In today’s episode, we explore that unforgiving self-consciousness that creeps in right before we start asking for the sale. Why do we do it? Where does it come from? And how do we overcome it?

Jeffrey: Welcome to the light in your launch podcast today, we're talking about overcoming that self-conscious critic when selling your program. So stay tuned.

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Katie: So Jeffrey, I read this online the other day and I thought let's do a quick podcast episode on this. Cause I see this kind of all the time and it's really speaking my language. So you want to hear it? Yeah. And it's probably something around sales. I'm going to guess it is. Oh my God. You know me so well. All right. So the post starts with the word selling. There's no emoji, but you can imagine what it might be if there were an emoji there. So the writer goes on to say, it's something I always struggle with. I'm a coach and I've just run a free webinar as part of my launch from my eight week program, I'm great with the content and helping people, but suddenly feel self-conscious when it comes to promoting my program. I'd love to hear how you've got over this.

Katie: I know this program works and I've got great testimonials. I just feel like I don't want to be too salesy and annoying, which when I hear myself say that I know is ridiculous, but I'm still needing some help to shift this. We'd love to hear how you may have overcome this or anything that you suggest. So I read this kind of stuff all the time and you know, here's the situation, even if you don't identify as somebody that's, you know, afraid of sales or something. And so two things I hear all the time. One is my content is so good. Yeah. Yeah. And I think that's great, everybody, you know, like if you think your content is great, awesome. Right. We're all here for transformation. That's the pure meaning of coach is to help somebody get from a to B. And if your content is amazing, that's great.

Katie: And if your content does not have a sales lens on it, it might not be leading to sales. It might be leading to a lot of people that are telling you how awesome you are, but they're not buying. Yeah. So there is a strategy behind the content of your launch. It's not just about, let me show you how smart I am. Let me show you how awesome I am. And let me show you, you know, the transformation that's possible, but it's helping them kind of get some small wins and get agitated enough to not allow those small wins to be good enough. Yeah. That's where people are missing out. Um, I think on the content, so I always want to ask people like, when they say, Oh, I've got my webinar contents dialed in. I always want to be like, but does it sell or does it teach?

Katie: Cause it has to do both. It really has to do both, you know? But the other thing that I just see, um, I see it all the time and I know it happened in me as well. I remember this one time I was doing a, a talk and it was like literally year two, you know, I've been doing this 10 years now. So year two, I was a life coach and I just was so nervous making my offer and I had it videoed. So my sister was watching the video with me and I already felt so vulnerable sharing this presentation with my sister and just like, what, what kind of judgment would I maybe get? You know? And we, I move into the offer and she was like positive right there. Do you see how your voice changed? Yeah, yes. Right. And it was like in the beginning, I'm all Katie Collins does. None of that. I'm all excited and I'm telling all my content and I'm creating this great, you know, transformation. So I think, I honestly don't remember what the content was, but I got to the offer, which was actually just offering a free strategy session. So wasn't even a paid offer. And I like stepped out of my body. Yeah. And energetically people could feel it. And it was like, nobody trusted me. And I don't think anyone signed up for my free call, but if they did, then they didn't show up to the front.

Jeffrey: Yeah. And, and really, you're kind of what you're saying is like, um, very few of us, our zone of genius is selling, right? So many coaches, they're like, you know what? I can help people lose weight or I can help people overcome this or I can help people do this. That's their zone of genius. That is where they feel whole, they feel aligned and then they have to sell something and that's not. Thanks.

Katie: Can you picture the emoji? You know, here's the thing to me, sales is, um, I hate the word convincing, but just for this example here in this podcast, that is unscripted. I'm going to use that word. It is convincing somebody of what you believe so firmly in.

Jeffrey: Yeah. You could also say it. You can also say you're making a case for it. Yeah,

Katie: Yeah. Yeah. But at the end of the day, when it converts into a sale, you convince them yeah. You change their mind. Yeah. And you know, is that sleazy to change someone's mind? I don't think so. I mean, maybe you changed someone's mind from driving drunk. Is that sleazy? Right? I don't think so. I think that was a good, a good choice to help them change their mind.

