Our guest today is a Holistic IVF coach, #1 best-selling author, occupational therapist, speaker, and certified Reiki practitioner. As a lifelong practitioner of conscious living and manifestation, she has made her “miracle mindset” a way of life.

She specializes in helping women navigate the emotional ride of IVF while staying empowered on their path to motherhood. She is the author of the #1 bestselling book ‘HOLD ON, BABY’ – A Soulful Guide to Riding the Ups and Downs of Infertility and IVF.’ Lisa is the creator of the IVF Soul Align Method; A framework she lived, documented, and now guides others through. Her 20+ year background as an occupational therapist contributes to the holistic “OT lens” to bring to clients as a coach. She provides virtual coaching support to women around the world in both private 1:1 and intimate group settings.

The path to becoming a fertility coach is one she had never planned on, yet she believes it’s the work she has been called to do. Welcome to the Stage, Lisa White!

Reach out to Lisa at ivfmanifestingamiracle.com to connect and learn more.
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[00:00:00] Jeffrey: Welcome to the light in your launch podcast today, we're talking about an IVF coach's journey of launching with a published book. Stay tuned.

[00:00:56] Jeffrey: Welcome back to the show. I'm Jeffrey Sao. And I'm back again with Katie Collins. And today we're talking about how a calling can catapult you into doing something you never thought you'd do. And how one woman turned that calling into a coaching business and a number one, Amazon best selling book. Katie, who are we speaking with?

[00:01:17] Katie: Our guest today is a holistic IVF coach. Number one, bestselling author, occupational therapist, speaker, and certified Reiki practitioner. As a lifelong practitioner of conscious living and manifestation, she has made it her. She has made her miracle mindset a way of life. She specializes in helping women navigate the emotional ride of IVF while staying empowered on their path to motherhood.

She's the author of the number one best selling book. Hold on baby, a soulful guide to writing the ups and downs of infertility and IVF. Lisa is the creator of the IVF soul aligned method, a framework she lived documented, and now guides others through her 20 plus year background. As an occupational therapist, continues, contributes to the holistic OT lens to bring to clients as a coach, she provides virtual coaching support to women around the world in both private one to one.

Intimate group settings, the path to becoming a fertility coach is one she had never planned on yet. She believes it's the work she has been called to do so welcome to the stage. Lisa White.

[00:02:28] Lisa: thank you so much for that introduction. Wow.

[00:02:30] Jeffrey: Yeah.

[00:02:33] Katie: well, I'm really excited to chat with you, Lisa, cuz I know we've been friends for a long time and I knew you before this journey. So I'm just like celebrating all that's changed. So Jeffrey, take it away with our first question. Let's get everyone on board here.

[00:02:48] Jeffrey: Yeah, let's Lisa, welcome to this show. And let, let's start with kind of your, your journey. Like how, how does one go from occupational therapist to IV, to, to number one best selling book, author, IVF, coach, like, tell us about that journey.

[00:03:05] Lisa: Oh, my gosh. Yeah, it's not one I ever envisioned or planned for, but, um, I stepped into this calling and, um, my profession for many years has been occupational therapy and, um, been one for now over 20 years. And it was such a gift helping me go through my own fertility struggles through IVF. I realized a lot of missing pieces along the way where there's not enough tending to be.

Part of this ride, the soulful, the spiritual parts of IBF. And I really drew upon my background, not only as an OT, but I've been a lifelong practitioner of conscious, intentional living for a long, long time journaling since I was 10 years old, really, you know, appreciating kind of the, the inner work

[00:03:54] Jeffrey: mm-hmm

[00:03:55] Lisa: Um, and.

Listening and getting quiet. And I also credit a lot to my mom. Who's a big part of, um, my book and has helped me with my outlook on life and, um, confronting challenges like IVF. It it's something that's unexpected when you're handed this. Hmm. What do you wanna call it? the struggles, you know, but I chose to see them in a different light and.

drew upon my OT background, like I said, and all of these practices and things I've lived throughout my whole life. And it wasn't really until maybe, um, I was holding my little girl. We have, we have one daughter through IVF. We had one embryo and looking back and recognizing, wow, how I got here, how I stayed.

Whole and holding onto myself through this ride, you know, it's so emotional unless you've lived it, you really have no idea what it's like for women who are striving to become moms. And I just knew I had to share my story and I wanted to support women going through this. Shift out of the traditional therapy role that I'd always been doing, working with kids and adults everywhere from hospitals to nursing homes, to school settings, like that was such a rich background.

And I'm so grateful for that because it truly gave me this like huge lens of like helping people and looking at things just in a different light. So I, I really listened to that calling and I was like, you know what? I feel this desire to support women. Hugely transformative ride. And that's where it really began.

It was like a decision. It was like, I couldn't ignore it. I couldn't ignore the calling. So when you hear those whispers and I write about that, I have like a whole chapter. I'm like listening to the whispers, listening to the nudges. And I did that and I listened and I was like, you know what? This is something I can't ignore.

