If you’re looking to build your brand and business online using social media then you’ll want to check out this conversation with Bridget Brady, the Creator of Social Media Success Academy. Bridget is also an enlightened entrepreneur, online marketing expert, speaker and author. In her business, she is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners learn the tools necessary to grow a successful business online. As an online marketing expert, Bridget and her team provide full-service website and online marketing solutions. She also offers trainings to help you and your team manage your own digital marketing. In today’s episode, she’ll be sharing her insight and strategies on how to use social media to engage with your audience, build an online community, scale your business and increase your sales. To learn more about Bridget, check out her company Amp Up My Biz at https://ampupmybiz.com/.

Jeffrey: Welcome to the light in your launch podcast today, we're talking about how to actually be successful on social media. Stay tuned.

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Katie: We are here with the amazing Bridget Brady. I'm so excited to bring her into our space to talk about social media, because everything I know about social media, which admittedly is certainly not an expert status, but everything I do know is from this gal right here. And she's just been blowing me away with her insight and her humor and her presentation. And I know you're in for a real treat. So welcome, Bridget,

Bridget: Katie Collins, launch and sales strategist of my dreams. Thank you so much for having me. I love the opportunity to just come and chat with you and chat, chat with your peeps, chat with your community about how to make this social media thing work for their business. Yes,

Katie: Yes. Awesome. Well, I know we are quite a partnership, so it's really great. We definitely contribute to each other's businesses, which I love. Um, so I thought I would just kind of shoot from the hip today and just throw out some like social media questions for those of us that feel really dumb or like sort of time-wasting right. So I'll tell you like the, um, pushback I get from a lot of people. Um, and then we can kind of go from there. But what I'm hearing lately is I hate Facebook ironic to be on the platform in which you're saying you hate it. Um, and I have said those words many times, um, so whatever Russian bots have more rights than I do to run ads and things like that. So I don't get it. I don't understand what makes them tick. Um, you know, and then when Facebook and IgG and everything was shut down on Monday, you know, then it was all everyone's blowing up like, oh my God, you have to build an email list. And those very same people the day before were like, oh, Facebook groups, you know, and I know one of your favorite things to say is the point of social media is to

Bridget: Get people off of social. My band is my biggest secret, and then I share it everywhere I go.

Katie: And that is exactly what right. And it's like the outage. And also the fact that you don't own these lists, you don't own the group, you don't own any of the space, you're renting the space and they can literally take it away from you for no reason whatsoever. Right. And you're screwed if you don't have a backup method. So that's the, you know, that's part of what I love about learning from you is that it's, it is, it's getting social, it's using social media to collect people and put them where you want them. Yeah.

Bridget: You know, and interesting. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, I love all that. And I actually, it's, it's interesting. Cause I've been obviously following the news on this whole Facebook debacle and the whistle blower and I mean all the things. So if you, if you have not been following this at tall, um, there was a whistleblower at Facebook who basically came forward to Congress, I think, and said here's like tens of thousands of emails that essentially say it's big surprise. Facebook cares more about profits than about people. Okay. So I mean, that's like, that's what it, that's what it boils. That's the super simplified. We're not going to spend 45 minutes talking about that version of the story, but you know, go to your favorite news outlet if you want to hear more. Yeah. But what's interesting is on the tail end of that news, there's all, there was all this other news because if you're not aware of this, um, my, my, my, my friends here, social media, there are about 3.5 billion active users on all of social media, about 3.5 billion active users.

Bridget: Facebook has about 3 billion of those users on its platform. Yeah. Okay. So on the tail end of, oh no, Facebook's the bad guy. And you know, and then that Facebook crashed for six hours and everyone freaked out on the tail end of that. There were a lot of news stories about small businesses are taking this huge hit and all of a sudden small businesses and entrepreneurs, which is primarily who I work with. Katie. I know that's really who you work with as well, had lost this critical piece of their marketing strategy for six hours. And all of a sudden, the 3 billion potential people that you can reach through Facebook, um, Facebook sort of slash Instagram. They're starting to really like mush those things together now, because again, if you don't know, Facebook owns Instagram, they acquired Instagram several years ago and now Facebook and Instagram are really linked together.