Jeffrey: And I would say that everyone listening right now, we're talking, we're our audience. We're talking to you guys. You guys are spiritually centered heart centered beings. And so when we say you're trying to convince somebody or alter somebody's state of consciousness, it's usually for the good,

Katie: I would hope so. Right. I mean, it's like when you're trying to convince somebody to stop hurting their body, by doing the very thing, that's making them sick. Yeah. And it could be, caffeine could be, alcohol could be, gluten could be meat, could be non-organic foods. Right. Like, and, and we just have these habits as humans that, Oh, I could never give that up. You know? And at the end of the day, it's like, are you freaking kidding me that you're going to keep doing this thing that's causing like unrest in your body and making you physically ill. And we have to convince them to change their mind. Yeah. You can give up coffee. If, if it's going to help you feel better. Right. Um, you know, Oh, I could never break it off from this relationship. That's abusive narcissistic making me feel like crap, are you kidding me?

Katie: And, and we have to help them find their own. Self-worth to say enough is enough. I'm going to stop this belief or this behavior or this habit that's hurting me. And so that to me is what sales is. So let's take it back to your launch. Right? You give good content. Hopefully you have some sales strategy in there. And that includes having gaps between the content you're teaching and what they really want. We don't want them so satiated that they don't need you. Right. Right. But then you got to make your offer and all of a sudden negative Nelly pops in your head, who do you think you are? Oh, you think you deserve to get paid for this? Yeah. And for some reason, whoever that F negative Nellie is all of a sudden, she seems to matter more than your soul. Right.

Jeffrey: And for the people yearning for the transformation

Katie: That are literally saying to you, and I've had this happen to me, Katie, how can I work with you? Like they would interrupt me because I would probably be talking nervous nervously on and on and on and on. Um, yeah,

Jeffrey: I'm sold. Here's my money. You're like, well, no, no, no, no. Let me, let me keep telling you about what I do.

Katie: Right. Let me keep talking about the benefits. You know, it's like, you sold me. I want, I want it all. I want, you know, I want you, so we just have to remember when we're in a launch, the people that raised their hand to register for the lunch that are now on the email list, which you're emailing your sales after you've made your pitch, they opted to be there. And if they're annoyed with you, they unsubscribe and you say, buh-bye thank you for doing that. I don't want to pay for a subscriber that doesn't want to be here. But to just to get these negative stories in your head where you're all of a sudden, a bad person, or you just feel uncomfortable with the cell, with the sales part of it, it's just something you have to work on and say, I am making an offer for a program that came from my heart and soul.

Katie: I put this thing together, myself based on my experience, based on my expertise. I, I created this thing and I know people need it because it wouldn't have come from my soul unless people needed it. And then if you want to hear a negative Nelly voice in your head, then put my voice in your head that says, WTF, why would you not offer this amazing program that you know is transformational simply because you're a F afraid of coming off as pushy, like you're withholding. You know, I always give that example, like you walk into the birthday party with the gift under your arm, and then you leave the party with the gift still under your arm. Cause you were afraid to give it. Oh, they might judge me for the gift. Yeah, yeah. Right. And yet you knew walking in, they were going to love the gift.

Katie: And then you're like, Oh, just kidding. I'm I'm actually, I'm not going to, I'm not going to give that. Right. And when it's physical like that and people see you walking with a gift and then walk out with the same gift under your arm, people are like, that's weird. Why would she do that? And so it is the same thing, energetically in your lunch, if you're not making an offer, or if you kind of leave your body like I did, if you're not grounding yourself and giving yourself permission to put it out there and say for whoever is meant to take me up on this offer, let it be, let it be.

Jeffrey: Yeah. And I think one of the things that we could shift our beliefs about is maybe instead of convincing somebody or, or coming from this place of even the word sell or sale, like it's, sometimes it's more of an invitation, right? You're, you're inviting people to transform their own lives. And you know, that's just another way of thinking about it rather than saying, Oh, I'm trying to convince people to buy my thing. Right. You're inviting them. You're inviting them on a journey. Yeah.

Katie: Yeah. It's an offer. Take it or leave it. And, and not only is it an offer, but it's an irresistible one with bonuses and great pricing. Right? All the things that we're teaching you are all packaged up in this really great package with an awesome bow. And people are like, I want that. Yes. I want that. And that is truly what you're right. People are saying. And if you spend so much time worrying about what the wrong people will say, you know, and I mean, we've joked about doing a podcast episode on, um, the parallels between dating and marketing.