[00:05:54] Jeffrey: mm-hmm

[00:05:55] Lisa: I didn't see a book like mine out there. And I never actually planned on writing a book, but when you're open, and, you know, I talk a lot about that being open to receive these right supports and you Katie, how we connected through a book club, like that was hugely helpful for me going through IVF.

[00:06:12] Katie: Yeah.

[00:06:13] Lisa: So one thing led to another and, um, meeting different people that supported me along this path.

And, um, sorry, this story's kind of long, I guess, but it's just like, it evolved, it evolved into, um, meeting someone. Who, um, encouraged me to write a book. And I guess before that though, I started a blog. So that was something a, a calling on my heart, you know? So, um,

[00:06:42] Jeffrey: Tell us about that blog or the based kind of the evolution of the book, really? Which what I'm hearing started from your experience, uh, of writing a blog.

[00:06:52] Lisa: mm-hmm I decided in 2018 to get a website and. Didn't really know what I was doing. um, I just knew, so the, the, um, theme of IVF manifesting a miracle and that's my website, you know, I just like wanted to create that. So I, I put it out there and I had written a blog and it was in the fall of 2018 and hitting publish for the first time.

Like, that's pretty scary, you know, but I just knew I had to get my message out there and.

[00:07:25] Katie: Yep.

[00:07:26] Lisa: I'm stepping into this. That was, that was one of the scariest things though was hitting published. It's like, oh my gosh, I'm really doing this. and I think I had, you know, I put up a few blogs and just having the courage.

It really takes courage to like, go for it. Um, yeah. So the blog was one part of the process and I had started coaching some clients, um, as far. Instagram I think was probably the first like platform I was using to post inspirational posts and kind of get my name out there. I mean, we all start with zero followers, right?

we just start, start from nowhere. And we, we start putting out our heart and some of it resonated with people and then people are messaging me for support. That's kinda how it began. So I started seeing some clients and, and then in 2019 is when I met a woman who. She encouraged me to, to work with her and write a book.

And I was one of her beta testers. Um, it's through modern wisdom press here in Colorado. So I was a part of her, her book writing program and all the, all the things were aligning like number nine is my lucky number. She's like, oh, it's a nine week program. I'm like, oh, perfect. This is a one I'm like writing a book in nine weeks.

Are you serious? That's a story in itself, you know, I'm like, how do you write your first draft in nine

[00:08:50] Katie: I was gonna ask that

[00:08:52] Lisa: Yeah. Nine weeks just to get my draft and even the first three weeks, believe it or not were not even really writing. It was like getting in the zone, getting my message and getting clear. So it would flow out of me. And I loved it. I loved the process, the experience. I actually wanna write more another book, but, um, it was so cool. And then, um, getting that first draft. Giving that draft to my husband for his birthday. I was, I was in 20, uh, 19, and then in 2020s when I released it on mother's day, I intentionally, well, actually I didn't even intentionally plan on it being on mother's day, but the, the dates were aligning where I was like, oh my gosh, could this be a release on mother's day?

And it, and it did so. Yeah.

[00:09:33] Jeffrey: that's

[00:09:34] Katie: Awesome.

[00:09:34] Lisa: Yeah, yeah.

[00:09:35] Katie: So let's talk about, you know, so you like put a blog out there, put yourself on Instagram, you know, got, got the website and people were like, Hey, I'd love some support. And you're like, oh, okay. I guess I'll coach this. What was that process like? Like how did you like decide on pricing and kind of find the courage to step out of the employee hourly rate and into the coaching pricing.

[00:10:00] Lisa: yeah, that was a it's it's still a journey, you know, I. Being an OT with that background, you know, we're paid by the hour. Right. And one of the biggest learning curves that I had to learn was like create packages versus by the hour, you know, I had that mindset of the, that employee mindset of

[00:10:23] Katie: We all.

[00:10:23] Lisa: so much an hour, you

[00:10:25] Katie: Yeah. And like, this is what I'm valued at my other job. So why am I valued more at this other, right. Like, that was a really hard thing for me personally.

[00:10:36] Lisa: yeah. Getting over our own limiting beliefs,

[00:10:38] Katie: Yeah.

[00:10:39] Lisa: you know, and something I've learned from a lot of, I mean, I've had some amazing coaches and they've helped me step into this more and more and more, but it's really people don't pay. Or people will pay for the value you can articulate. That's something I learned from drisha Hawk.

She's been one of my coaches. I did her program and it's like the value you can articulate. And so me and it's like I said, I am continually stepping into this. I don't have it all figured out, but it's like expressing the value I bring from my background, from the unique perspectives I bring from my personal lived experience.

there's a lot that goes into it. So it's, it's a messy process. I don't think it. It's challenging, you know, like how to figure out the right pricing. Like, yeah. I mean, I do wanna separate myself though from fertility coaches who I don't know, um, maybe are just kind of keeping it surface level, right? Like I go deep and I'm very specialized helping women through IVF, not just fertility.