Bridget: Um, so the, the long story, the moral of the story is this. I mean, Katie, you, you said it right off the bat, like the big, the big secrets out of the bag, the purpose of your social media as a business owner is to get people off of social media. However, where else do you know anywhere else where you can effectively reach potentially 3.5 billion people? I don't, I don't, I mean, you know, you can go to a lot of networking events, you can create a podcast, you can speak, you can, there's a lot of different things that you can do. And I know social media is not the only way. And I teach that even in, we're going to invite you to my masterclass, that's happening next week. Even in my masterclass, I teach social media is not the only way, but it is a critical piece of your marketing puzzle in today's marketplace. Like it or not, like it hate it, understand it, don't understand it. You're either creating new business or losing business with know what you're doing on your social media. Yep. Pretty much. Yeah. And the story. So we'll see you later. Thank you so much for coming.

Katie: Um, all right. So I know on different platforms, you know, different things matter such as like you have to video yourself vertically on Instagram and yet you have to do it horizontally on Facebook, even though they're owned by the same company. Um, yeah. Okay. So there's that. Um, but there's also this thing called an algorithm that might has well, might as well be in fricking Russian as far as I'm concerned, because it's constantly changing and I just don't understand it. So even though we're showing up and we're doing the things and we're making the pretty memes and where, you know, we're posting organic content and scheduled content, we're right. We're, we're doing all the things we can see on the page, like seen by 12. And it's like, oh, okay. I have like 5,000 likes on my page. Why are only 12 people seeing what I'm doing? You know, I go live on the page. So like, is there, do you have a magic bullet? What, what do you, what can you tell us about the algorithm of any platform, including the one we're on that just allows people to see more stuff? Or what are the mistakes we're making? That's making the algorithm say not you, Katie not

Bridget: Get outta here, Katie. Um, that's, that's a fantastic question. A lot of people talk about algorithm hacks. I personally talk about algorithm love, right? How do you generate more love from the algorithm? Because the reality is, if you are trying to like hack the algorithm, uh, algorithms are, are pretty, are pretty dang smart. Like, but we'll talk, I'm going to dig in. I'm going to dive in here a little bit, but I want to say that algorithms are constantly changing. Algorithms are constantly learning. And so these little like algorithm hacks, these little algorithm tricks often work for a very short period of time. And then you're back to where you started or worse. And we can talk a little bit about this. Uh, certain platforms will do something called shadow, banning where your posts are actually hidden from potential new followers and potential new audience. Because often you're trying to like hack the out of the algorithm and do like tricky things and the algorithms like, Hmm, I see that. You're trying to be tricky. So we're just going to, we're going to hide your posts for a minute. We're not going to tell you,

Katie: Oh, that is the most frustrating thing ever is your in the corner, but we didn't tell you that. So yeah.

Bridget: Yeah. Yeah. So here, so I want to reframe this for everyone. Let me help. Let me help you. I'm here to reframe. So the reframe is, and so to way back up an algorithm is literally just a set of rules. Most typically it's a set of rules that is used by a computer or software or artificial intelligence, right? It's it's code code uses a set of rules. And essentially what an algorithm is, is pretty much every single thing you do, the algorithm says, thumbs up. We like that. We're going to expose your posts to more people or thumbs down. We don't like that. And we're going to hold your content back. So I'm going to give you some ideas for creating more algorithm, love that are good. That's going to help you. But I will tell you, Katie, you also know this. I talk about this all the time in all my classes and my masterclass, social media is it's a long game.

Bridget: This is social media is a marathon, not a sprint. So for the, you know, if you're looking for like, how do I get the credit? Yeah. Say hi, if your life, um, if you're looking to just get like some magic bullet, quick hit, it's not social media just isn't that vehicle, but it is. And I've seen it. Um, I have helped literally, literally thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners create millions of dollars of revenue just using social media, like just from their social, they're creating like extra millions of dollars in their business. So it is very powerful, but let's talk about some of that algorithm love. So number one, social media platforms across the board, love consistency. They, the algorithm loves when you're consistently posting every day or even every other day, you do not need to get crazy with it. It's another like quick tangent.