Katie: Right? So let me just use that as a quick example here. It's like, Oh no, that person that I was dating, didn't like me, let me spend the next three months crying, worrying, and being all sad about somebody who didn't like me so that I can miss out on the 12 people in line that are asking me out. But I'm too busy being sad about somebody that didn't like me. Right. It's the same thing in sales. If somebody says, no, thank you. Oh, it's too expensive for me. Bless them and wish them. Well. Yeah. It doesn't mean anything about you just like when something doesn't work out in the dating world also doesn't mean anything about you. It's just fine.

Jeffrey: And when you put it in that terms, you know, like I know everybody out there is thinking, Oh my God, I would never do that. If I were dating, I would never spend that much energy crying about somebody. I didn't know how to first date and it didn't turn out. Well, I would never do that. But here, you know, they'll do it in their business and on a sales call or whatever. But when you make that analogy, it seems so ridiculous. Right? Yeah.

Katie: I mean, it's the same when you log into your, um, email marketing system and then you'll see, you know, X number of people unsubscribed, you know, do you waste even a minute going, Oh, I'm subscribed because I know I did. And sometimes I knew them personally and I would be a little offended, you know? And then I just thought, Oh Katie, who cares? Nobody even likes emails. Like it doesn't matter. Right? Because there are like tons of people on this list that chose to stay. Why am I going to spend even two seconds looking at who didn't, doesn't matter

Jeffrey: The name of matter. Yeah. And they're saving you money. They're doing you a favor.

Katie: Exactly. Exactly. And I remember my coach saying that to me, like anytime someone unsubscribes, you just say, thank you, thanks. Right. Like, because I don't want to be writing to people that don't want to hear from me. And I don't want to sell to people that don't want to, you know, um, receive for me. But when you think about a launch, people opted in for it. They raised their hand, they liked your title, your headline, your your message, because it was on point cause you did market research. I digress. Um, they tuned in because what you're doing matters and they were interested it. And that, that is what you have to focus on when you go to make your offer. And so please do not take so much time to put a launch together, to write all of those emails.

Jeffrey: So many emails,

Katie: Because truly, and I know a lay, I would agree here, the energy that you're holding onto when you write your email matters as much as the content in it. Amen. Yeah. So you really need to be in this energetic space of, Oh my God. I'm so excited about this. I can't wait to write a five email series sales cycle. You know, once my cart opens, I can't wait. I can't wait to bring like laughter. And at the same time, a little agitation, if not now, then when right. All of those little stories into these sequences to get people to finally admit, Oh my gosh, I think my life would be better if I did this. Yes.

Jeffrey: And here's the thing you have the option and this is kind of those secret sauce tricks, right? When we're talking about alignment, when we're talking about how we're showing up in our business, when we're talking about what energy we're approaching, every action we take, there are haters, lurkers and buyers. Who are you talking to? Are you focused on the haters? Because they're criticizing, you know, Oh, I don't like it. Are you talking to the lurkers who are not really interested in buying, but they kind of like your content or are you talking and focusing and loving and nurturing the buyers, the people who are like, I hear what you're saying. I like the transformation you're talking about. I want that transformation and here is my money. Take it. I want the transformation. Yep. Who are you talking to? That is the key question. Who are you showing up and talking to because don't, if you're going to talk to the buyers, don't talk to anyone else. They don't exist in your world. Just the buyer.

Katie: [inaudible] yeah. Yep. And often lurkers can become buyers. If you are good at making the case, make the case and continuously emailing. And I'll tell you, what's fun is to look, you can look in your email marketing system and say, who's opening these, who's clicking on the sales page. Every single time I send an email, those are the people that are listening. Those are the people you want to focus on. You can do meditations where you can picture them specifically. You probably know who they are from the launch anyway. And, you know, invite them in, invite them in, in your own like meditative space. And again, I'm always saying for the good of all. Yeah. Because I want it to be the right person and you know, the right time for them. And so anyway, it's just, don't just stop making it. So dang personal and stop playing small because you're afraid of what people are gonna think. And instead like Jeffrey, you were saying, you know, like worry about what the buyers think. And because I'm telling you what they are looking for a leader that is not going to shy away or back down at any time, they're looking for somebody that will hold their feet to the fire and stand up for what they believe in, no matter what. Yeah.

Jeffrey: Because those buyers they're watching, they're listening. And when you're in your zone of genius and you're delivering your content, you're teaching and you're, you know, you're in that zone and then suddenly it all shifts and comes crumbling down when you're, when you're like, uh, would anybody like to buy this program?