It's like. In IVF in the emotional mindset, soulful spiritual part of this. So it's, it's another layer.

[00:11:52] Katie: well, I remember I connected you with somebody. I think she was an acupuncturist. And so, but her niche within acupuncture was infertility. And she said like, I don't wanna go into any of the emotional stuff. I just wanna do the acupuncture and send them on their way. And I was like, okay. But we both know it's a very emotional journey.

So there has to be some support and I had recommended partnering with you and at least your book to

[00:12:17] Lisa: we connected. Yep.

[00:12:19] Katie: yeah. Yeah.

[00:12:20] Lisa: I appreciated that introduction.

[00:12:21] Katie: it is, um, I love your approach, right? It's not just one way. And so tell us about your journey, like, cuz you still are an OT, right. And, and your coaching. So, um, did you ever get that? Um, you know, did you ever borrow someone else's story that said you're only successful?

If you quit your job, quit the nine to five

[00:12:45] Lisa: oh my gosh. It's like . Yes. I mean, we get, so in our heads about this, you know, where there's a safe job, there's the safety of having your like nine to five and the safety of. Staying within what has always been there. You know, my job has always been there. It's always safe. I can, I can work in hospitals.

I can work in nursing homes, but it wasn't like exciting me like this work does. And I think I was fortunate in that I have the skillset where I could still work some part-time or per diem, you know, I don't have to completely quit my traditional therapy, but this calling was drawing me more. And you know what it's like, if you have a dream, I just say, go for it.

Life's too short. And if you're not like lit up by the work you do. And I knew the impact I wanted to make it, it just this dream and it's, it's still a dream I'm still evolving. And, um, I think, yeah, there's a lot where, Hm. I could have, I could have stayed safe. But the risk of like going for it into the unknown.

That's what I'm about. You know, life is, we're all living in the unknown, like every day , um, we learned a lot through COVID in that, right? Like nothing's for certain nothing's for safe. And I think even at that time, when I was really, that was, I was launching a lot at that time. Right. The book was coming out during COVID and so it gave me that courage even more to like step into this, like there's so much uncertainty.

Right. Um, And I seek that kind of life where I'm playing big and right. Katie, what was our book inspired and unstoppable? that we read in our book club? Yeah. I mean, I just think all of these, um, themes and messages, like really ring through my life of like, you know what? You have a dream, like go for it.

And mm-hmm

[00:14:45] Katie: yeah, totally. And like that it doesn't have to look. Other peoples, right? Like for some people it was like, I had to quit my soul sucking job, yours wasn't soul sucking. It just wasn't like

[00:14:59] Lisa: lighting me

[00:15:00] Katie: lighting you up. Yeah. Yeah. And so I just think it's important for people to understand, like you can still do coaching and.

Have your, either full-time job or a part-time job, or, you know, I, I know, even in my coaching I quit teaching cuz it was like killing me. Um, so I left and I did feel like it was soul sucking by the end, you know, I just, I was like, I could do this in my sleep. Like I was so bored. . Um, but I did look for part-time teaching jobs and then I ended up getting like a part-time coaching job.

And so I was like increasing my coaching skills, but working under a mentor that could show me how to be better. And same with sales. I ended up doing sales for another coaching company and got feedback on my sales calls. Right. So anytime somebody wants to start a business and they're not making enough money, you know, bottom line is you need to make some.

So what skills do you have that you can make some money, even if it's not your dream business just yet. Right? Like just put yourself out there. I think some people hold onto this, like, well then I'm gonna take away from my focus of building my business. And it's like, but if you don't have any income,

[00:16:09] Lisa: Yeah.

[00:16:10] Katie: you know, if you think about Maslow's hierarchy of needs, when you have zero income, you're at that bottom of the triangle, you can't think about anything else because you're feeling unsafe.

[00:16:20] Lisa: Mm-hmm

[00:16:21] Katie: So it's just important for people to understand, you know, it's not like a, I'm gonna cut the cord and go in this direction and I'm gonna make $10,000 in my first month.

[00:16:30] Jeffrey: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:16:31] Katie: is it like, likely doesn't happen that way?

[00:16:34] Lisa: Exactly.

[00:16:35] Jeffrey: And I, I love this concept and I think what we're talking about here is the, the concept that my wife and I has TA talked about many, a times it's like following the breadcrumbs where one thing leads to another thing, leads to another thing, leads to another thing. And by the time you've gone on this journey for like, for example, you start a blog.

You may not know where that's ultimate leading to, but you know, it's the next right step.

[00:17:01] Lisa: Yes.

[00:17:01] Katie: a nudge, right. It was a

[00:17:03] Lisa: was a nudge. It was. And, um, I think following your curiosity, like what, where, what are you interested in? And, and it was like, I'm gonna figure this out, like not knowing

[00:17:15] Jeffrey: Yeah.

