Funnelytics Fall Frenzy

Create your complete funnel checklist!

This is your private session with a launch strategist and a launch tech advisor to completely map out your entire system.

We work together for about 90 minutes to strategize your complete buyer’s journey and to figure out what technology will best support you and your team.

Funnel & Strategy Mapping session

This is a 90-minute session with  both Jeffrey and Katie
(perfect if you’re not launching next week)


($1,997 value)
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It’s time to get crystal chandelier clear on your upcoming launch. Here’s what we’ll cover in this session:

Funnel Mapping

  • KPI Analysis, setup, and consulting

  • Technology assessment and guidance
  • Visual asset plan and task list

Strategy Layer

  • Offer review
  • Lead magnet continuity review
  • Launch event & pitch review

  • Pricing assessment

Walk Away With

  • A full launch plan you can feel confident about
  • Solid tech that won’t leave you scrambling
  • Automation opportunities to give you breathing room during your launch

  • Data tracking script integration so you know what worked and what didn’t