Katie: But if not, that's okay. It's okay. Yeah.

Jeffrey: You know, they see that and that just that your energy shifts, their perception shifts suddenly, maybe they don't want to be buyers after all.

Katie: Yeah. It's crazy how you can say or do one thing that could ruin your sales. Um, it, it's crazy and you know, they're all lessons. We don't need to, you know, beat ourselves up over it, but it really is important, um, to just stay so firmly in what you believe and let that from belief take you all the way to the finish line. And then you can self-assess after that, what maybe could have gone better or did I say something that was off putting, you know, I'm famous for doing that? I'm not perfect. Right. But, um, but I I'm committed to the end and I don't know about you, but I've definitely heard people say, um, Oh, I was thinking of signing up for that. And then I don't know, something fell off about her energy. I've heard that so many times in like that off energy is that like she was off when she was making the offer.

Katie: Right. Or like something wasn't aligned. And I see this with pricing, if people like, whether they priced it too high or they kept it low, even though they got the nudge to raise their rates, all of these things have like lack of alignment. Right. And just picture threads. Like I picture alignment as like a bunch of threads, like the threads of like a piece of yarn. Yeah. And it's just like, Oh, clip one little thread because the pricing is off up. Let's clip another little thread because you left your body. When you gave the offer up, we're going to clip another thread because yada, yada, and soon enough that piece of yarn can break. Yeah. That energetic connection breaks when you have too much out of alignment. So it's not that you have to be perfect, but really listening to yourself and then coming forward with your offer and understanding that came from your soul. That is a heart centered coach, or course creator. These things are coming from your heart and soul. And you're like, I have an offer. I'm not going to tell you

Jeffrey: If you don't want it. It's okay. I'll be okay. I'll be okay. And you know what I want to, I want to talk about something real quick. Cause I, I see a lot of people doing this. Like I think Russell Brunson is such a great example of somebody who can sell a certain way and be aligned with it, but then teach people how to sell that way, who are not aligned with it. Right. Cause he, he teaches uh, all kinds of like value stacking and ways of really repeating it and repeating it and you know, doing all that kind of stuff. And then, and then you have somebody who's just know, I'll just say that's a certain personality type. Like Russell's got a certain personality type. And, and I think really what makes him saying it affective is his alignment with it. Right. He believes it.

Jeffrey: He, he sees the value, he understands the value. And when he talks about the value, he's believing it, he's aligned with it and he's, he's dead set on it. Right. And then he says to other people, here's what you should do. And then somebody else says, Oh, well Russell said, I should do this this way. And I've got to stack this value. And I got to talk about this value, but you know what, deep down inside, I'm not aligned with that value. So it comes off when you do it, like you're lying. Like you're just trying to stack these numbers and figure out, you know, figure out like you're trying to persuade in such a way that is not aligned. And I think that kind of disconnect is what happens to a lot of people who they hear, they hear they're going to do it this way. They try to do it. And they're like, Oh, that just doesn't feel right to me. But that's what I was told to do. And then they get stuck in there like, Oh, I didn't make any sales. Russell's full of crap.

Katie: Yep. I'm so glad you said that because I, um, I think he's brilliant. I mean, obviously he's had such great success. Um, and I find his approach to be very masculine and it does not align with me as a, as a business owner who strives to be a little bit more feminine in her approach. And you know, and I remember when I was first learning sales, same thing, I learned a very masculine approach to sales and it didn't feel good. And I just couldn't, I couldn't grab onto it. And it wasn't until I heart-centered sales that I felt more aligned with it. So, you know, we talk about that word a lot. I know it's sometimes a buzzword, but there's such depth and meaning behind that word, because just because it works for someone else, just like a diet, right? Like habit formation, all of that.

Katie: Just because it works for someone else doesn't mean it's going to work for you. But the trick for me that I always say to my clients is you've got to just give it a try. Yeah. And then you're like, I don't know. That part felt icky. Great. Let's let's pause that. Let's go to that slide. Fix that slide. What felt icky about it? Right. So it's the permission to give it a try so that you can know if it felt aligned or didn't feel aligned a lot of times, if you just go through your webinar or masterclass, whatever you want, like with your slide deck ahead of time, record yourself as if it's like the real thing you can feel in your body. If it felt good or not.

