Do you ever find yourself throwing up walls of resistance without even meaning to?

Sometimes we have tapes playing in our subconscious that are running old patterns of being critical, judgmental, or rigid, even if that isn’t how we normally think of ourselves. 

These old patterns can block us from receiving allllll the good stuff the Universe is trying to bring us. 

Here are ten easy (and sneaky!) ways to get around resistance and into receiving mode:

Clear ancestral ties that don’t resonate:

You can love your Great Aunt Pearl and still not want to store all of her beliefs in your own subconscious. Some ideas your family passed down to you may not even make sense in this day and age, or could be blocking your ability to receive. When you have things like ‘pull yourself up by your own bootstraps’ in your subconscious, you might think asking for and receiving help is a negative thing. Do an ‘ancestral assessment’ and keep the stuff you love, but let go of what no longer resonates. 

Listen to inspiring and motivating messaging:

Fill up your mind with some nutritious brain food. The stuff that makes you feel inspired, wowed, and covered in goosebumps! Your mental real estate is precious, and what you allow into it matters. Focus on media that lifts you up.

Focus on the present:

When your energy is focused on the past or future, you’re pulled out of the present. Not sure if it’s possible to be in the present moment ALL the time and run a business, but taking little breaks through meditation, exercise, and time in nature, helps you bring it all back to the now, giving you a quick reset. 

Celebrate your wins no matter how big or small:

When something goes right, do you take the time to honor it? Even if it’s a quick, “YEAH” and a fist pump, the more you celebrate even those small wins, the more wins you start to attract. And all those little wins add up to bigger ones eventually, so celebrate your progress!

Change up your environment:

It’s hard to attract what you want and get into receiving mode when you feel stagnant. There’s an energetic shift that happens when you have a change of scene. Whether it’s getting out to a local park, or taking a week long trip, changing up your environment can help you flip the switch into receiving mode.

Minimize your intake of news:

We know you wanna stay current, but please, please pay attention to how much negative news you’re consuming. Taking in too much negativity not only drains you, but can also make you want to throw up shields of fear and resistance. Taking action for causes you care about also helps you feel better about all the negativity out there. 

Shout your blessings from the rooftops:

Sharing out loud the things that are going well for you, business related or not, amplifies that sound in your life. It’s ok to commiserate with your bff, but do you remember to share all the good stuff that’s happening, too?

Unplug and connect with your natural habitat:

Being a digital entrepreneur you might start to feel like your earbuds and laptop are permanently integrated parts of your body, but your natural habitat isn’t behind a desk, it’s out in mother nature! If you start to feel stuck, resistant, stagnant, or over-worked, some time in nature will help you get reset, lickity split!

Accept compliments and let them sink in:

If someone pays you a compliment, do you, in your mind or out loud, tell them they’re crazy or find some other way to diminish it? Receive all the kind things people say to you. Take those compliments in and let them stay a while. Even try repeating the compliment back to yourself instead of dismissing it. If someone says they like your shirt, say in your mind, “Yeah! This shirt is awesome!”

Indulge a regular gratitude habit:

What you appreciate, APPRECIATES! When you’re stuck in resistance, find at least ten things you’re grateful for… even if it’s just little old things like the fact that you woke up today. The more you’re grateful for what you already have, the more your energy shifts to one of attraction and receiving. 

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