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We help coaches and course creators build repeatable systems that combine the best strategies & most reliable technology

Welcome to the Launch Squad
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You finally have a course! Now what?

Launching an online program is no simple task.

You’ve probably already bought a course (or ten) about launching only to find out that all the instructions and how-to’s are completely overwhelming!

You STILL find it hard to map out a clear vision for your overall launch so you can finally start hitting the numbers you desire and deserve

(and begin realizing those real-life destinations on your vision board, too.)

Which means you’ve spent far too much time…..

  • Down the rabbit hole of trying to decode tech.

    Will this trigger the right message at the right time?

  • Trying to build up a steady stream of email subscribers.

    But are the right people signing up?

  • Second-guessing your lackluster launch results.

    If you don’t know what’s working, how will next time be any better?

It’s like you were sporadically handed pint-sized pieces of the launch puzzle but no real, reliable way to bring them all together.


Hey, I’m Katie

A sales-boosting, client-generating business coach with a keen eye for strategy

And I’m Jeffrey

That tech guy you want in your back pocket helping to demystify the enigmatic world of systems & automation.

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We founded The Launch Squad as a way to help solopreneur Coaches and Course Creators launch the right way, the first time, without having to do it all alone.


This is how we help

This is

How we help

What would your business look like with the proper, expert-level, hand-holding, doing-it-right-the-first-time IMPLEMENTATION?

the Overwhelm is over



Is over

Put simply, we help coaches and course creators finally launch their program without the headache of figuring out all the pieces on their own.

We’re not just another digital course showing you WHAT you should do. And we’re not another mastermind or a theory-based coaching program.

In fact, we’re the ONLY done-with-you service of its kind that guarantees to carry you from early-stage offer idea all the way to post-launch bliss.

This is a high-touch service of six in-the-flesh humans who rally behind you to provide you with the most organized, supportive, and successful launch you’ve ever had to date.

From lead magnet to money magnet.

Here’s how to get started today

Here’s how to

Get started




So we can both figure out if we’re a good fit.



And get crystal chandelier clear on the big picture.



With an automated, repeatable, and profitable system.

So, click the button below to book your call today. And in the meantime, grab our free gift pack so you can stop guessing and become clear on the entire journey ahead.
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Demystifying the Lucrative Launch

Connecting the dots on a complete launch framework so you can overcome the 3 launch mistakes that limit profits (and prevent repeatability)

  • Avoid the invisible first-time launch pit-falls

  • Avoid lead magnet killers that are attracting the WRONG audience

  • Pick software that won’t leave you stranded in the middle of your launch

  • Create coherence in your launch system so your buyers don’t get lost in the shuffle

  • Build your list and get paid to do it

  • Scale your earning potential, even if you have a small list

We feel your pain


Feel your pain

We get it. We know how it feels to struggle with launching your program. In fact, every expert on the squad has tried to launch their own program in the past on their own.

And guess what?

We found it really, really difficult too.

Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed isn’t your fault.

The truth is, we take your business very seriously because we believe whole-heartedly that entrepreneurs like you have the ability to do so much good in the world. In fact, our world needs entrepreneurs like you.

We started The Launch Squad to give you the clarity, guidance, and confidence to let the world see your offer and create a movement of your own.

And we know that it works.


Our experienced team of A-listers have helped our clients reap millions in their launches from inception to completion.

We live and breathe launches, and guarantee that our commitment is ALWAYS matched by your commitment.

When you tap into The Launch Squad, we provide you with absolutely everything needed for a repeatable launch system that you can run again and again and again.