talk about the parts that are the most inspiring and connected. Um, you know, the parts that might be using what I like to call everything. You've got the things you've been through. Um, you know, the, the other parts of your story and getting in that way. So when prophet of kindness came out, we did a story about the divided states of America.

And that was the story that got Fox news attention. That was the story. You know, the book was second. And so what I say to people is don't get too attached to what you think your story is. Let's use what you can use that will get you out there creating that visibility factor so that people keep

connected to you.

That's what's more.

[00:14:49] Katie: right. We got truth bombs drop in here. This is, I mean, it sounds a lot like out of the box thinking, right. And, um, I think sometimes we're just so pigeonholed in our, you know, I've got a book, this is the title. Here's my press release,

[00:15:04] Jill: Right. Or I've got a business and here's my business and here's what I do. That's not it. Maybe you're a single mom raising one of my clients, a major consultant, by the way. Um, got featured in the orange county register. Why, because of how do you balance mommyhood three children under 10 at that time. Uh, I'm a million dollar business in her case consulting, by the way, all strategic consulting and you know, a marriage, like how do you balance all this?

And that's what she was interviewed. And then guess what happened? Her business got

promoted. People went to our website, all of that happens.

[00:15:39] Jeffrey: I love that. That, that is

to me, like, So out of the box, thinking it's like coming at it's coming at marketing from the left side instead of the right side

or whatever you want to call it. I love that.

[00:15:51] Jill: Yeah. And frankly, can I just tell you, you get in whatever door you can in publicity, the front door, the side door, throw the door underneath the

It's all good. And it all works.

[00:16:03] Katie: Um,

do you think this is a strategy that people can use instead of paid advertising? Um, you know, is that that's my first question. Is it a strategy that people can use instead of paid

[00:16:16] Jill: Absolutely. I, you know, advertising, you will pay for it and you'll pay a lot by the way. And. I mean the, you know, the only good thing I like about advertising is, um, you can control it publicity a little bit more. You can't quite control it, but if you're consistent and persistent, you will make it happen.

And P.

[00:16:37] Katie: Hm.

[00:16:38] Jill: Advertising. It's like a one-off thing. Um, publicity, when people are actually writing about you featuring you, you're on different podcasts. You're in blogs, you wrote an article. It's a third party endorsement is what happens. Anyone can create advertising, pay for it and get it in. Here's the good news.

Publicity is free. Wow. I think that's much better. Don't you?

[00:17:05] Katie: Right. And it's funny because it's free and it's more

meaningful. Like it's more impactful.

[00:17:10] Jill: Absolutely.

It is. Absolutely. And it's that? Uh, expectancy of forever. In other words, you can use all of your publicity again, again and again. And I want you to do that. Um, I don't care if it's one line. Listen, I recently did a virtual booth at a trade show of a big coach that you might've heard of. And one of the women came up to me at the booth virtually, and she said, um, I love virtual boots.

They're really fun. Anyway, she said to me, um, you know, I'm here right now. I'm a co. She said I got a 250 word article in my small Wisconsin town magazine. Uh, excuse me, newspaper. She said that 1, 250 word article brought me $5,000 worth of. She said, I know publicity works. Right. And, and that's the power of it.

And I can tell you story after story of real people getting, um, prospects and, and making thousands of dollars from one, not to mention multiples. Right. And so, you know, picture this, you being. Person who keeps showing up. And that is that trust factor that I've heard of you somewhere factor. And it doesn't have to be the big stuff all the time.

Really my friends. Um, I'm not concerned about you getting in the New York times or on good day America or even the view. Although all of that is good. I just, I want you on some blogs. I want you on podcasts and frankly, they're easy to get. Do you know there are 10,000 radio stations. Every single day, looking for 4,000 guests.

Okay. 40%. Um, that's a lot of guests they need to fill airtime and start in your own markets in your own markets become, I like to say a celebrity in your own backyard, even if you serve an international clientele, what's super great is once you get. One, um, that releases some of the, I don't know how to do this cause you will, you don't know how to do it.

Um, you'll come up with some of those soundbites. Now you've got me in your front pocket. Let's let's rock. Even your local area who is always looking for local experts. I am an abundance coach, for instance, salt lake city, Utah KSL, ABC TV, their morning show she with my coaching said, I said, call them up and say, I want to give you three great abundance tips for how to ring in.

