In today’s episode, Katie shares some great tips about how to continue to show up in your business, even when you really, really don’t feel like it. Sometimes we don’t have a choice whether or not to show up in our business…even if we feel like crap. So, what can we do to bounce back and get back in the game?

Jeffrey: Welcome to the light in your launch podcast today, we're talking about how to really show up in your business and how to still show up in your bed when you're feeling bummed out to stay tuned.

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Jeffrey: Welcome back to the show. I'm Jeffrey [inaudible]. And today we're listening to, into another, uh, of Katie's lives today. Again, if you like this stuff, come join our Facebook group. Uh, the light in your launch Facebook group, today's Katie is explaining how she bounces back from being bummed out. And really what this means is we don't always want to show up for work, you know, and when our work is our own business and we are the solar perm, newer, we're the only ones getting the stuff done, you know, we need to show up. And what about, what do we do on those days? When things just aren't going our way, we just don't feel our best. You know, you don't want to start that live. You don't want to make that video. You don't want to write that email. We all have those days. So what do we do about that? Well, let's dive into it. Katie's going to give us all kinds of tips about how to do it, how to bounce back, how to prevent it in the first place. And what do you do if you find yourself just feeling in a funk, all right, let's dive in.

Katie: Hello. Hello and welcome. They, I wanted to talk to those of you that sometimes go through a pretty hard time in life, and you're kind of left without the luxury of kind of walking away from your business for an extended period of time, because that is how you earn a living and you need to keep going despite feeling like crap. So if you ever have experienced than that, then this live is for you. Uh, for those of you who don't know me, I am coach Katie Collins and in my own business, as well as in the launch squad, I serve as a business strategist and sales coach. Um, so in the lumps squad, we're helping people really figure out how to get themselves online, launching online, and coming up with a sales mechanism that is repeatable and dependable. And that works. So I know for a lot of you out there, um, you know, emotions happen and we have been through a complete show of a year of 2020.

Katie: And, um, you know, we're still seeing the effects of that. And so whether there's a worldwide thing happening, like we're seeing right now in Afghanistan, um, you know, for a lot of us where empaths and it's really hard to see other people struggle and feel like there's not much you can do about it. Um, so whether it's on a global level or a local level, or, or even just in your family or inside of you, sometimes it can be, uh, super hard to show up and be a leader in your business when all you want to do is crawl under the covers and not deal with the day. So, uh, I first wanted to acknowledge, you know, I think the word depression gets thrown around quite a bit, um, similar to like narcissism, you know, those are clinical terms. Um, and does sometimes people like to use those labels, um, whether or not they're, you know, correctly, clinically used.

Katie: So I tried not to use the word depression, like in the title. Um, but I do, you know, I've been there and I know what it's like to have a major depressive episode. And when you're in something like that, um, what I'm sharing with you today, you know, may not work, right? Like when you're in a major depressive episode, you need to get, um, medical help and, you know, be treated by someone who feels better than you, that can guide you along because the depressive brain, uh, is very mean. And, um, it's very hard to make decisions and, and all of that. So sometimes you do need medication for that. So this is not me trying to tell you what to do if you have a depressive major depressive episode, but, you know, depression falls on a scale and, you know, we can feel depressed in a single day or for a week and then kind of shake it off.

Katie: Right. And so if that's where you are, that's who this, this live is for. Um, so I wanted to share just a few things because I I've gone through, um, you know, some, some tough stuff and I've been self-employed for 10 years and, um, I've got to show up to my business whether I feel like it or not. And, um, for those of you who know me personally, you know, that I'm gonna, you know, kinda keep going and like, you know, the show must go on type of thing. Um, I worked for a company for a long time that really encouraged me to compartmentalize what might have been going on in my personal life, or, um, even, you know, personalities in the room that were working, uh, in the name of the company and the event. And while that was a, um, a great strategy for me to learn, I almost took it to heart because of a one on the Enneagram and it's either black and black or white.

Katie: Right. And so, um, I almost took it to heart. Like you must compartmentalize to be successful in business. Um, and now I know that's not really true. And sometimes you have to give yourself the luxury of a little bit of a break and you have to be immensely kind to yourself when you're feeling this way. Um, other people's kindness can only take you so far, but if you're not kind to yourself into your body and listening to your body, you're going to continue to feel worse and worse and worse. So the first thing I'm gonna talk about really is nutrition in, in my journey of kind of the ups and downs of, you know, being a very emotional human being my whole life. I was always the crier of the family. Um, I just get super, you know, attached and sad to things that are happening around me or to things that are happening to loved ones.