Jeffrey: Yes. Okay. Okay. Hold on. Now this is something and I'll confess, I'll confess this right here to everybody listening. Oh my goodness, Katie, you, you mentioned something to me that, uh, I haven't done yet, but to me it sounds so powerful. You said, you said that you go back and you listen to everything you do. And I don't when, I mean, maybe I will, maybe I will in the future someday. Somewhere. Yeah. I haven't done that yet, but you know, for me I've always been like, okay, what's next? What's next? So I'll record something, put it out there and then move on. And then I'll record something, put out there and move on or make a launch in a sale, whatever, move on. But you said something that was profound, like to go back and look at it, to analyze it, to view it as a viewer, because sometimes you hear things you didn't even know you said, or things resonated that, you know, in the moment you couldn't, I don't know, you were saying it's so much better than I am, but I thought that was so powerful and something I do think is powerful.

Jeffrey: I probably will do this in the future, but I haven't until now.

Katie: Yeah. Yeah. And I mean, specifically we were talking about Facebook lives because I had to really get over my fear of doing them. And then I don't know if, if somebody suggests this to me or if I just thought of it, but I was like, you know, what are you so dang afraid of? And then it was like, if you just watch it and see if you came off as ridiculous as you thought, or, you know, whatever, whatever I was afraid of, I couldn't even put my finger on it. But when I would watch it, I was like, Oh, that wasn't half bad. You know? And sometimes I'm like, I just like did a mic drop quote there that I could make into a social post or, you know, that's now going to be my new tagline. Right. I remember one time saying something like when your decision does not align with your vision, blah, blah, blah. And I'm that rhymed. I liked that. I wrote that down. Um, so a lot of times when we go to sit and write where to in our head, and if we just, for me anyway, you know, I'm such a talker, I'm an audio processor.

Katie: Um, when you, when you listen to yourself on audio and you're not reading a script and you're really just processing yet, you hear things in a different way. And so, you know, anyway, there's so much goodness that you can share and if you practice making the case, so when you get to your offer, I remember my mentor taught me how to speak from stage. He said, practice your talk for each time you practice your talk, practice your offer two times because the offer is the most uncomfortable. And that was such good advice. And so it's like record yourself, giving the offer, think of the stories you're going to share ahead of time. How can you make the offer without reading a script, like really get into your body and make the case, and then go listen to the recording and see if you can hear your voice change and the inflection change.

Katie: Can you hear the nervousness? Right. Um, another activity we did was, um, we screamed it, Oh, I guess we did this just for pricing. But we were going through this transformational exercise where we could raise our rates. And so then it was like, how much do you charge? And we'd be like $500 an hour. You know, maybe some of us were at a hundred at the time, you know, and he'd be like, I can't hear you. And we would just yell it until you could say it without laughing and right. And it just got right in your body. And when it's right in your body, it's right. Energetic.

Jeffrey: Yes. Okay. So that, that's so huge because I mean, that is kind of, I want to say forcing alignment, but it's not, it's not forcing alignment, but it's moving past disalignment, I guess. I don't know how to describe that, but I you're touching on this idea of, you know, when it, when it doesn't feel right in your body, it won't come out through your voice correctly. Yeah.

Katie: I think it's the power of the subconscious mind. It's that we have to get deeper than the conscious, like yeah. I charged $500 an hour. He charged $500 E and then you say it so many times that all of a sudden your subconscious mind was like, geez, I've heard that like a thousand times, I guess this is now true. Yeah. Right. That's when it feels good in the body. So it it's, you know, it, I think one of my biggest pet peeves is when people like consistently will say, Oh, I could never do that. Or I can't change. Or that's just the way I've always been. You can always change always. And so if you're saying that about something, that's kind of holding you back from your next level, what a waste of space, like it's just a waste of your energy to just, Oh, that's just the way it is. No, it doesn't have to be that way. Yeah.

Jeffrey: Got to understand that you are arguing for your limitations and that does not serve anyone. It doesn't serve you and it doesn't serve anyone that you could potentially.

Katie: Yup. Yup. So, I mean, all right. I was told that, um, having my own business with the best personal development course, quote unquote, I could ever be in and it's so right. I mean, it, you know, we always have to be striving to, up-level what we're doing, how we're feeling, what we're charging, how we're approaching things. Right. Um, and so, you know, in that example of, of following Russell, Brunson's, you know, webinar template to a T and then getting to a place where I was like, look, this may work for him, but it doesn't work for me. And therefore I'm going to rush through it and I'm going to bore people. And, you know, I remember people like writing me and being like, Oh, I thought your story was way too long. And it's like, well, I was following a template. And they told me to tell my story for this amount of time and, you know, so was just, but I didn't let that ruin me.