Bridget: Another thing that drives me crazy is people who are like, I can't post twice a day, every day to every platform. And I'm like, who told you to do that? I mean, you don't yes. In some crazy ideal world where you have an enormous team and all the time in the world, you know, the social media beast loves to be fed in a reality in reality, but put something up every other day across all of your, you know, active primary social media platforms, at least at least every other day. So number one, algorithm love, um, and hello, Ashley. Uh, one algorithm love is be consistent. Number two, algorithm love, and we are doing it right now. Um, most, most, most social media platforms do love when you go live, they consider it a authentic communication. So they know they know that this isn't a bot, right?

Bridget: There is no question. This isn't a bot. This isn't a trick. This isn't a hack like Katie and I are right here with you having a conversation. And the social media algorithm loves that. And if you want to test that, do you know, do, uh, produce a video or, you know, record a video and put it up on your social and see how that performs over the next week. And then go live, do a similar video, live on your social and see how that performs. Yep. 9.8 times out of 10. Not always, but most of the time your live video is going to outperform your prerecorded content. That's not to say don't do prerecorded content, but that is to say having a regular live show where ideally once a week, you're going live to your audience is fantastic. The algorithm loves that. Okay, we're doing something right here. Here. We are heard on the hit parade. And it's interesting. I'm so behind the scenes with Bridget Brady, I'm actually doing a live right after this live because don't cause don't waste the pretty, what time is that one?

Bridget: if I'm going to do my hair and makeup, I'm coming on video. So I'm doing a live right after this, about hashtags, because number three, hashtags, there's such a, there's so much conversation right now about hashtags. Do they even work? How many hashtags? Yada yada. So I'm going to let again, all the cats are out of the bag. They're just running around my office. All the cats, hashtags definitely still work a thousand percent. They still work. If you have again, if you had any doubt of you had any doubt of that, I'm a big fan of test it, track it, tweak it, use a good hashtag practice for a month and then don't use any hashtags for a month and see what happens. Actually don't do that. It's not going to go well, right? Don't don't actually take my advice. Yeah. So here's the thing.

Bridget: So, you know, Katie, you know, I love the rewind. So I'm going to rewind to give you the best hashtag description that you've ever heard in your life. Like the best hashtag definition you've ever heard. Um, and like Katie mentioned, we dive deep into this in I'm hosting a free masterclass. We'll tell you more about that at the end, but it's free. It's amazing. It's next week. And we do a pretty deep dive into this, but in short social media is like this social media is a huge room of 3.5 billion people, billion, 3.5 billion people, all screaming at each other. That's social media. A hashtag is like a neon sign that you get to put up in that room of 3.5 billion people that says lunch strategy, social media, free social media training, dog food, fair trade, whatever it is that you are offering the marketplace. So when people get there, they're like, oh, that's what I'm looking for.

Bridget: Balyage hair color. I'm going to go over there. Right? Whatever it is that people are looking for, they, you can actually be found. Okay. That's does that, does Katie, does that make sense? The definition. Okay. There's our framework now? How do we do, how does this work? Okay, so there's a couple of things here. One is the algorithm. The algorithm loves a great hashtag strategy. Now, again, like Katie mentioned about shadow bands and everything else, social media is not putting out, uh, putting out a newsletter every month that says, here's, here's what, here's what works. Here's what doesn't work. Here's what hashtags are working. Here's what hashtags aren't working. So you have to really do your research. And one of the great places you can get your hashtags from are your keywords. Ashley, thank you. You're welcome. Um, one of the great places you can get your hashtags from are your keywords.

Bridget: So doing your keyword research, um, and we're not getting it. That's a whole other topic, but doing your keyword research and really finding out what are people searching for. And then turning those into hashtags is one great idea. Number two, look at what your competitors are doing, right? Don't be afraid to take a look at some of your competitors and some of your colleagues see what hashtags they're using. Go look them up on Instagram, check their, check, their volume, the hashtag volume. Are they overused? Hashtags, are they highly niched hashtags? So you want a really good mix of hashtags then who? And this is that. So it's interesting that we're having, it's why I'm doing, I'm sorry. I'm doing my live about this is do hashtags really work. But again, I'm giving you all. I'm giving you all the goods right now. So you, you have it.

