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Despite the fact that you…..

  • Have a special calling as a coach or course creator

  • Are devoted to the impact you know you can make

  • Have already invested in programs to help show you the way

You STILL find it hard to map out a clear vision for your overall launch
so you can finally start hitting the numbers you desire and deserve

(and begin realizing those real-life destinations on your vision board, too.)

Which means you’ve spent far too much time…..

  • Down the rabbit hole of trying to decode tech.

    Will this trigger the right message at the right time?

  • Trying to build up a steady stream of email subscribers.

    But are the right people signing up for my offer?

  • Second-guessing your lackluster launch results.

    If I don’t know what changes to make, how will next time be any better?

It’s like you were sporadically handed pint-sized pieces of the launch puzzle but no real, reliable way to bring them all together.

the Overwhelm is over

What would your business look like with the proper, expert-level, hand-holding, doing-it-right-the-first-time IMPLEMENTATION?

Put simply, we help coaches and course creators finally launch their program without the headache of figuring out all the pieces on their own.

We’re not just another digital course showing you WHAT you should do. And we’re not another mastermind or a theory-based coaching program.

In fact, we’re the ONLY done-with-you service of its kind that guarantees to carry you from early-stage offer idea all the way to post-launch bliss.

  • Nine-months.

  • Five experts.

  • Three launches.

  • Massive growth.

This is a high-touch service of five in-the-flesh humans who rally behind you to provide you with the most organized, supportive, and successful launch you’ve ever had to date.

From lead magnet through to money-magnetic post-launch.


When I reached out to Katie for coaching, I was super frustrated. I’d worked with so many coaches in the past but still, I wasn’t consistently reaching my business goals.

What I found most valuable in the Irresistible Offer program is how the information is broken down so I can easily understand why I am doing what I am doing so I can apply it.

My big aha was when I realized that I was lacking clarity and follow-through in some major areas. It was like the clouds had parted and the money was well within reach!

As a result of working with Katie I got the clarity, focus, and practical steps needed to sell my highest priced offer! Katie’s ability to help me with the small details and big pivots has changed the game for my business and for me.

Self-Mastery Coach for Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders

We feel your pain

We get it. We know how it feels to struggle with launching your program. In fact, every expert on the squad has tried to launch their own program in the past on their own.

And guess what?

We found it really, really difficult too.

Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed isn’t your fault.

The truth is, we take your business very seriously because we believe whole-heartedly that entrepreneurs like you have the ability to do so much good in the world. In fact, our world needs entrepreneurs like you. This program was created to give you the clarity, guidance, and confidence to let the world see your offer and create a movement online.

And we know that it works.


Our experienced team of A-listers have helped our clients reap millions in their launches from inception to completion.

We live and breathe launches, and guarantee that our commitment is ALWAYS matched by your commitment.

When you tap into the White Glove Service, we provide you with absolutely everything needed for a repeatable launch system that you’ll tap into time and time again.


Growing up I always told myself I wasn’t smart enough or good enough with numbers. Decades later, I’m running an online business for health professionals. The logical part of my brain told me to get better with automation, systems, processes, and funnels while my heart-center wanted me to continue working on alignment, following my intuition, delivering my services with passion, and overcoming the mindset blocks and limiting beliefs that hold me back.

Could there really be a place where both crucial areas could be addressed?!

I would have never thought so until working with Jeffrey and Aleyah. This dream duo helps you reach your highest potential as a digital CEO by working both on the heart, energy, and alignment AND on the numbers, funnels, and logistics. An undeniable necessity for any business owner who wants to serve with purpose, stay aligned, work with ease, and make an impact on the world. I’m SO grateful that I found them.

Co-founder of NeuroCollaborative, Inc.

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So we can both figure out if we’re a good fit.



And get crystal chandelier clear on the big picture.



With an automated, repeatable, and profitable system.


I worked with Katie both one-to-one and inside the Craft an Irresistible Offer that Sells program. A big shift for me was learning how to stop talking about the nitty gritty of the program, and instead focus on the results my clients can get. I finally got clear on who I wanted to impact, and focused my messaging and program design solely on those women. One unique piece I appreciate about working with Katie is that she brings in both the mindset piece, and the strategy piece. You need both.

I also appreciated her tenacity that got me to dig in and do the things that I was resisting. Because of that, I now have a team including a digital marketer and a bookkeeper, and I’m excited to say I have finally created consistent income in my business! No more worrying week after week whether or not I can pay the next bill that’s due.


This is how we help

What would your business look like with the proper, expert-level, hand-holding, doing-it-right-the-first-time IMPLEMENTATION?

At The Launch Squad, we know that you want to be a successful coach or course creator.

In order to do that, you need a repeatable system for launching your program.

The problem is building that system is so overwhelming it makes you feel like throwing in the towel before you even get started.

We believe launching is the single most profitable way to grow your business.

And we understand just how complicated it is to put all the pieces together which is why we created the Launch Star Program.

Here’s how we do it: 

  • Start with a chat: So we can both figure out if we’re a good fit.

  • Plan the whole, dang thing: And get crystal chandelier clear on the big picture.
  • Then Launch it: With an automated, repeatable, and profitable system

So, click the button below to book your call today. And in the meantime, grab our free gift pack so you can stop guessing and become clear on the entire journey ahead.
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LIGHTEN YOUR LAUNCH with our complete guide and learn how to:

  • Create your irresistible offer that practically SELLS ITSELF

  • Price it right to generate the income you REALLY WANT

  • Overcome tech barriers for STRESS-FREE implementation

  • Tap into your energetic resources to create a mindset for SUCCESS

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“Katie has been working with my husband and me for a few years with our business.

She’s helped me become more confident in my sales skills in ways that feel authentic, and we now have excellent conversion rates.

She can see our potential and appropriately pushes our boundaries when they need to be upleveled and expanded.

If you would like to reach the people you need to, and have excellent accountability and loving support to grow your business to where it needs to go, hire Katie immediately. You will be very grateful for this decision in your business and in your life.”


Laura Patricelli


Jeffrey Samorano


Katie Collins


Aleyah Swan


Dani Paige


Allison Miles



It was June of 2020, a mere few months into the global pandemic known as COVID-19. We met for the first time as a mastermind group, ready and eager to help propel each other’s businesses forward in the online space, where literally every coach and course creator was getting into as the physical world shut down around us. It took only 4 meetings together for the five of us to know — we’re onto something here.

Five experts, five friends who laugh together every single Friday, five heart-centered people who are committed to helping you get yourself out there and launch your brilliance.

It was during Katie’s own launch where the pieces so clearly revealed themselves. She tapped into the skillset of Jeffrey for funnel mapping and strategy, and all things automation. When it came time to refresh her own brand colors and sales page, she knew Amy and Tory would be the perfect fit. That new sales page brought in triple the results!

And Aleyah was always the grounding element who would remind Katie of her true essence (and the crud that was keeping her stuck) so she could move through it with more ease and grace.

It was a message through Facebook that started the Agency — “I’m just going to plant this seed since the thought of it woke me up last night. Would you guys be interested in forming an agency where we would work together to help Coaches and Course Creators launch their business?”

“Hell yes” responded the other 4… within minutes.

“The Launch Squad” was born.

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