This week the theme of DREAMS keeps coming up, first with our podcast episode about moving dreams from “pipe dream” to reality, and now when it comes to making decisions.

As a sales expert, I’m often asked how to overcome the objection of “not now.”

When we say “not now” we are putting our dreams on the back burner. Other stuff is taking precedence, and often, it’s the “have to’s” that get in the way of “want to’s.”

I always like to try to overcome the objection for the SELLER first. It seems backwards, I know, but if we use that same excuse sometimes, it’s going to be “accepted” by us as a seller. (This is true for all objections, BTW!)

So next time you say “not now” to whatever opportunity that’s coming up for you, take yourself through this series of questions…

1. Do I really want this? Like, really?
(If the answer is NO, then just say “no thank you, it’s not for me” instead of “now isn’t the right time. Speak your truth.)

2. Is it true that NOW is not the right time? What’s on my plate that makes me feel that way?
(Are the things on your plate negotiable? Can they be resolved with the help of others, or can THOSE get put on your back burner for a bit, instead of your dream?)

3. Will I be happy if my life stays exactly the same (or if the situation worsens, which is more likely, honestly) 6 months from now, or a year from now?
How will you feel if things don’t start to get resolved right now?

4. Is it worth it to wait? Do a cost/benefit analysis between waiting and saying yes right now.
(If the benefits outweigh the costs, NOW is the time.)

This is an objective way at looking at things.

I’ve had people tell me — “I can’t attend that event, I have a dentist appointment scheduled for then.”

Really?! You’re choosing to let an appointment that is easily changeable stand in the way of attending something that could shift and change everything for you?

Here’s the thing. It’s not about the dentist. It’s not about your To Do’s. It’s about your choices, the decisions you’re making that are keeping you stuck in the land of hurt, confusion, overwhelm, dissatisfaction and more.

Because that’s been your experience up until now, it’s your comfort zone, even if it’s not what you want. It feels safe, you’re used to it.

You’re one decision away from changing all of that.

And that’s scary.

But it’s what you need to do, right now… not later.

Take yourself through this exercise. I promise you, if you can overcome this objection for yourself, you can apply the same questions to your potential buyer, and share your own story of how you overcame the “not now” trap that many of us have fallen into at one point or another.

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