Bridget: You're here with us now. You got it. Yes, they work. And then two, they are the number of hashtags that you need to be using is also constantly changing. And again, it's not like Facebook comes out and says, Hey, everybody now use this many hashtags, but um, super cool social media. People like me that have the great honor of working with so many different clients and so many different students that we see trends. So the current trend, the current best practice trends that we're seeing work best. Now this is not to say that this is the, you know, the truth in the word, and this is the only way you can do hashtags. And here's what we're seeing now, because there there've been a lot of changes since COVID. And really there's been a pretty recent change in like number of hashtags that we're really seeing.

Bridget: We're seeing it drastically drop because of Katie. You mentioned this because of bots because of, you know, people just like trying to algorithm hack and the social media platforms are like, I'm not really digging that anymore. Like I don't like it. So on Facebook for note takers and here's, I'm about to go drop some gold for you here. It comes for Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, am I right? YouTube like Mo most of the platforms really like one or two hashtags, that's it? One or two that give context to your post that are highly specific to what that post is about. You know, maybe three, right? Don't be like, oh no, but I really need three hashtags because I need to use my branded hashtag. Okay. But this the days of like 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 hashtags on most of the platforms, those days are gone. The algorithms, like not really loving that anymore.

Bridget: However, um, Pinterest is still a really big proponent and user of hashtags to deliver content. So on Pinterest, it's more like two to five, even two to six hashtags. Uh, and then in stuff, our favorite hashtag platform, the official ruling is still like seven to 30. Like not really less than seven. They won't even let you use more than 30, but I will tell you we've tested extensively with our clients. And we're finding like a pretty nice sweet spot between like seven and 10, seven and 10, 10 and 15. It's really like, that seems to be the current sweet spot for a lot of people in getting more views on their content.

Katie: Let me okay. Okay. That's I was going to ask what's the metric. When you say we test it. So the metric is the number of views for your post. So you might use 30 hashtags and get a hundred views and then you seven hashtags and get 1200.

Bridget: Yes. Okay. There's a couple of things. So views also engagement. So it means like your, your posts are being seen by the right people. Hashtags are still searchable. Hashtags are following people. You can follow hashtags and Instagram. You can follow hashtags on LinkedIn. So the algorithms using hashtags to decide what content people want to see. People are clicking and using hashtags to follow things that are interesting to them. And you can even look, um, if you go into your insights, if you have a business account on Instagram, which you are a business owner, please have the business account on Instagram. And people are like, can I have my personal account? I'm like neither here nor there. Right? You're a business owner. So please have a business account. If you go into your post insights and look at discovery, it will actually tell you a hundred people discovered this.

Bridget: Cause they're your followers. You know, 50 people discovered this from your hashtags. And it'll tell you right in there, it'll tell you right in there, you know, 340 people saw this post that were not your followers. So you can test it, track it, tweak it. And that's what, that's what we've been finding. But again, talk to me next week will be, it could be different again. Yeah. So consistent, consistent action, consistent message. Go live, use a great mix of hashtags and really just provide great content. I mean, there's, we could, you know, Katie, you and I could talk about social media strategy for like the next five hours and still not be done, but provide people value, provide people value, put out great content because engagement begets engagement, likes beget, likes comments. We get comments, right? Everything is, everything is energy. It applies to social media as well, to some extent. Yep. I know that was a really long

Katie: Conversation. That was awesome. That was awesome. Okay. I'm just going to like shoot questions that either I have, or I know people have said to me, okay, like graphics versus no graphics, um, posting content, you know, with, or without, I keep seeing people in groups. Right. Um, image included for tax. I'm like, what's the, what does that mean? So I I'm, I literally have no idea what that means, but, um, yeah. So, so do images matter and do the looks of the images matter? Like I dunno, is there such a thing as too busy or too plain or plain is better or Facebook background stuff, is that better than posting? Okay. So you get it.