That was 20, 21 in the middle of everything we've been already dealing with. And guess what? She ended up on the morning show eight

minutes. What do you think that did for her coaching business? Let me tell you over the


[00:19:47] Katie: So I'm curious, um, in lieu of paid advertising. So then my business coach strategy brain is like, oh, but can you have a CTA? Is it appropriate to ever have a call to action when you are being featured in the.

[00:20:02] Jill: You should always have a call to action. And depending on how big they are, um, you will have it either speak it like we will toward the end, or you will have it. Um, if you're, let's say you're on TV, you say to them, uh, you know, please. Post this and they'll show what's called a blue screen with your, how to, how to reach you.

Um, they will at least feature also on their website with how to reach you. Um, always though most media will end with, um, how to get ahold of them, a call to action, which means maybe a free gift. Absolutely. And you always, always need it. There may be a few cases where they can't just cause pre particularly. Won't allow you, but they will allow what's called a blue screen, um, and, and links, uh, as well as on their websites. So there's always a way for people to reach you. Absolutely.

[00:21:01] Jeffrey: Okay. So I do have a question about like the, the pathway to this, because obviously, you know, going straight to the media and the channel seven news, or whatever's it maybe a little harder, is there a ladder to this PR game? Like where do we start? Where are we going?

How do we get there? Kind of thing. I don't know if I'm

[00:21:25] Jill: Well, I would say the, sure, sure. I get it. I mean, I think the best way, listen, I'm a believer

in systems and I do have a 30 day, a 60 and a 90 day system. Right? Your 30 day system begins with the message. You, I, in my opinion, we have to figure out the message that works and then frankly, be ready to shift and pivot, right.

Because. The new shifts and pivots. I mean, I have a guy who's a nonprofit helping, uh, foster kids from central America find their parents. Now that's pretty narrow. Right. But when Trump closed down, you know, the borders and all those immigrant kids were, you know, it's just a sad, sad story. He. By the way I called him up, I said, let's go.

He goes, what do you mean I have nothing to do with that? I don't know about that, but guess what? Through shifting his message. We got him on check this out. The Washington post CNN, his ABC TV in San Diego. I mean, and the list goes on. Why? Because we related the S the central American, you know, foster kids to immigrant kids stuck in the U S and we put them together.

And do you know, he raised a hundred thousand dollars for his nonprofit. Now I'd say that's effective. Right. It is amazing. And so we're always looking for where can he feed the story again? Now it's Ukrainian refugees. Right. And what do you do with the kids? Right. So we're, now we're talking about that. In other words, you, you pivot.

For where you can and what makes sense in the moment. Um, but let's start wherever you start, but I'd say the first part of the ladder is message. And then we look for podcasts fairly

easy and then keep going from there.

[00:23:07] Jeffrey: Okay.

[00:23:09] Katie: Jill do you think there is a business out there that media attention doesn't work

[00:23:14] Jill: Hmm. Let me think about that. Probably no. Um, but you know, because listen, I've had clients with products, with services, with non-profits, um, selling essential oil, um, selling accessories. Um, my answer is. Every every business can be helped. I mean, I did a speech for American bus association, I thought, plus drivers, do they really?

Yeah. Bus drivers, no kidding. Um, and one of the things we said was, oh my gosh, we're so understaffed. As, you know, bus companies, they're losing clients, customers. They don't have people to drive buses. They have to wear multiple hats. What can, what do you do? And figured out a message for that. So, um, I would tell you.

Mostly. Yes. I mean, I'm just trying to think. There's been, I think no exception. There was one person I turned down who was a convicted sex offender, honestly, who I thought this for me felt too controversial, even though his life was committed to doing well and doing better. And he had, and he turned things around personally.

I just wasn't comfortable with it. I think that's the only person I've never worked. Um, you know, because most of, most of the people I know have good causes or products or services or their business, and by the way, a lot of small business owners, mostly all of them, uh, and publicity works in every case.

[00:24:41] Jeffrey: That's so nice. And so you, you just mentioned that you've got systems and processes. So I want to talk just a little bit about your

publicity crash course. Could you outline that or tell us a little bit more about.