[00:17:16] Lisa: which platform and which it's just like, again, having the courage. And, um, I wanted to mention too, like following those breadcrumbs, um, when COVID hit too, one of my inspired ideas that came to me was like, I wanna do interviews.

Those who have inspiring fertility stories. And I, and I reached out to my fertility doctor, actually, I was like, you know what, he's here in Colorado. I said, would you be interested in doing some interviews with me? And that was another thing, like figuring out how to create a YouTube channel

[00:17:47] Jeffrey: Yeah.

[00:17:47] Lisa: and started that in C.

Right. It was like right. Almost a little bit before that, but. Since then, I mean, we've grown to like 40 interviews together with my doctor and like over 30 something with fertility, sisters. And it's like, again, like if you have this idea and you see a need and it lights me up, it's like my version of being Oprah, having these interviews in conversations with people's soul sister

[00:18:14] Jeffrey: You

[00:18:14] Lisa: talks

[00:18:15] Jeffrey: you get fertility, you get fertil

[00:18:16] Lisa: oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh. Yeah. So it's like. I, I had no idea what I was doing with that. And I think eventually, like there's an opportunity for maybe that some of these to turn into a podcast,

[00:18:30] Jeffrey: Yeah, but you, you took action on a nudge. You figured out what needed to be done and you did it and now you have it. And now that can evolve into something else.

[00:18:42] Lisa: right. It just, it requires doing the thing.

[00:18:47] Jeffrey: That's really what I'm hearing. Right. You do like, imagine if you never hit published on that blog post,

[00:18:53] Lisa: Oh, I know.

[00:18:54] Jeffrey: or if you waited several more years. Yeah, yeah. Several years before you hit

[00:19:00] Katie: Yeah. Who am I to write a blog without a book first, right? Oh. And, and, but first I have to launch my coaching business. Oh. But first I have to get certified. Right? Like there's all these like barriers people put in that just prevent them from getting started.

[00:19:17] Lisa: And I think I was just gonna add too, like just the perspective I've had in, in while I was going through IVF, my mom's health was declining. And so getting a really firsthand look at death, kind of up close and how short our life is and the people I've worked with in healthcare as an OT, like I've seen the fragility of life.

I've seen people at the end of their life. Who've looked back and it's.

[00:19:42] Jeffrey: Yeah.

[00:19:42] Lisa: get to the end of my life and, and regret, like, I didn't go for it. I didn't try. I think that's also what keeps me in that momentum of like the inspired ideas and taking action. Like I don't wanna get to the end and be like, oh, I wish like, you know, at some point you just like put the naysayers to the side.

Like, if this is calling to you, speaking to you, you have a message to share and an impact you wanna make in the world. What's stopping you a lot of times we get in our own way. So it's like, I didn't wanna get to get to the end of my life and be like, why didn't I go for it? You know, I could've helped so many people, so just something else I wanted to add.

[00:20:21] Katie: Yep. So let's talk a little bit more like about the book, cuz you kind of pushed publish on the blog. You wrote your book, you wrote it in nine weeks and then you published it well and

[00:20:32] Lisa: Well, and then there were edits, there were like a few months in there too. I don't wanna just say it was all done in nine weeks. Like woo it's out in the world.

[00:20:40] Katie: let's just spread that false belief. It's only nine weeks

[00:20:43] Lisa: no, I mean, you get your first draft. I will say that. And then it went through like a two or three revisions. I will say that. So it was a little, a few, a few months longer.

[00:20:53] Katie: and then, um, and then you kind of launched your book, but it was, um, in 2020 the year that everyone's like, oh yeah, I remember that year. Right.

[00:21:02] Jeffrey: Yeah.

[00:21:03] Lisa: Yeah.

[00:21:04] Katie: year. So how did that go? Like, um, you couldn't launch in person.

[00:21:07] Lisa: no, I couldn launch in person. Um, it was all through social media sharing. I was sharing on Facebook. I was sharing on Instagram, um, through my book writing process through the coaching, they helped me get it on Amazon.

Um, the categories helped me pick the categories that it was gonna be in, you know, like women's health spirituality. I can't remember all the parenting. I can't remember all the different ones, but, um, yeah, it hit number one in multiple categories. And just like that day it was on my, it was, yeah, mother's day 2020.

So I'm like watching on Amazon cuz you can see rankings and things like that. And just like, it was just the coolest experience, you know?

[00:21:46] Jeffrey: can, can I ask, was there, was there any kind of. Container or strategy behind that, get getting that number one book seller ranking or anything?

[00:21:56] Lisa: um, honestly not a lot. I did, I released it for 2 99. Um, some people released their books for free

[00:22:08] Jeffrey: mm-hmm

[00:22:10] Lisa: I just felt like I wanted people to put a little something into this, you know, if they really wanted my book, they were gonna spend a couple bucks. I mean,

[00:22:17] Jeffrey: Like

[00:22:17] Lisa: it's like.

