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Win with Repurposed Content.

Wave goodbye to the hustle of constantly creating new content for social media.

The Content Repurpose + Distribution Plan

The Launch Squad is here to transform your content strategy. We’re here to help coaches and course creators like you to maximize your online impact.

What if we told you, you already have what it takes to maintain a robust social media presence?

Yes, your old content! That hidden treasure in your folders, Vimeo, or Facebook group.

We understand that you are juggling enough – planning launches, creating course content, writing a book, or working with clients. And social media, more often than not, gets neglected.

But not anymore!

Here’s How It Works

*Note: Submit your content a week before you’d like it posted.

What You Get

(Per Piece of Content You Submit)

3 vertical reels with captions

turned on gold iphone 6

YouTube video with custom thumbnail

Youtube website screengrab

Email newsletter

blue and white logo guessing game

Podcast episode

leaf design coffee latte on mug

Podcast blog post on your website

podcast post

6 social posts with captions and images

red and white love wall decor

Each piece of content comes with a custom CTA (determined by you) and follows your brand guidelines. And, of course, you have the final say. We’ll get your approval before scheduling the posts.

Create an Infrastructure of Leverage

With our

Content Repurpose & Distribution Plan

From EACH piece of content you get:

  • YouTube video(s) with original thumbnails
  • Podcast episode with image
  • 3 vertical reels with captions
  • Email newsletter
  • Podcast blog post on your website
  • 6 social posts with captions and images

3-month minimum commitment.


$1,400 per month

Limited Launch Offer


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