[00:24:55] Jill: Absolutely. So, you know, here's the thing I noticed a lot of people

asking me similar questions, uh, usually based on my book, gorilla, publicity. And so I would, I do is I put together a, get it done. Course. It's a, it's a, a ton zoom, all virtual. And, uh, in one virtual day, we actually go through a 30, 60, and 90 day system.

We roll up our sleeves and we get it done. And that's the best part, um, that I'm known for is I'm very practical. So we're going to get your publicity done, and then I'm going to spill all the secrets that most people will never tell you about where to put it, how to find those media lists and, uh, great and creative ways to get it out there right now.

So that's been a lot of fun

and people are getting it done. So I'm very grateful to.

[00:25:45] Katie: How long have you been offering these

courses? Has it been several

[00:25:49] Jill: It actually has, but what's been interesting with the pandemic is I turned it all virtual, all, still live with me. And guess what? I lowered my prices, which you know, is kind of unheard of for my 30 year career. And I lowered it.

[00:26:05] Jeffrey: Um,

[00:26:06] Jill: you know, with a wonderful code. And by the way, if you go to publicity crash course.com, you will see the code right on the page and just use it.

And that for me was a wonderful thing I was able to do in the pandemic that guess what I'm going to keep it just because I don't have to travel and rent expensive hotel rooms. I know it's really

[00:26:25] Jeffrey: that's a beautiful thing.

[00:26:27] Katie: Yeah.

[00:26:28] Jill: me just say for those of you who just want to get started, if I might and

and take a peek into publicity and see what works for you, please go look at, um, my free gift, which is a wonderful fill in the blank.

More great top tips about how to do your publicity, the right. And then if you wait just a minute, there is a free publicity masterclass that you will be invited to. So go check that out too. At publicity crash

course.com/free gift.

[00:27:01] Jeffrey: is

[00:27:01] Katie: That I, yeah, that's

incredible. I just, I asked you, um,

If you've, if you've been doing this a long time, I mean, offering that same thing, because I know I've crossed paths with you in the last decade, and I've seen you offer, you know, day-long events in Marin county. And so I know a lot of people that have gone through your workshops and every one has said, it's just like you said, it's full of strategy.

It's just a phenomenal. Event where they really walk away with, you know, uh, uh, here, here you go. This is what you. should do.

So, um, so, um, yeah, yeah, really want to honor that work you're doing so, so we've got the publicity crash course. There's a coupon code. People can join you. on an all day zoom event.

They can pick a date and all that, and then there's a free gift they can grab where it just kind of gets started. Right. That action guide fill in the blank.

[00:27:52] Jill: absolutely. absolutely.

I recommend both just saying.

[00:27:58] Jeffrey: Yeah.

[00:27:59] Katie: Yeah, yeah, Yeah. Um, well we will

definitely link all that in the show notes and we'll link your

books in the show notes so people can really get, get a sense of, um, yeah.

What, what you're talking about, you

know, gorilla.

marketing sounds amazing. Is that what it is? Gorilla

[00:28:13] Jill: gorilla.

[00:28:14] Katie: publicity. Got it. Um, so I'm wondering if you have any last words or advice for people that are just kind of dipping their toes in the water before we bring to this episode to a

[00:28:26] Jill: Well, dipping your toes in the water is a great start. You know, here's the thing. You are all stars, right? You have a beautiful impact and influence and you want to accelerate your star. And raise it. And so the way to raise it is through your message. And I know that your message matters because you're watching this, you're spending time learning and growing.

And with that, the power and influence of publicity is what's going to drive well, your star to go higher. So I look forward to helping you shine bright with.

[00:29:03] Jeffrey: Ah, that's so good, Jill, this is, this has been awesome. I think you've really, uh, delivered some value here. You've gotten me to think outside the box and, and marketing in a whole new way. I love that. So thank you so much. And thank you for your time.

[00:29:18] Jill: Thank you. It's.

[00:29:20] Jeffrey: And thank you dear listener for joining us. And if you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a five star review and hit that subscribe button. And you can check out all the show notes and how to get connected with Jill at the launch squad, lab.com forward slash episode 67. Thanks for listening and we'll see you next time.

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