[00:22:18] Jeffrey: for a book is not too bad.

[00:22:20] Lisa: about that. Do I wanna release it for free?

Do I wanna release it? And I just thought, you know, 2 99 feels right. And I did. And that was for like a 24 hour, I think, special and. Um, honestly, I, I think looking back, I, I would strategize a little bit more. Um, no, it was a lot of faith. It was a lot of me, my energy and my heart and people who shared for me, I think that was a big part of it.

My community and my people who love me were like spreading the message about my book. People had shared on Instagram, tagging me, Hey, get her book. This is like, great deal. This that on mother's day, gift yourself, help yourself gift a friend. Um, so community, I mean, I think that's powerful. Those who resonate with your message will help spread the word mm-hmm

[00:23:04] Jeffrey: in itself is kind of a strategy that, that maybe happenstance perfect aligning with mother's day, but treating yourself for, for women who are trying to be mothers like that's so,

[00:23:16] Lisa: Mm-hmm

[00:23:17] Jeffrey: perfect.

[00:23:18] Lisa: and some people, you know, it didn't hit with them. Like, oh mother, it can be a really tender place mother's day. Right. And I choose to see through the lens. Look, what's possible, you know, that inspired, empowered place versus like, you

[00:23:35] Jeffrey: You're not writing this book for people who feel like they're a victim of some

[00:23:39] Lisa: right, right, right. Giving them hope. Right. Like giving you hope, like let's hope next mother's day. Like, you know, like just takes, take some action to help yourself through this. Right. Like you said. Yeah, exactly. Not being the victim, really stepping into this. That's what I'm about. You know, how can we embrace this ride?

How can we lean in. Yeah.

[00:23:59] Jeffrey: Yeah.

[00:24:00] Lisa: Yeah.

[00:24:01] Katie: Um, so. So blog then book, but really blog, then coaching, then book then coaching. Like how has your um, tell us about like you've got, um, um, I was reading, you know, you do both private one to one and then like really intimate group

[00:24:19] Lisa: mm-hmm

[00:24:19] Katie: And I like that distinction too, because I think some people would just automatically say, oh no, this is a very private journey.

And I can't do a group

[00:24:27] Lisa: Mm-hmm

[00:24:28] Katie: Right. And it's like, you actually, like what we found in our book club, you know, there are six or seven women in that club we met for, you know, six or seven weeks in a row. And it was just a really beautiful journey with a group of women that were reading a book called inspired and unstoppable and there's power in that.

And when you're having, you know, I think all of us had shed tears at one point in those six weeks.

[00:24:50] Lisa: Oh, yeah. Oh yeah.

[00:24:52] Katie: there's just so much power in community. So, so tell us a little bit about like your.

[00:24:56] Lisa: mm-hmm

[00:24:58] Katie: How you decided what to offer and, um, you know, who's, who's really an ideal fit for that

[00:25:02] Lisa: Mm-hmm yeah. So starting out with my coaching and it was, it was, it's always been one on one private one-on-one and I think mastering that and having, seeing. With clients like the method I created and I guide clients through it's like I wanted to see results and clients were shifting.

I was seeing positive pregnancy tests. I was, you know, all these things. It's not just always a baby, but it's like shifting into a new way of going about this ride. And, um, that's really powerful. So, so when I was seeing these results and, and wow, you know, this is a proven framework, like I'm making. I'm helping create some big changes, you know, in women's lives.

Um, I started my first group program. It's a good timing that we're having this talk because I just started my first group in June, may or June of this year. Um, so I launched an eight week program and having the courage to do that. Let me tell you, I had to get over some of my own fears for sure. I, um, and all along the way I wanna add, I've been investing in programs and coaching for myself.

[00:26:12] Katie: Yep.

[00:26:13] Lisa: That is something I think anybody who is, you know, wanting to go for it, like being open to these supports and coaching. Like I, I was taking some notes for myself. Like, um, I worked, I've worked with at least four different coaches in growing where I've gotten to be now. Um, Just, um, earlier this year I did a program, my friend, Chantel, her luck launching group, you know, I was a part of like learning how to create my group program and getting the themes.

And how long do I want it to be? And the pricing and all of those things, like, um, it's a challenge, right? To like really sit with that, but like taking the time to get clear who is my ideal client? Who do I wanna serve? What is the transformation I'm helping people achieve? How am I guiding them through this?

You know, I, I love the live coaching live coaching experience. I've done courses too. There's such a different energy when you're in a coaching container, one on one or in a small group.

[00:27:21] Katie: yeah.

[00:27:21] Lisa: So, um, that first group. Wonderful teacher for me, I I'm so proud that I had the courage to do it. And that was eight weeks and the women's bonded so much.