Bridget: I do. So I'll give you a couple, I'll give you a couple of ideas and again, none, this is, what's so important. None of these are hard and fast rules. These are all no, but these are all like ideas that can be, and I recommend are included in your overall social media strategy. Um, and so let's talk about that. Let's talk about your images and your look and your feel and color blocks and the Facebook background and all the things. Okay. So, number one, I will tell you this, uh, video, not that, not that recently, but you know, pretty recently surpassed images on social media for video is now the most consumed piece of content on social. And then this just happened. It was me memes for forever until just recently video is now like it's it's right there. Like it just happened. But video is now the most shared content on social media.

Bridget: So one video video video yet kind of can't go wrong. And again, go live, do some highly produced videos, do some ad hoc videos, do some short videos, do some long videos, do some stories, do some reels, do some IETV right? Like all the different things. That's important. Yep. Let's talk about your images. So couple of things, one is online perception is reality. Perception is reality. If your graphics look like crap, a doodle do the assumption is you're a business is crap, a doodle do. So Katie, like what you said, if they're super busy, if they're a mess, if someone goes to your Instagram grid and it has 50, 55 different colors and 24 different fonts, I don't even know how people are doing this. And then you're posting pictures where half of your faces cut off. That's like on your grid, is that, and your FA I'm like how, who is even, how is this happening is reality.

Bridget: So the first thing I want to say is the quality of your graphics. The quality of your branding is paramount on social media because people don't have another metric to get to know you. Like, imagine if Katie and I were here and my background was like piles of clothes or like boxes of crackers and like crumbs all over the place. Like you would be looking at me and no matter what was coming out of my mouth, you'd be like, oh, she does not know what she's talking about. Like, she must not be an expert, even if I said the exact same things, even if, and I am the expert, if right, visuals. Right. So same thing with your graphics. They have to be on brand. They have to be, have use your style guide, your fonts, your colors, your locators, great at this, your like your, your logo, your website, your handles, you do great job.

Bridget: Right? So like be consistent. And then to the more technical aspects, uh, new ish, they say color blocking is the new black is what they're saying right now. People love like blocks of colors, right? Like not so many, like, Ooh, look at all my swirlies right. But like big blocks of colors are, I don't know. I mean, Katie, you might even know more about this than I do from a sales perspective. I don't know if it's a pattern interrupt. I don't know if it's just the new style, but people are saying, if you can use blocks of colors in your graphics today in your ads, they're getting more attention than like the fancier graphics. I don't know, Katie, if you want to speak to that from a sales perspective,

Katie: I really don't know. I've seen like, um, w we're in touch with a company right now, that's doing, um, a really cool Facebook ad strategy and they use color blocking for their ads. And so it's just two blocks of color, like white intercourse, yellow and blue, and then a simple font across both of them. Um, and, and that's been working really well. So that's, that's really all I know about that. And like, I know that designers that we work with for sales pages, that they have the concept of color psychology to train the eye, to go where you want it to go on, on your sales page. But I don't have that knowledge. I just have into people who do and say you're hired.

Bridget: So that's sort of a, again, something that I invite you to test track and tweak, right? It's a cool new when this sort of came on the scene again recently, ish, right? Things are changing moment to moment to moment. This was one of the things that I went to my team and said, Hey, we need to do more color. And our graphics, like this is sort of the new thing that people are getting good results with. Um, and then yes, that sort of like Facebook background that you can, that you can choose like a solid color or sort of like the emoji of you being like, yay. Right? Those are also proving to be more engaged with showing more, more engaged with,

Katie: I felt like Facebook, it all times Facebook is like, if you use our tools, then you work better in our algorithm. So that I just make that up in my head. But if they provide backgrounds, they want you to use them.

Bridget: Um, no, that's, uh, that's not, I should say I should steal that from you, Katie. Thank you. No, it's not untrue. And something, I, something that I say to that effect, sort of piggyback on that idea is use all of their tools, right? So people are back to algorithm love on Instagram. You will get your posts seen more often. If you are also using stories and reels and highlights and IETV and posting to IgE TV with a preview to your grid, the more you use their features, the more they're like, Ooh, this is a, this is a real user. This is a user of this platform. And they tend to give you a little more algorithm. Love. Yeah. Again, why? Like, I don't know. Nope. Who no one knows call mark Zuckerberg. I don't know.

