I know it sounds crazy, but honestly… money does NOT matter when it comes to sales.

Give me a chance to explain with a quick story.

A couple years ago I had a gym membership to a nation-wide chain. It was about 30 bucks per month, and I’d been paying that for about ten years.

It was okay. I liked going to one particular class and attended about twice a week on average.

But twice a week wasn’t enough for the results I was seeking.

I found another gym at quadruple the price. [Gulp]

Their classes were more frequent, more easily accessible and actually shorter in length of time!

I knew I could get better results, in about the same amount of time per week, by paying more money … and so I did.

Why? Because the results I was seeking mattered more to me than the price tag.

When it comes to the money objection in sales, it’s almost never really about the money.

Sometimes they say they want one thing, but there’s something underneath that’s waiting to be discovered.

When you discover the real reason people hop on the phone with you, you’ll be able to talk about the result they are actually looking for.

Results are what make people buy.

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Katie Collins is a sales-boosting, client-generating business coach who helps you get over your fear of sales and visibility so you can finally make the impact, and the income, of your dreams.

As The Launch Squad’s Sales Superhero, Katie teaches you how to have successful sales conversations (without being pushy), get clear on your message, craft your offer, and structure your program content, including your launch strategy, with an offer that really sells.

Katie creates a safe, nurturing space for you to explore your limiting beliefs and transform your fears. She’s trained in the Art of Feminine Presence and will lovingly push you outside your comfort zone in a way that makes you wonder why you ever wanted to stay there in the first place.

She’s often hired by 7-figure coaching companies to serve as a lead on their sales teams during launches, and has brought in over $4.5 million in coaching program sales.

With personality quiz results like enneagram 1, ESTJ, and The Connoisseur, she’s the very definition of a Boss. So if you’re brave enough, let her boss you into some stellar sales and the life you’ve been dreaming of.

When Katie’s not helping you achieve your sales goals, you can find her barefoot in Barbados or snowboarding in her home state of Colorado.