They wanted to keep that going, that energy. So I offer now, I mean, it's like, oftentimes they'll tell you, people tell you like what they want. They have told me we wanna stay in touch. Can you keep, can you continue some, create something where we can continue to stay in touch? So we have a monthly call now just for them.

[00:27:49] Jeffrey: Nice.

[00:27:50] Lisa: Um, and I'm in the.

[00:27:52] Katie: of like listening to your people and then providing what they're actually asking

[00:27:56] Lisa: Yeah. so, yeah. So these coaching calls, I mean, they were originally, I had, 'em planned for an hour for, this is about, this is for the group I'm talking about and then doing a survey at the end, too. They all wanted like 75 to 90 minutes long cuz we would always run over. So it's like, okay, that gives me feedback.

Um, I was giving, you know, guided prompts along the way, resources I was listening to their feedback. So this has helped, this has helped inform me for this next group that I'm launching. It's starting September 27th. anyone that's out there and wants to join this room to apply. But this is an application based program too.

Like that's one thing I've learned. I don't want anybody to just like, Click my website and just buy. I want to know, are you a qualified candidate to be a part of this program? Because the women that I cultivate and that when I'm curating in this community, you know, people are, they're ambitious driven, women who are committed and ready to go about their fertility journey in a whole different way.

You know, I have women that are doctors and I have women that are CEOs and coaches for coaches and like, That's the kind of caliber and the kind of like community I wanna create where it's like, we're all in this together and helping, like you're taking inspired action in this part of it too. You know, I'm not there to tell you what to do.

You wanna take a, you're gonna take accountability and I'm here to guide you, you know?

[00:29:17] Katie: Yeah.

[00:29:18] Lisa: Um, yeah.

[00:29:19] Katie: So, what does your launch look like? How are you spreading the word about this group program? Of course, the launch squad's gonna ask you.

[00:29:25] Lisa: Yeah, of course you are.

[00:29:27] Jeffrey: question.

[00:29:28] Lisa: well, through some of my past coaching, um, one of my coaches, like I mentioned, her Disha Hawk. She is all about live video and really showing up on camera, sharing your perspectives, sharing your polarizing perspectives. Um, not being afraid to speak up for what you believe and through her and her program and the way she.

has taught me about launching, um, you're speaking to different awareness levels of where people are at kind of in the buying process.

[00:30:01] Katie: Mm-hmm

[00:30:02] Lisa: that goes really deep and , but, um, really getting into, you know, are people even aware of what an IVF coach is? Like, do people even know who I am? Do? I didn't know. There were IBF coaches out there.

I, and I still don't really see many IBF coaches. It's like, there's fertility coaches. There's all these different other niches, but it's like, Um, I wanna inform people like you have your doctor, you have your medical team, and this is another part of your team to consider adding. So helping people see, like how can I help them?


[00:30:35] Katie: And like where you fit in,

[00:30:37] Lisa: Even the problem.

[00:30:38] Jeffrey: fit in and how you fit in differently than, than a fertility coach or somebody who's gonna get that surface level.

[00:30:44] Lisa: yeah. Yeah. There are some that specialize in hormones and there are some that special. um, more in the natural cycle, you know, and I really specialize for the women in the IVF process, in the journey I'm helping you optimize and navigate this ride just with a greater flow, with greater peace that you're gonna be okay.

No matter what, and having tools and resources that, you know, you can, co-create a, a better experience, more elevated experience. So, um, you know, it's really deep work.

[00:31:14] Katie: Yeah.

[00:31:15] Lisa: it's really deep work, but

[00:31:16] Katie: these videos that you're doing, do you have a call to action? Like go look at my sales page or these are videos. Pre-launch that you're trying to build up the excitement.

[00:31:25] Lisa: I try to go live. I've been trying to go live like once a week. Um,

[00:31:30] Katie: on Instagram.

[00:31:32] Lisa: I do on Instagram. Um, I would like to shift into LinkedIn a bit more. I'm I'm kind of just on that one platform, the most of Instagram, um, my last launch, I did have a sales page. Um, but really what I do. And this is, again, that intuitive feeling in me, it's like the organic marketing. Um, I don't have a maybe this is probably a downfall. I don't have like a real clear strategy. Like I'm showing up live. I'm sharing my messaging. I'm sharing my offers. I think a lot of people just don't even like, share what they do. Sounds like I like to create that kind of environment where like, this is we're friends.

Like we're conversing. I don't push people in any way. Like if people, if this resonates, if the message resonates, people come to me and they wanna work with me. I get a lot of private DMS. That's probably how people. You know, they've what I started doing live video. Not really knowing again, like having hooker strategy, people were messaging me.

I caught your live. What you said really touched me. What you said really inspired me. I, I wanna connect. What do you offer? That's kind of how a lot of this starts it's through that private messenger and they're a lot of the women are pretty private engagers. a lot of them are not super public, like out there and

[00:32:48] Katie: it's that particular journey is a really emotional one and to share like, I'm trying to have a baby and I've had let down after let down, like that is like, that's a, that's

[00:33:01] Lisa: there are a lot of women that share though. There are a lot of women that are very open. I mean, I, I, I think whatever gives you that joy inside, cuz if it helps to share, share away, like I'm all for that, if you wanna share and, and get that support. Um, but I would say the majority of the people that find me in that work with me are pretty private.