Katie: Um, and what I've learned is how important my nutrition is. Because a lot of times when we're feeling like psycho or just crazy, like a lot of women will be like, I'm so irritable. I don't know like, who is this person? Um, a lot of times it's nutrition or supplements that are missing or medication that you're taking that is changing your brain. And that's what I mean when I say, be kind to yourself, don't, don't try to brush it off and say, oh, I shouldn't be feeling this way, or I need to get rid of this emotion. It's like, it's happening, it's happening in your body. And the first thing you want to look at is, you know, did I drink too much alcohol last night? Cause that's a depressant. Um, did I not get enough sleep? Did I eat some food that I know is not good for me?

Katie: Like gluten is, um, an inflammatory for everyone, whether it's a major inflammatory for you or a minor inflammatory for you when your body is inflamed, you're going to have some irritability and discomfort. And so it's not always, you know, a lot of people will say, well, I don't even know what's wrong with me. Nothing's wrong in my life. The first place you should be looking is a physiological condition that's happening in your body. That's showing up in your brain. So that said the thing that makes me just feel so grateful and happy in the moment is eating a plate of food that is a rainbow color. Like the array of rainbow on your plate is how we should be eating. And when you see the multiple colors in the food that you're eating, um, it, it triggers your brain to be extremely happy. I don't know if you've ever noticed that, but when I discovered that there was a reason for that, I was like, wow, that is so cool because I have experienced that.

Katie: Um, the art, you know, rainbow array on my plate. So I will make just some delicious, healthy green free food. I want to make sure that there's some protein and some vegetables, a lot of vegetables. And, um, I'm generally feeling happier just after fulfilling myself and, and nourishing myself in a way, and then really taking the time to sit and eat it and not trying to eat at my desk. So food and nutrition is the number one. Um, of course you always hear exercise is another one. And I know what it's like to be so bummed out that you just can't seem to move your body. And so here's where I've just been learning, you know, be really gentle with yourself. But at the same time, listening to the depressive brain, listening to that ego, that's like, no, you don't have the strength to do that.

Katie: Or, you know, you're, you're going to feel better laying here in the bed. The truth is you really, don't, there's a difference between getting rest and wallowing. And so when I have things to do in my business and I'm like, oh, I've got to write this newsletter or I've got to go live. Or, um, you know, I've got to show up for a client. I'm not going to cancel a client call cause I'm bummed out right. Then I need to do things to change my energy before I get on the call before I get on the live or before I write that newsletter and wallowing is not something that's going to help me change my energy. So what does, so, um, I will go out, thankfully I have a front yard and a backyard full of weeds and not many people say thankfully around that topic, but I really enjoy pulling weeds.

Katie: There's some satisfaction around that. I share all the time with you, how weeding your garden, weeding your yard is a reminder about weeding your mind. And so I will go outside just for 10 minutes and just pick a couple of weeds and make my yard look a little bit better. Um, I'll also go in lay. I just bought these gravity chairs. And so they're like these recliners that, you know, there's no kind of mechanism you just lean back and it just stays reclined. So I'll go lay in that for 10 minutes and just get some sun. Um, I also have been known to like lay a blanket on the ground and sit up against with my back up against a tree and just earthing, just allowing nature to give me some new chemicals, some new energy into my body so that I can move through the negative energy that I have and leave it outside and let nature take care of it.

Katie: So those are some many resets that I'll do just 10 minutes. I may walk my dog around one block just to make myself get out and walk and again, get that sunshine, that fresh air while I'm walking, I'll take deep breaths, right? Like you may have heard, uh, meditative, um, you know, starting with number four, breathe in for a count of four and out for a count of four. And of course the longer you can slow down your breathing the better. Um, but for somebody that's just getting started, that's a good number to start with. So a lot of times I'll close my eyes and take deep breaths while I'm walking my dog. And that just helps me reset so that I can show up and do the absolute musts. Um, and for me, that's showing up for my clients. I very rarely cancel a client call if I cancel a client call, cause I'm sick, you can be guaranteed.