Katie: You know, I just, I wrote back, Oh, thanks. Thanks for your, your feedback. You know, like, are you, are you a buyer? And in fact she wasn't, she was a critical woman that like, you know, wrote a few like rude things. And I just was like, all right, whatever. Like, I could probably make my story a little tighter, but I'm not going to let this woman ruin my day. Right. So that's when you know that, like, what you're doing is so aligned with you. And again, if it doesn't align with other people, it doesn't matter. It doesn't mean you have to change anything. Um, but yeah,

Jeffrey: You can look back at that recording and say, did that, uh, did what they say resonate with me. I

Jeffrey: Feel like it's too long. Is it? Yeah. Is

Jeffrey: It true? Okay. Maybe I can shave a couple of minutes off it, but I don't want to take it out. And that's what some people do is like, they'll get criticized and they'll be like, Oh gosh, okay. I gotta take it. I'm going to take it out. I'm going to take out the whole story.

Katie: Yup. Yup. Yeah. And that's when you're letting other people tell you what to do. Right. And, you know, and I think that's why it's so important to find a coach that you do align with. And like, I stopped hiring men a long time ago because I was like, I'm trying to run a feminine business here. I want, I want people that are like into, into doing that. And most of the time, those people are women themselves. And, you know, it was just, that was just what I was looking for. So

Jeffrey: I'm trying to, you're not value stacking enough, more value stacking and you're not loud enough speak louder.

Katie: Right, right, right. Yeah. Um, yeah. So anyway, all of this to say and all of this from a, from a Facebook post, and I don't know if you guys do this, but sometimes I scroll through and I'm just like, ah, see that question. So many times I'm going to go on a little rant about it. But you know, at the end of the day, you're investing all this time and money and energy and attention in your business. And then when it comes to the point where you could get paid for it, there's some sort of self-sabotage coming on. And so if that's you, it's something you have to work on. You can't say, Oh, that's just the way it is. I just get like that when I make my offer. Nope, Nope, Nope. Time to time to make your offer 50 times on video and watch every one of them and make notes. What, what went well, what didn't go well, what sounded awesome? What was, uh, what was a great soundbite that I'm going to say forever and ever now? Um, there's just so much value in listening to previous recording.

Jeffrey: Right? Do those butterflies pop up in my stomach because you need to really focus in on that and dive into it.

Katie: Yup. Yup. And then keep tuning into Alayah because she will give you some practices of what to do to ground yourself. Amen. You know, so, um, you know, for me, I have this, um, really cool pointed crystal. It's actually outside for the full moon cleansing, but if I need to ground myself, I will grab that in my right hand and practically extend my hand with it, just to remind myself like sensations brings me to the present. So, you know, what are things you can do that can ground you when you feel yourself, um, you know, leaving your body, so to speak, which was something I didn't understand when people would say that until I saw it on video and I would share the nervousness in my voice. And then it was like, I just, I was like talking and looking out and up as opposed to acting

Katie: Actual people

Jeffrey: Kind of rolling your eyes. And I have this offer that I'm like talking to the people.

Katie: Wonderful.

Jeffrey: Well, the whole time it's been to the audience and then we're going to talk to Jesus.

Katie: Yes.

Katie: All right. Well, we should wrap this up. This was going to be a quick one, but right.

Katie: Turns out we had more to say. Yeah.

Katie: And we usually do when it's the two of us just

Katie: Chatting, just shooting the.

Katie: But anyway, thank you for listening. And truly, if that is you, if you're finding yourself, you know, afraid of the sales part of your launch, we got to get you beyond it because it's not going to be a successful launch. And let me tell you, launching takes a lot of energy and a lot of time, and we want you to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Jeffrey: So fats, you join our group, the lunch squad, forward slash Facebook. Tell us what you, what you're struggling with. Tell us your problems. We're we're that we're there to help

Katie: And yeah, we will actually answer them in the group. Yes. Yeah. We're called the light in your launch Facebook group. We'd love to have you in there and thank you for being here. Um, and if you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a five star review and hit that subscribe button. You can check out all the show notes at the launch squad, forward slash episode 21.

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