Katie: Yup. Yup. I mean, I was just, so I'll say like a lot of the fear that comes up for me or for some of my clients is, um, you know, I don't know how to do that. I don't know what it's going to do. And you don't want to embarrass yourself in front of your audience. Right. So funny story, we, um, had several people not be able to attend our ceremony a couple of weeks ago. And so I was like, oh, let's try the watch party feature. Well, they got rid of watch parties in April of 2021. Right. I didn't know that. So then I'm looking around trying to figure out how to do a watch party, you know, the night before. And I see something, that's not a watch party, but now it's a room. Yes. So then I'm like, I'm so proud of myself.

Katie: We're going to use this new feature. We're going to pretend we know what we're doing, but we don't. But like we were going to admit to people, we don't know what we're doing. This is all new. Right. But I was willing to do it. So I created the room, I made the announcement and then that morning, Jeffrey and I were meeting like half hour before trying to figure stuff out and he could barely get into the room. And then like, then we gave it to our, um, our social media gal and she couldn't even get in the room. And we were like, this feature is broken. Like not functioning the way it should. And it's super infuriating. So then we just had to cancel the whole thing. Um, so all that to say, it's like you try stuff. I think number one, the best advice for me is who cares if you look like you don't know what you're doing on social, because it's going to disappear anyway.

Katie: And the likelihood of a lot of people seeing is unlikely and it doesn't matter. And number two, the more you're willing to try things out. So I saw the other day that there's a feature of asking me a question and that, you know, it could be like Q and a Friday. Like this is, you know, and now this is the feature asks me a question about sales and that that is running and I'm tracking and answering questions. And I'm going to give that a try. So just little things like that. It's like, you have to be willing to click around and click on things and see, what is this tool? What would it be used for? And then be willing to actually use it instead of telling yourself that you have to buy a class to know how to host a room. Right. But although I, it looks like I might have to host a, have a class to learn how to do that because it was either user error or it was just actually broken so

Bridget: Well, I think there's, there, there, there are two things I would love to say about that. One is most social media platforms, but it seems like Facebook, especially I say that they're constantly in a beta test because I will, like you said, watch parties, the rooms thing they're probably already gone. I mean, I haven't checked in the last five minutes. Like seriously, Facebook loves to like throw a feature out there and see if it catches on. And if it catches on, they'll keep it around for a bit. And if it doesn't catch on it disappears. We see this all the time. Especially like in the business suite, in ads manager, we're like, where did it go? Like, where did that? Where did that feature go? It's gone so well, so many things to say about this one is that you can't, this is why you want to get people off of social media.

Bridget: You can't control it, but you can't control social media rights. It's a little bit of a conundrum because on one hand, there is no better way to reach 3.5 potential billion people there just isn't. And on the other hand, it can be confusing. It can be overwhelming. The tech can be overwhelming. The strategy can be overwhelming. So I actually not to be contrary to you, fabulous Katie, but I actually think that it is good to, you know, take classes, free ones, paid ones. Like I love, I, I am always, I'm like, I just took a new YouTube ad workshop. I just took this workshop. I just took that workshop. I do think that it's shortens the learning curve. Oh, I agree with you, like click renowned and invest in your social media. It is a million dollar asset. So again, not to, not to not to disagree with you. And I take workshops all the time on them things. And I'm literally an expert in this field and I'm always like, what else can I learn about it?

Katie: Yeah. Oh, I was saying was when it's about a feature, right? Like, oh, and I don't want to touch it until I take a class. No, but that's platform stuff. Like I'm taking a masterclass this week on, on webinars and we do them and we teach them and I'm still like, what's this guy have to say, because it's new and fresh. And I think taking five day or three-day masterclasses inspires you to take action. Right. And then to, to see a program, because of course there's always an offer waiting for you. Um, and you know, and then to choose to invest like, Hey, this is a hole in my business. It's why I was attracted to the free thing. And you know, if you're ready to invest, then have solutely invest in figuring it out. And I, I can't say that enough about social media.