Katie: I am really not feeling well. Um, and I just, I want to be able to show up in my best. Um, so that said, you know, there are times when we've got a to-do list, that's, you know, this long, right? I don't know if you can see that, but just like, oh my God, I have so much to do and I'm not feeling well and I'm not feeling it. And it's really hard to write a newsletter when you're not feeling it. So the first thing I like to do is tell, ask myself, do I really need to do this today? Like, is this something that I could put off till tomorrow when I'm certain I'm going to feel better? If I can put it off until tomorrow, I'm going to do that because when you don't feel well, mentally, the best way to feel better is to give into the need and desire for rest different than wallowing, but rest.

Katie: Um, so if I don't have to do something that day, I will probably put it off until the next day. So I give myself the grace to not be a superhero on a day when I certainly don't feel superhero like, um, and knowing that my body is really encouraging me to rest, but if I do need to do stuff, like I said, I'll do those five or 10 minute shifts in energy so that it can show up for the next hour, the best I can. Um, and I remember even when I was a teacher, you know, I went through this horrible breakup and I was just like sobbing, you know, right before 8:00 AM. And then I would go in and I'd start teaching, you know, at eight. And then it would be done at 11 and I might stop between 11 and noon. And then I had another class at noon till three, and I would pull it together somehow.

Katie: So remind yourself that you can pull it together, but you don't have to. So give yourself that grace to decide what needs to get done today and what maybe can be put off or where can I get support when I need it. All right. So other ways, because we're not always working. Um, and if you want to know that you can show up the next day and feel better than what you do the night before, right? When you have a really bad day, how you handle yourself that night is going to ensure a better day the next day. So, um, here are a few things that I like to do. Um, as you all know, I love dancing. So dancing can shift energy for me like that. I just have to love the song and I live alone. So I can put music on full blast and dance in my living room.

Katie: And the only person that's watching me wondering what the heck is going on is my dog. And she's kind of used to it. And actually she's like the opposite of emotional support animal. When I'm in a like crummy mood, she just looks at me and goes into the basement. Thank you for the love and support Annie. Um, but dancing is huge for me. So for those of you that don't live alone, maybe you've got roommates or you've got a family, um, and it's hard for you to put music on full blast, do a silent disco, put your earbuds in, close your office door and have a dance party with the music in your ear. But it's the movement of your body that is moving the energy. So when we're feeling depressed or bummed out or scared, freaked out nervous, um, wondering if anything's going to work out in the long run, it's stuck energy, it's just stuck.

Katie: And so all we're doing is moving our body and getting it out. And to me dancing does that for me. So for some people it's meditation, for some people, it's, it's doing some, you know, yoga poses doing a flow of some sort. So you find what works for you in your body? Um, I just really like high level energy. Um, I also really like to listen to a few songs that just remind me of my greatness or of what's really possible. And what's really true. You know, it reminds me that like, whatever's happening right now. I'm going to get through it. Um, I'm not going to say everything happens for a reason. I think that's a tough thing to hear, depending on what's going on. Like, oh, you got cancer for a reason. You know, I don't think that that always works. Um, and you know, when you're grieving the death of a loved one and things like that, it's just, it's a process it's gonna take some time.

Katie: So, um, being gentle with yourself and just knowing some of these things and allowing yourself to feel better in the midst of grieving, um, is, is something to work on. Right. Um, okay. What else? So uplifting songs. That's what I was saying. Okay. So FIA FIA, she's this really young, um, I think she's Swedish singer and she sings, you know, time for greatness or shedding old skins, I think is one, um, you know, my time to shine or something like that, but those are very uplifting. So I will just go to her channel and listen to like every single song by FIA while I'm walking. Right. Just again, to try to feed my mind more positive things. Um, binaural beats, you can release a lot of negative energy or bring in a magnetizes what you're trying to attract just by tuning into binaural beats with headphones on.

Katie: So I'll listen to that while I, while I am doing work and just try to allow that to work while I'm working, um, uplifting songs, uh, love and light by fish as another song, you know, like first time I heard it, I was like, ah, this is kind of cheesy, but actually the words of it do kind of, you know, make me feel better. And so I might put that song on Michael Frante is another one that can get me moving in dance and in groove in and feeling, you know, fine and free, uh, pretty quickly. So just know, you know, what are the artists who are the artists that make you feel better? And what are some songs that are uplifting that you enjoy listening to and make a playlist of them so that you've got an uplifting playlist when you need it. I'm listening to music while in the shower while getting ready for, for the day.

