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  • 30th

    Aug, 2021

    August 30, 2021

    Ep 38. How do you know when you’re ready for marketing?

    Too many people jump to advertising to solve their traffic & leads problem. They believe paid outreach is the end-all-be-all to growing their business. But unless you have the systems in place (and the proven offer), more leads won't matter. You're just not quite ready for marketing yet. Here's what you need to focus on first.

  • 23rd

    Aug, 2021

    August 23, 2021

    Ep 37. How to do biz when you’re bummed out

    In today's episode, Katie shares some great tips about how to continue to show up in your business, even when you really, really don't feel like it. Sometimes we don't have a choice whether or not to show up in our business...even if we feel like crap. So, what can we do to bounce back and get back in the

  • 16th

    Aug, 2021

    August 16, 2021

    Ep 36. 7 Ways to Collaborate in Biz

    In today's episode, Katie shares how to set yourself up for profitable collaborations that allow you to grow your list, reach more people and create a bigger impact through partnerships. With a mixture of "what to do" and "who to partner with" and stories woven throughout, Katie will help you understand that growth hacking isn't always about using FB ads!

  • 9th

    Aug, 2021

    August 9, 2021

    Ep 35. Is your leadership level matched with your vision?

    ARE YOU BEING THE CEO OF YOUR BIZ? Oftentimes as entrepreneurs, we don't see ourselves as the CEO, so-to-speak. Why is that? Sounds too corporate, maybe? Whatever name you want to give to your leadership, you MUST continue to show up as a leader in order for your business to continue to grow. In other words, you must match your

  • 2nd

    Aug, 2021

    August 2, 2021

    Ep 34. The 5 critical elements to a successful social media strategy with Bridget Brady

    Today we're talking with Bridget Brady about the 5 critical elements to a successful social media strategy. Join us as Bridget shares 3 all-too-common mistakes that MOST entrepreneurs are making in their social media strategy and 5 things they need to do instead. Bridget Brady is an enlightened entrepreneur, speaker, social media authority, and #1 International Bestselling author.  Bridget is

  • 26th

    Jul, 2021

    July 26, 2021

    Ep 33. Turning LinkedIn into a dream-client goldmine with Alia Khatib

    In today's episode, we're speaking with Alia Khatib about how LinkedIn can become a dream-client goldmine. Alia helps online coaches and service providers navigate the turbulent sea of marketing, with tailored systems, strategies, and 1:1 support to consistently attract dreamboat clients, reach new tiers, and confidently run a high-impact business that doesn’t run them. She's spent over 12 years in

  • 19th

    Jul, 2021

    July 19, 2021

    Ep 32. Maximize the moon cycle to get better results in your biz

    Today Aleyah and Katie talk about how following the cycles of the moon and your body can help you be more productive in your business. They give you tips and strategies for maximizing each moon phase and show you how that's also mirrored in your body's natural cycle. Learn when to rest and when to go full steam ahead and

  • 12th

    Jul, 2021

    July 12, 2021

    Ep 31. The essential tech for easy launches

    In today's episode, Jeffrey and Katie take a look at the essential technology that can turn a stressful launch into a walk in the park. You might want to grab a pen and paper because we discuss everything from automation to software consolidation. Plus two bonus resources that can take your launch to the next level. Here are links to

  • 5th

    Jul, 2021

    July 5, 2021

    Ep 30. Finding a coach, guide, or mentor before you NEED a coach, guide, or mentor

    Clear the air about that feeling of "failure" when you finally decide that you need to hire a coach or mentor. If you're the kind of person that takes pride in doing things on your own, but you're feeling completely stressed and overwhelmed trying to figure out every little detail, it might be time for you to hire a coach...

  • 28th

    Jun, 2021

    June 28, 2021

    Ep 29. “Now’s not the right time”

    Today Katie shares a few powerful questions to help shift your perspective around the objection that "now is not the right time" to buy. Whether you're making the sale or making the choice, these questions can help you gain clarity and focus about what a "yes" or a "no" might mean for your happiness and wellbeing.

  • 21st

    Jun, 2021

    June 21, 2021

    Ep 28. Letting go of the outcome but holding onto the dream

    You've set a big goal, so now what? How do you know when you're on the path to reach it when you're not there yet? In this episode, Jeffrey and Aleyah talk about the dance between staying focused and letting go. Give it a listen!

  • 14th

    Jun, 2021

    June 14, 2021

    Ep 27. Is it fantasy or potential (from pipe dream to revenue reality)

    What does it really take to make your dreams a reality? Katie Collins lays it all out with a powerful 3-step approach to doing just that. In today's episode, get a bird's eye view on how to finally take positive action towards that 6 or 7 figure business.

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