Katie: And I think sometimes I feel bad for you because I know you have a social media online, um, program. And I'm like, how many times does she ask to update that? Right. Cause I got like a single template that I'm telling people how to get free leads using Facebook. And I have to update it like now again, because they took away the featured photo section was my favorite way to advertise your group. You have one featured photo and it becomes a poster instead of a thumbnail. And it was the best thing ever. And they took it away and made this weird story section that cuts off every photo. Yeah.

Bridget: And you can't see anything to be here.

Katie: I don't get it. Who thought it was a good idea? I don't know. So I have to update that. Right. So I remember another friend of mine made like a face, how to Facebook course years ago. And he's like, I had to ditch it because I had to update it like every six months. Right.

Bridget: So yeah, no, I, um, I, uh, I wanted to go back to one thing you said, cause I do think it was so important, which is, I don't know how many over minutes ago, which was, but don't be afraid to click around and try because as much as I am such a believer in education and investing in things that are important, the other piece of that puzzle that Katie said that I just can't agree with more is like, just try it. I do get students who are like, oh, I found this new, I saw this new thing on Twitter. I saw this new thing. Like, you know, how, how does that work? Do you think that'll work for me? I'm like, try it. I've seen what happens. Right. So I do think that like, you can't go wrong by like giving things a try and please myself, Katie, all the frickin 7, 8, 9 figure entrepreneurs.

Bridget: I know we're all making a million mistakes a day. Right? We're all like messing up and things are going wrong. But um, so something else that I teach my students in my class is everything you do online must be congruent with your brand and relevant to your audience. So as long as you're coming to people with a consistent brand and a consistent message, like click all the things, open a room, start, start, start it, start a chat, right. This feature, try that feature, see what happens. And especially if it's Facebook, it could be gone tomorrow. So just like give it a shot and see what happens. So yeah.

Katie: Um, one more thing I want to say. And then, um, I want you to share about your event next week too. Um, I, you know, one of the complaints I hear about like investing time in stories is the fact that they disappear, that it becomes this asset that just turns to dust. And it's like, how much time do I want to spend on that? So like, what's your kind of feedback for that resistance.

Bridget: So two things, one in as a general rule, your stories are actually shown to more people than posts on your feed. So again, huge generality, but in as a general rule, your stories are often seen by more people. And to I, this should, this should be a class, all about algorithm, algorithm, algorithm, algorithm, the algorithm loves when you're posting stories and we'll actually show your posts to more people. If you're using stories and then number three or whatever number I'm on, I think I'm on number three is repurpose repurpose repurpose. So if you man, I mean repurpose everything, right? Like Katie can and could take this live, cut it into one minute segments for, to post on IgG feed, cut it into one to three minute segments to post on Facebook, cut it into five to eight minutes segments to put it on YouTube, cut it into 14 seconds segments to stick up on her stories like repurpose everything. You're not please don't create brand new content for every single platform for every single aspect of that platform. So definitely use stories, you know, on Instagram. Definitely save those as highlights and repurpose repurpose, repurpose.

Katie: Love it. Love it. Nope. That's a good reminder. And yeah. And then just all the ways that you can use, like this thing, um, you know, to get more attention to it, to draw more attention to it. Um, yeah. All the things. So, um, so your, in what the launch squad calls a launch next week I am, and I think number one, it's so fun to watch other people's launches and number two, Bridget drops a lot of awesome content. I know because I worked on her team for a little while. So I know the content of Bridget. Um, so say like, share about that masterclass and how people can get signed up. And, um, I'll put a link in, in these posts as well. So

Bridget: Yeah, so it's a free five day masterclass. It is behind the scenes secrets to social media success. And I say behind the scenes, because we didn't talk a lot about me and my background on this particular live, but I've been an entrepreneur for over 11 years. I have run a highly successful social media agency for now almost seven years. Again, helped thousands of people create millions of dollars of revenue. And so I say behind the scenes secrets, because very likely if you're not getting the results that you want from your social, it's probably some relatively simple tweaks that you can make to your strategy to get incredible results. And so I'm like, all right, I got to get this information out there. I have to let people know about this, help them build their business. So I've created a five day free masterclass again, behind the scenes secrets to social media success.