Katie: Um, definitely showering, taking a bath, like really treating your body well are all ways that can shift some of that negative energy. It may not be long lasting, but it certainly can help in the moment and can help you get the things that have to get done done. And let me tell you how accomplishing that feels. Um, speaking of a feeling of accomplishment, um, cleaning out one junk drawer or clearing the clutter on one surface can make you feel like in the midst of being out of control everywhere else. That is one thing that you just controlled. Um, I read this shoot. I D I didn't keep it. I don't know if I can pick it up real quick, but I read this cool quote about clutter. Um, but basically I'm not going to find it right now, but basically it was saying, um, when there's clutter, it's a sign that you're not taking good care of yourself.

Katie: And I thought, well, that's really interesting. So when you clean up just one area, so a lot of times we're like, I'm going to clean the whole closet. I'm going to go through everything I own. No, you're not right, because you don't feel well. And so everything is moving at a slower pace, but to tackle one junk drawer can give you an immense feeling of control during an otherwise kind of uncontrolled out of control. What is happening to me time. So don't be afraid to just pick one area to declutter and see how good that feels, throwing things away, getting rid of old, stuck energy, wherever it is. Um, so these little things or cleaning mopping, right? Like things that I don't normally do, but that just make me feel better. And, you know, it's like, oh, I don't have time to do that. It's like, come on like mopping.

Katie: I mean, I live in a small house, but literally mopping my floor is gonna take me like 15 minutes. So, um, just little things like that. Can do you a world of good for shifting the energy. Um, okay. I already talked about, allow yourself to sleep, right. And, and the difference between that and wallowing. Um, and so if you're laying there and you're wallowing in the sadness, um, sometimes you do have to cry and let it out and that's moving through that energy. So there's nothing wrong with feeling the emotion and, and moving through it. Right. Nothing wrong with that. Um, but other times it's really your body just encouraging you to rest because you are stressed out and your body can't handle constant stress. And that's when we get into that adrenal fatigue, right? So I'm working with a health coach right now, and I'm seeing there's three levels of stress.

Katie: There's, um, the first level alarming maybe, and then the second level is resistance. And the third level is just exhaustion. So I'm in the resistance phase of stress, which means I'm, my body is used to being in fairly constant stress all the time. And, you know, so that's kind of scary to hear, um, stress is what ultimately causes cancer and things like that. So it's really important to take the time to rest and put your feet up and acknowledge to your body. I hear you, right? Like, cause sometimes we don't, we don't feel things until it's an emotional thing and then we feel it. You can't escape it. Um, so that's just your body giving you a sign. It's blowing the whistle on how you're being, and it's telling you to slow down and take a rest. So that is, uh, really important to get that eight to 10 hours of sleep, watch your alcohol intake or don't drink any at all, drink some tea, be really nourishing to your physical body because the physical body is who's screaming for attention right now.

Katie: And when we take really good care of ourselves through food and rest and exercise and movement, that is how we start to feel better. So compartmentalizing and shoving it away over and over and over again is not in the long run, the right thing to do. And that I had to learn the hard way. Um, okay. Last thing I'll say is, um, I've got a journal. I don't write in it very often, but when I do it's because I'm moving through something, whether it's questioning something about my business or, uh, relationships, or, um, just how I've been feeling or how I've been showing up, calling myself out on things. So when I journal it's because it fricking mattered, right? Like I'm working through something and, um, a lot of profound stuff comes out when you, and then it's like, we kind of closed the book and put it away and you know, we don't take it out again if you're like me until another time when you're processing stuff.

Katie: So reread your journal, remind yourself of the times that you have worked through something and the, you know, what did you come to realize on the other end of it? Right? Like I am worthy or I am successful. I'm already successful. Or here's what I'm grateful for. Um, one of my favorite exercises I have people do when we talk about sales is I'm writing a list of just all like the BS beliefs that you have, whether that means or blind spots up to you. But all of those beliefs that are just coming out of this egoic place that are telling you you're not good enough, or you're not successful enough, or you're never going to get there. You're never gonna find love. Right? All of those kind of just things that are not supporting you. And then you rewrite each one into a positive.

