Connecting the dots on a complete launch framework so you can overcome the 3 launch mistakes that limit profits (and prevent repeatability)

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Funnel Master

With 17 years in marketing and web development, this Funnel Master removes your marketing blind spots to bring clarity, functionality, and scalability to all the moving parts of your business.

Jeffrey cheerfully helps you clear the clouds around your marketing funnel, making it seem like it’s really not that intimidating after all. If you’re struggling to see which email leads to which page and where they end up in the entire system, just relax, because Jeffrey’s got it all mapped out in a gorgeous visual for you.

The same way he encourages his daughters to use power tools, he encourages you to stop making excuses and own your funnel pieces.

An expert in Funnelytics as well as woodworking, he turns those building skills to your marketing funnel, and you start to wonder, ‘What can’t this guy do?’.