Bridget: Katie is there, it is. Katie has posted the link. So click that link register. It is starts next week on Monday, October 11th. And it is not only for sure the last master class of 2021, a hundred percent, for sure, no question. I have many things to do at the end of the year. So this is the last chance to do my free masterclass, uh, this year. And, and Katie, you and I should chat about this. I'm thinking of revamping it a little bit for next year. So I'm not even sure if I'm offering it in the same like five day format. So if you want like the, the whole, the kit and caboodle, this is your chance to come spend five days with me and my team. It's about an hour every day, like Katie said, tons and tons and tons of valuable content, how to overcome your overwhelm, cut through the confusion and create a social media strategy that, that gets you results. Like that's full jam. You can get results on social media. So when is there

Katie: Lincoln's there? What are the things I love, um, about the five days is, you know, it just it's chunked down. So it's like, oh, I'm going to learn about this one thing. And then I'm going to do this one thing, right? So it allows you to feel like you're taking these like mini steps to success without feeling overwhelmed. Um, so that's what I like about the, you know, show up for an hour a day, do the homework. And it's going to take you like 10 minutes post about it to win awesome prizes and actually learn something right. Really learn how to do it. And you know, if you think you're, you know, you don't know anything about social media, um, you're not alone. It's nice to be with a group of people that are asking questions that you might be afraid to ask, oh, this is going to be a dumb question.

Katie: And I tried to model that with you guys today. Like I asked what other people would be like, oh my God, that's the dumbest question ever. But I'm like, I don't know. I am not a pro at social media. I'm not. And you know, sometimes I'm like, oh, it's such a time waster. Um, and you know, and it is if you don't have a strategy. So that's what I really appreciate about you. And your program was teaching the strategy, the weekly, you know, having a map or a calendar, you know, and what holidays do you want to celebrate? And what holidays do you not want to celebrate and building your success around that? It was just, yeah. So helpful. So

Bridget: Ashley, I'm going to see you next week when you think this was, if you think this 44 minutes was good, wait until you see what is in store for you over five days, truly like business changing, like my goal for Ashley, you and everyone who registers is to walk out of the week with an exact plan for their next steps to completely transform their social media and transform their business. So you're going to love it.

Katie: I know now I'm like, oh, I kind of wish I was working that, but you're like, I want to actually

Bridget: I know I was a girl. I know I was so blessed. I was so blessed to have you Katie for that for the time that I got to work with you and have you do launches with me?

Katie: Oh, it was fun. And now I still get to be a guest speaker that is happening as well. I'll talk about how to overcome objections in this event next week. Although I think it's the following Monday, but anyway, whenever it is Monday, Tuesday session, it's a bonus. I'm a

Bridget: Bonus. You are a bonus.

Katie: And Bridget, thank you. You were a bonus for our launch last week. Um, I can't remember right now who won them. Oh, Sarah Jane one, your graphics pack, social media graphics. It was like how many? 300.

Bridget: Um, how many, uh, it's uh, over a hundred graphic templates, perfectly sized for all social media platforms.

Katie: Uh, so that was awesome. And she also won a 20 minute session with your social media director. Lisa. Who's amazing. So thank you. So I just love our partnership. I love our friendship. I love our wine happy hour. Let's talk business times.

Bridget: Yeah, I know. I can't write. That's coming very soon. I have so many things to talk to you about you and me and wine before the end of the month.

Katie: Yes. All right. Well, thank you so much for your time. I just love it. Make sure that you follow, um, Brigid's business is called amp up my biz, Bridget Brady, and the social media success academy. Any of those keywords, hashtags, whatever. And see, I don't even know the right term, but if you just type that into Google, you're going to find Bridget, that is true.

Bridget: Any of that into anywhere. And you will find me and use the link that Katie has so lovely prepared for you and join us next week in our masterclass. And we'll get to continue this conversation. Yes. Awesome.

Jeffrey: And thanks everybody for tuning in. If you enjoyed this head on over to wherever you're listening right now hit that five stars and leave us a review. You can check out all the show notes and how to connect deeper with [email protected] forward slash episode 44. We'll see you next time.

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