A question I hear frequently from many of our followers is, “How do I get in front of the right clients?”

That’s the key word right there… RIGHT.

Here’s the thing to realize: YOU are attracting the people that are finding you. So, if you determine that the majority of people following you don’t buy, then let’s take a look at your messaging and marketing to be sure you’re saying the right things to attract the right kind of people.

This is especially important when you launch.

To have a successful launch, you always need to start with the end in mind — YOUR OFFER.

And then you backwards map from the offer all the way back to where your ideal clients are right now.

What problems are they facing? What struggles are they complaining about? What do they need to resolve NOW so that they are ready for your offer when it comes?

When they are thinking through their launch funnel, too many Coaches and Online Experts make the mistake of using a “free gift” lead magnet that they’ve already created.

Although it may be an amazing resource for your audience, is it the right resource to offer your potential buyers for your upcoming launch? Does it lead them down the funnel pathway, or is it a disjointed piece to the puzzle?

Here’s a quick example of my (Katie’s) own mistake:

The first time I launched my program, “Craft a $5k Offer that Sells” the lead magnet I used was one that I had already created and was very popular. It’s called “How to Overcome the 5 Most Common Objections to High Ticket Sales”.

I thought it fit into the funnel well enough. Both were related to sales and if you’re going to craft an irresistible offer, you’ll need to know how to overcome objections.

But what I didn’t think through that first time was the buyer journey. Were they worrying about how to overcome objections to high ticket sales now, before they even had a high ticket offer? Likely not.

So although I got a ton of new leads with that lead magnet at the start of my funnel, they weren’t necessarily quality leads for the program I was about to offer.

When this mistake was pointed out to me, I went back to the drawing board. I asked myself, “What is the mistake or problem these potential buyers have now that’s preventing sales?”

The answer was, they didn’t have a firm grasp on who their ideal client actually was, and so their marketing and messaging were off.

Since part of my program was teaching a step-by-step approach to market research, it was imperative that they knew exactly who their ideal client was before taking the program.

So I created a new free gift for the next time I launched, “Your Ideal Client Profile” and that brought in leads that were more aligned with what I was about to offer.

Your turn!

Take a look at the lead magnet you currently have in your launch funnel and ask yourself if it’s the right gift for the kind of buyers you’re trying to attract.

Again, it has nothing to do with the resourcefulness or popularity of the gift. Instead, it should have everything to do with your offer and the buyer’s journey.


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