Um, So, yeah, I had a message just recently from a woman who she's like, I've been following you for years years, and I wanna hear about what you offer and how we can work together. It's just like really cool, like this, and this is not a quick fix. Like, I don't think anything we do it takes time to build a community and build that trust.

and that like, and so for me, I guess my strategy is I show up authentically, like I'm here to serve and this is what I offer and if it resonates great. And if not, like maybe it's not the right fit. I have tons of people I can refer people to too.

[00:33:58] Jeffrey: Are, are you asking people in your, when you're going live or you're putting content out there on Instagram? Uh, are you asking people, Hey, if you're interested, DM me.

[00:34:06] Lisa: Yes. I say you can DM me. Um, there's an application in my bio.

If you wanna apply for my group, if you wanna book a discovery call here, the links in my bio, I refer people to my website, um, and just to follow me, you know, um, and connect. I just invite the connection. So my connect, my following, I mean, again, I don't follow like numbers. I, I have like over 2000 followers, not like I don't have the 10 thousands of, but that is not what I'm about.

I would rather have the depth of people, depth people who resonate. I mean, that

[00:34:41] Katie: yeah. We're the same.

[00:34:42] Lisa: I don't, I don't, I'm not the vanity things. No, I don't need 10,000 files. Yeah.

[00:34:48] Katie: no. We're, we're the exact same way. We're just like, we're here to connect with people. I don't wanna look at a spreadsheet to start my day. I wanna start my day with people.

[00:34:57] Lisa: For sure. For sure. Mm-hmm mm-hmm

[00:35:01] Katie: so, um, I, I wanna just bring this up cuz I know this has happened to other people. Um, you had your Instagram profile, like hijacked

[00:35:11] Jeffrey: Oh, wow.

[00:35:12] Lisa: That was the worst. It was in January of this year, 2022. I, I fell for a scam. I thought it was a friend messaging me and it wasn't. and I clicked something that I wasn't supposed to click and it was gone and it like my body it's. So that was a really interesting experience. Um, about a, it took about a month before I could get it back.

And I had a friend of a friend of a friend kind of a situation that knew that helped me out, but it, it like, it's amazing how. Yeah, why do we rely on that so much? Like, I, it was like a gut punch. Like I've worked so hard to like, this is my, and it was like a violation. I felt like of like my privacy. Like they had access then to my posts and they could post whatever they want.

And they were actually DMing people looking like me. that was probably like the worst cuz people thought it was me. And then other people I knew got hacked from me and I was like, oh my gosh, like the cycle I need to, I need it to stop now. Yeah. It was a big life learning experience. So always have two factor verification on change, change passwords off it.

I did have two factor, but again, I fell for the stupid scam thing. Um, and, um, just be really protective of that. That was a huge learning experience. Um, but also. building your email list, which I'm striving to do that too. It's like, we are so dependent on some of these platforms, you know,

[00:36:41] Katie: Yeah,

[00:36:41] Lisa: it's

[00:36:42] Katie: we, we have a.

[00:36:43] Lisa: take it back.

[00:36:44] Katie: Um, a gal that we turn to quite a bit for social media success. Uh, her name is Bridget Brady and she always says like, what? I swear, it's her tagline. The purpose of social media is to get people off of social media

[00:36:59] Lisa: Oh, my.

[00:37:00] Katie: and her whole point being like, get their email. You know, um, just don't put all your eggs in one basket.

And I mean, we've had, we haven't had that happen, but we've had our, um, ad account get shut down, completely disabled for like, no, I mean like my

[00:37:16] Jeffrey: we still don't know

[00:37:17] Katie: me this super like sexual thing that he was seeing in an ad and I'm like, oh yeah, but Katie can't sell high ticket sales. God forbid , you know, like, I, it, it is just so frustrating when the social media robots.

Have a negative impact on your business and there's no one, no, no human insight gives a crap about helping you like from that company, you know, there's no customer service. They, they don't care,

[00:37:45] Lisa: I've heard over and over how many people have gotten hacked and just, it's a struggle for a lot of people to get

[00:37:49] Katie: Yeah.

[00:37:50] Lisa: Mm-hmm

[00:37:51] Katie: Oh my gosh. Well,

[00:37:52] Lisa: that was a

[00:37:52] Katie: end on that note.

[00:37:55] Jeffrey: what what's next

[00:37:56] Katie: I, I wa.

[00:37:57] Lisa: Yeah, what what's next for me? Um, so building my group coaching program is I'm in it right now. So launching that in a couple weeks, you know, I, I think getting yourself in the right rooms, I've learned that a lot.