Katie: So if it says like, you know, I'm never going to find success in my business. And the positive is, you know, I am already successful and I'm welcoming in a new level of success each and every day. Right? And then you cross off all the BS side of things and you read as affirmations, the right side of things. And I find those affirmations to be so much more powerful for me than ones that are written by Louis hay. God bless Louise hay. She writes amazing affirmations and she's helped me heal so much. But when they come from your own spirit, then you're affirming what you need to hear in that moment. So I've done that exercise so many times, and it's just fascinating to be able to open up the journal to any page and just see, what did I write here? Or what notes was this from?

Katie: Um, you know, if I did like an energy healing session, I would take those notes in my journal as opposed to like a work notebook. Right. It's more like inside my heart, but just rereading things that I've worked through or that I've determined about myself helped me immensely. And I always find, I don't know about you, but just like when I pick Oracle cards, I've got this whole, like a shelf of Oracle cards, just like when you pick one or one falls out of the deck and it's like, oh, I guess that one was the right one for me opening to any page in your journal. Same thing. This is the page my soul wanted me to read right now. And it just really helps me shift some stuff. So hopefully that serves and supports you, if you were feeling just this, like, you know, to Gina's point that Gina, thank you for being here.

Katie: I know you're going to come back and watch the replay. Um, you know, but yeah, it's like moon energy funk. It's collective worldwide what the F is happening. Um, it's, it's the, it's the housing crisis. It's people just moving and shifting and changing and it feels out of control. And when we feel that, um, or we're processing stuff that we may have compartmentalized and now it's coming up and we're really facing it, right? Whether it's just like deconstructing a relationship that went awry, um, or letting go of the hurt and the pain that you may have experienced in a relationship or with a mentor, um, let downs client let downs, um, mistakes that you're still holding onto, right? We're just going through stuff. And if you need to still show up in your business, like a lot of us do, we don't have the luxury of being like, oh, I'm just not going to work this week.

Katie: Um, there are things you need to get done. I hope that what I shared with you and just some things that I do to help myself feel better, um, will help spark something for you and know that you don't need to stay in a funk. It actually doesn't serve us to wallow in it. It serves us to process it, to process it in it in a healthy way. But what also serves us is to just deeply nourish our bodies, our minds, and understand that we do have the ultimate control over our bodies and our minds every single day. And it takes a little bit of habitual practice to do the things that make us feel better. In spite of a depressive mind, that's telling you not to do that. Um, I remember going through a major depressive episode in my twenties. I had a quarter life crisis, if you will.

Katie: And I felt so out of control and I was in therapy. And when I would say certain things to her that, you know, things that were going on in my mind to my psychotherapist, she used to say, that's the depression talking. And that really hit home for me that not always the words that are going in our mind are good ones or even the right ones to pay attention to. And so it's a, it's a habitual practice for us to say, I'm going to push the pause button on that BS story. I'm going to open up my journal and read something better. I'm going to tune into FIA or Michael Franti. I'm going to dance my butt off, right? I'm going to put my feet up and take a 20 minute rest before I go live. So that I'm more grounded. Um, all of these things can really, really support you during the day and during the week when you still have to show up to work.

Katie: So, um, may you all be blessed and happy and healthy and realize how important it is to take care of your body, mind and soul, because that is when your business is going to boom. That has been my experience. That's been the experience of all of my mentors and business besties is just ultimate self-care and acknowledgement of what we don't have control over and how we can feel better so that we can keep moving forward. So let me know, um, what you're taking away. What are some things that you'll do if you're feeling that, and please know if you do need a pep talk, a boost of support or just somebody to know that you're struggling, please send me a private message and tell me that because I know how it feels and I've got you. So I sometimes it's just nice to have somebody say, I hear you.

Katie: I see you. And I'm going to check in on you from time to time now that I know that you're not feeling well, so it's normal, it's so normal. And I think we don't talk about mental health enough, um, in our society, there are still so many, um, beliefs around, you know, oh, that must mean something's wrong with me, or I'm crazy. Or I have to go on medication. And that means, you know, that there's something wrong with me. It's, it's just none of that. But like I said, in the beginning, starting with nutrition is literally the best thing you can do, um, to just see if that helps. Yeah. Okay. All right, everyone have a great Friday, have a great weekend. [inaudible]

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