Have you ever come across those posts on Instagram or in a Facebook ad that says something like…

“I went from 0 to $100k – download my free gift that shows you the exact steps!”

“7 Figures Without Any Hustle!” 

You know those social media trends that you start seeing over and over again… and they annoy the crap out of you?


🙈  “I just made $100,000 in 6 minutes — I’ll show you how in my free report. Who wants it?”


🤮  “I went from 0 to 7 figures — let me show you how”

While I’m not against offering free gifts in exchange for an email address to help build your following, I AM taking a stand against misleading marketing that makes one believe you can go from 0- to 7 figures in a matter of a short time. Or that it was only ONE action that got them there, as opposed to the many trials, errors, and failures that actually took place.

Even worse, some people are outright lying about getting to 7 figures.

Or they got there by spending $900,000 on ads, so while the revenue generated may have been $1M, the profit certainly wasn’t.

Why am I sharing this today?

Because at the start of every new year, many entrepreneurs are in a mode of buying a program, service or course that promises them the “golden ticket” to business growth this year.

And we get caught up in the marketing of these programs… and sometimes the copy is very misleading.

Any template you see that helps you create headlines is going to be something like “Solve [your problem] with [my solution] without [your objection].”

But imagine if I coined:

Get More Clients with our 6-Steps to An Irresistible Offer Without Any Hustle

Let’s be real.

Business takes hustle.

I don’t want you to be in constant hustle, but yes, there are times where you’ll be working your butt off.

So I’m not going to pretend you’ll never have to hustle, because to me, it’s misleading.

Misleading marketing is why some of those courses you bought didn’t bring results.

It’s why the mastermind you joined may not be all it was hyped up to be.

We’re taking a stand at the Launch Squad where we refuse to entice buyers with misleading marketing.

We’re upfront, honest and committed to serving.

Pushiness, misleading marketing and annoying FB posts are a thing of the past.

Who’s with us?!

Remove the stress and anxiety around your next launch… Grab the free “Lighten Your Launch” gift pack below!

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