And so even last night I was hosting holding space for a women's fertility and fertility support group. Um, connecting, building relationships with people, um, . This was for a woman who runs an acupuncture clinic here in Denver. And so I'm doing her monthly like support groups and just being in the rooms with people, whoever your community is, what, whoever, the people you're trying to serve.

Listen, you know, really listening to where people are at, what are they searching for? What are they looking for? like, I think that's been a, a great lesson, you know, I think for anyone that wants to support people, um, if you wanna design a program or a course, like don't create it without having like done some coaching first, like do someone on ones and learn where people are at.

And like, I, I think a lot of people miss the boat where maybe they create a whole program, a whole, all these recorded videos without even knowing like, is this what people want or.

[00:39:03] Katie: Yep.

[00:39:04] Lisa: You know, so wasting a lot of time with that. So what I do is with my program, I recorded all my calls live I'm in the process right now of with help from a virtual assistant, like going back, editing, cutting parts of the videos where I can repurpose and use them for programs and even content repurposing for like, you know, social media stuff.

Right? Like. That's something like I'm working on, cuz I, I love doing long form content videos and like saving myself time. So this is a whirl winded question. I'm our answer. But I'm like create like working on taking what I've done. Cause I have a ton of content and like repurposing that. So, and, and continuing to do soul sister conversations with friends, continuing to do clinical conversations with my doctor.

Um, I mean there's a lot of things in the works. Um, Yeah, I have more ideas, but I'll keep those private for right now.

[00:40:01] Katie: Well, you know, I love. What, what I've seen over and over again, Lisa is your, um, desire to partner with people. And I think that is such a great strategy. And again, like for people that are just kind of afraid to get started, or haven't kind of just. Yeah. Taking the step a lot, you know, and they're like, well, what's the point?

I don't have an audience. It's like, well, then go make friends with somebody that does, you know, I mean, and they're, and people are usually excited to partner. It's not that big of a deal. I I've, I've done it quite a bit too, but interviews and I saw you were, um, a guest on summits and things like that. But anyway, that you can, and I think also you were saying you signed up for a.

Coaching programs yourself. You get to meet people in those programs and create friendships and partnerships from that. Um, so

[00:40:50] Lisa: Oh, thank you for sharing that. I think there's no harm in asking, doing the ask. What are people gonna say? No, I mean, there's no harm. That is something I've always lived by. It's like, and even big names, you know, like people I've had the courage to reach out to who have said yes.

And like, it, it's just, it's fun to me to, if I wanna interview somebody or work with somebody, like the worst people can say is no, you know, um, it's

[00:41:17] Katie: least, and then you're on their radar, right. For another time. And like, they may start seeing you and noticing you and they wouldn't have noticed you before. And so then maybe you'll pop in their mind for the next time.

[00:41:28] Lisa: And thank you for sharing that too, with the partnership. I just wanna add cuz the collaboration, you know, through social media, if you, you meet people, I invite them on to do say an Instagram live, you know, they'll feature me.

I feature them. I've been on podcasts. I Fe it's like a collab we share we're we're all here to support each other.

[00:41:45] Katie: Yeah, yeah.

[00:41:47] Lisa: it's much more fun when you can like there's no competition,

[00:41:50] Katie: Exactly. And there's no need to be on an island by yourself. Like that's the burnout part, you know? So, um, yeah. Well, this is awesome. I'm so I celebrate you. How old's your daughter now?

[00:42:04] Lisa: She's turning five on Monday on the

[00:42:05] Katie: Oh my goodness.

[00:42:07] Lisa: started kindergarten, so it's amazing. Yeah.

[00:42:10] Katie: That is so cool. Cool.

[00:42:12] Lisa: Thank you.

[00:42:13] Katie: Um, well thank you so much for sharing your journey. We wanted to just, you know, feature someone that's just literally been taking one step at a time.

You know, not that you didn't have a clue because you paid for people to help you every step of the way, but you were just willing to take one step at a time, see what happened and then just continue to grow. So it's awesome. And we celebrate you and cheering you on for this launch.

[00:42:35] Lisa: thank you both so much.

[00:42:37] Jeffrey: where can we get a hold of you? Where can our audience connect with.

[00:42:40] Lisa: Yeah, my website's IVF manifesting a miracle.com. I'm on Instagram, the same name, uh, YouTube channel under my name and Lisa White. My books on Amazon. Hold on, baby. Yeah, all the social, LinkedIn, all the things.

[00:42:55] Katie: Yep. Awesome. We're gonna put all those links in our show notes so people can find you, um,

[00:43:02] Lisa: you so much for having me.

[00:43:03] Jeffrey: Yeah. Thank you so much for being here And thank you dear listener for joining us. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a five star review and hit that subscribe button. Please leave us a nice note there. And if you want to connect more with Lisa and check out the show notes, you can check it out at the launch squad lab.com/episode 84.

Thanks again. We'll see you next.

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