Do you ever read through old journals or old notebooks that hold your thoughts from older days? Isn’t it funny that we usually don’t do this often enough?

I (Katie) decided to read through some old writings over the past couple of weeks and WHAT A GIFT it is to witness my own growth, and to remember the magical beings that helped me create some major transformation in my life and business!

(I will save my magical story of having a session with our very own Aleyah for another day… all I’ll say for now is WOWZA!)

So one of the things I’m re-reading from 3 years ago, the time when I decided to let go of my in-person event model and completely move to the online space was about “What’s possible if I stretch myself every day?” Go here with me for a moment.

I always appreciate how the human body and nature itself literally show us what’s possible if we do something every day. If you stretch your legs into a “split” every day, you’ll eventually feel yourself become more flexible. You would eventually be able to land that perfect gymnast split!

The same for your business, my friend!

I wrote in my notes, “When I stretch myself, I find I become expanded even more. I realize I’m so much more capable than I allow myself room for — like exercise, the mind screams STOP but the body can actually go much further.”

Whenever you’re in a mode of “this feels hard / impossible” I want you to stop and break that energy and stretch yourself instead.


Here’s what I did:

Make an “Awesomeness” list.

What are you proud of?

⭐️ I quit working for a coaching company before I was financially ready — because my self respect demanded it.
⭐️ I hired a new coach and paid a scary amount of money ($30k!) to invest in my dreams.
⭐️ I wrote and delivered my first 5-day Challenge content with a kick-ass webinar I was proud of…and made some sales!
⭐️ I had a $38,000 month in sales.
⭐️ I paid off 50% of my credit card debt in one day because of my high sales that month.
⭐️ I also purchased a brand new computer and phone so I could up-level my online business.

Once your list is done, ask yourself this: Who was I being in those moments to make that possible? What did it take to achieve that?

For me, my #1 thing was TRUST. I was being a person who was willing to face whatever wasn’t working. I was willing to take a stand for what I believed in. I was courageous. I was a risk taker. I had to trust my gut and say yes to what felt right, and no to what didn’t.

And finally, what did I have to let go of or release in order to achieve that?

⛔️ I needed to let go of CONTROL – needing to know the 5 steps ahead before being willing to take the first step.
⛔️ I needed to release friends and business associates who were unwilling to grow.
⛔️ I needed to let go of allowing my fear to hold me back.

Now it’s your turn. I’d love for you to make your Awesomeness List and allow yourself to stretch even more. See what you’ve already been able to accomplish, and know with all your heart there’s so much more waiting for you!

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