What’s your game plan for when self-doubt creeps in? 

One of the biggest killers in productivity is the infiltration of SELF-DOUBT.

It’s always been fascinating to me to observe this in myself, and in the many clients I’ve served over the past ten years.

The decision has been made.

A goal has been set.

An Action Plan has been set in motion.

A list exists of To Do’s with deadlines.

And then INTERFERENCE happens.

The interference is the self-doubt voices that creep into your awareness.

Perhaps a friend or family member said something that caused you to doubt your next steps.

Perhaps you’re being challenged by one (or more!) of the tasks, and so your ego takes over and convinces you that “Now isn’t the right time,” or “This is no longer feeling good in my body.” 

And so you STOP. ❌

And most often, it’s very hard to get moving again.

You’ve convinced yourself it’s wrong. It’ll never feel good in your body, and so you continue to tread water without moving in any direction, and the indecision is exhausting!

What would it look like if you were the person who didn’t let that self-doubt run the show? 

What does it look like, the embodiment of a person who CAN follow through, no matter what?

Here’s what it looks like:

💯 results 

💯 completion 

💯 moving forward… 

💯 innate understanding of what you’re doing and who you’re being

All that stands between the self-doubt and the embodiment of a person who will follow through is claiming the identity as a capable entrepreneur that can launch, who will launch, and who will see those results…and get answers for moving forward. 

Most people believe that hiring someone to fix the problem is the answer, but truly all we’re talking about here is actually internal. Lacking self trust, thinking everyone else has the answers but you, and not following through on what you said you’d do are things within your control.

When you choose the identity as a business owner who succeeds… no matter what, you’ll find that the self-doubt may creep in, but it’s not ruling the show anymore.

You move forward cautiously. You continue to get advice and make assessments and pivots. But you keep going, all the way to completion. 

Do you identify yourself as someone who’s capable? PROVE IT to yourself. The rest will follow, I promise.

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