While the coaching industry is still booming (despite COVID-19), most coaches are barely making ends meet. In fact, the International Coaches Federation estimates that coaches have an average annual income ranging from $27,100 to $73,100. Some specialty coaches can make much more, over $100,000.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you, and I’m going to show you how you can be one of those specialty coaches who can earn over 6-figures!

The most common mistake I see when I’m on the phone with coaches and other online experts is that they base their pricing so that they are competitive in the marketplace.

Here’s why that doesn’t work:

Say you decide to low-ball your offer because you assume that sales are easier to make the cheaper your package is. (This is a myth, by the way.)

Well, what happens when someone comes along behind you and charges even lower prices than yours?

Do you lower yours even more? For your sake, I hope your answer is NO!

It’s just not a sustainable approach.

And, think about the type of client that you’re attracting when you offer these cheaper rates.

Are they super committed? They may say they are, they may think they are, but if they are choosing you on a basis of price, their mindset is stuck in scarcity thinking. They are trying to get the support they need for the cheapest price they can find.

Would you agree that the common perception is you get what you pay for?

So, the clients who are looking for small fees are subconsciously expecting small results; they are expecting to not have to work that hard, and their pain isn’t great enough to really dig in and make the necessary changes.

And would you agree that those clients who don’t want to ‘work hard’ and have low expectations for their results are a total drain to your energy when you work with them?

You do yourself no favors when you cheapen your rates — you are attracting clients that drain you, you are working hard and hustling ALL THE TIME to make ends meet, and you continue being in the cycle of under-earning.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you… Let’s turn you into a success story instead!

The most common mistake I see with coaches and other online experts is that they aren’t offering premium packages.

Here’s why I want you to open your mind to this…

The clients that signed up to work with me in my 1:1 VIP packages are 100% all in.

Most of them paid in full.

They take action. They do what they say. They check in throughout the time in between our sessions, and they are constantly asking themselves how to move beyond the obstacles, stay focused, and fail forward, if need be.

Imagine working with clients like that day in and day out.

Imagine the results those clients create.

Imagine the energy that would come from you as you complete the sessions with folks who are super committed to creating change. Is that the kind of team you’d want to be on? I know it is for me!

You can break the cycle of not making enough money, and start earning the kind of income that’s in your “dream business” vision by offering high-ticket premium packages. Ones that are all-inclusive. What would feel divine to offer? What would excite you the most?

This isn’t to say you can’t continue to offer your smaller packages; I’m simply suggesting you add a premium one, too.

Because when you start to deliver premium service, there’s no going back! There’s no holding back! And the energy you feel when delivering your service is ten-fold as a result!

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