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Transform Your Content Strategy

We help you create consistently branded content across all the platforms without it becoming a full time job.

The Content Repurpose + Distribution Plan

The Launch Squad is here to transform your content strategy. We’re here to help coaches and course creators like you to maximize your online impact.


Every Piece of New Content You Create

Each new video you craft is not just content; it’s a part of your unique story and brand.

Here’s the Exciting Part

We’re taking your fresh content to new heights. Imagine each new piece you create, being polished, optimized, and distributed with the same care and precision as your evergreen content.

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Why This Matters

  • Consistent Brand Presence: Keep your brand consistently in front of your audience with a steady stream of new, high-quality content.

  • Engage and Grow: Each new piece is an opportunity to engage your existing audience and attract new followers. We make sure it counts.

  • Fresh Content, Amplified: Your latest ideas and insights deserve the spotlight. We ensure they get the attention they deserve across all platforms.

Your Role in This Journey?

Just keep being your amazing, creative self. Focus on what you do best – creating content that inspires and educates. Leave the rest to us – from polishing to posting, we’ve got it covered.

Ready to take your content creation to the next level? Let’s make every new piece you create a stepping stone to greater success and impact.

Don’t forget about Your Existing Content: A Goldmine Awaiting Discovery

Imagine unlocking the full potential of your existing content. That’s right, the videos and posts you’ve already created are treasures waiting to be rediscovered and shared anew. We understand the challenges you face – from planning launches and creating courses to writing books and serving clients. Social media often takes a backseat, but not anymore!

Our Simple and Effective Process

Here’s how we make magic happen

Record Your Brilliance

Just be your amazing self and record your content. Once done, upload it to our shared platform.

Approval and Refinement

Review the assets we create and give us your stamp of approval.

Broadcast Your Brilliance

Sit back and watch as we amplify your voice across the digital landscape.

What We Offer

(Per Video You Submit*)

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Captivating Content for Maximum Engagement

Transform your Instagram presence with 3 stunning IG Reels complete with eye-catching thumbnails, 3 beautifully crafted IG Posts with engaging captions and graphics, and a visually appealing Carousel to tell your story in a dynamic way. Perfect for building a loyal following and enhancing brand visibility.

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Amplify Your Reach with Professional Videos

Elevate your YouTube channel with an Edited & Optimized Video that captures your essence, complemented by 3 YouTube Shorts for quick, impactful messages. Each video comes with an SEO-optimized description and an eye-catching thumbnail, ensuring maximum visibility and audience growth.

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Viral Content Creation

Dive into the world of TikTok with 3 engaging videos, tailored to capture the platform’s unique and dynamic audience. These videos are designed to go viral, making you a trendsetter in your niche.

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Crystal-Clear Audio, Widespread Distribution

Your message deserves to be heard. Get Mixed & Mastered Audio for your podcast, ensuring top-notch sound quality. We’ll publish your podcast to all major syndications, accompanied by a precise transcript, expanding your reach and accessibility.

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Engaging Posts for a Broad Audience

Strengthen your Facebook strategy with 3 captivating FB Posts, each with tailored captions and graphics, 3 attention-grabbing Reels, and a Carousel graphic that tells your story with creativity and flair. Ideal for connecting with a diverse and expansive audience.

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Professional Engagement and Networking

Establish your thought leadership with a meticulously crafted LinkedIn Post. Designed to engage and network with professionals, this post will position you as an authority in your field.

podcast post



Comprehensive Digital Storytelling

Make your website a hub of information with Embedded Video and Audio Player, a striking Featured Image, detailed Show Notes/Episode Description, and a Transcript. This comprehensive approach ensures your audience enjoys a rich, multi-media experience.

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Direct Connection with Your Audience

Keep your audience informed and excited with an enticing Episode Teaser/Announcement via email. This direct line of communication fosters a personal connection and keeps your audience eagerly anticipating your next move.

Each piece of content comes with a custom CTA (determined by you) and follows your brand guidelines. And, of course, you have the final say. We’ll get your approval before scheduling the posts.

Enjoy Peace of Mind


The Content Loop


$497 / mo

4 Videos per month. 10 mins or less.

  • 1 Full length Edited & Optimized Video
  • Up to 3 Vertical short videos (up to 60 sec)

  • 1 SEO optimized description
  • 3 social post captions
  • 1 Website Blog Copy
  • 1 Email episode teaser/announcement
  • NO Eye catching Thumbnail
  • NO Post graphics
  • NO Carousel
  • NO Featured image (web post)
  • NO Branding

Silver Plan Notes

  • You add the edit notes and we’ll make the cuts
  • You schedule and post your newly created assets on the platforms of your choice
  • 1 Round of revisions (if needed)
  • AI assisted selection of the most marketable or engaging reel
  • AI crafted copy using unique and personalized tone and style


$1,197 / mo

4 Videos per month. 20 mins or less.

  • Brand glowup
  • Color palette
  • Font Pairing
  • Branded Canva templates
  • Edited & Optimized Video
  • Up to 3 YouTube Shorts

  • Eye catching Thumbnail
  • SEO optimized description
  • Up to 3 IG Reels (with thumbnail)

  • 1 IG Post (with caption and graphics)

  • 1 Carousel (graphics with caption)
  • Up to 3 TikTok videos

  • 1 Post (with caption and graphics)

  • Up to 3 Reels

  • 1 Carousel graphic with caption
  • 1 LinkedIn Post

  • 1 Carousel graphic with caption
  • Embedded Video
  • Featured Image
  • Show Notes/ Episode description
  • Blog post
  • Episode teaser/announcement

Platinum Plan Notes

  • No need for edit notes, we’ll review your entire video and clean up any mistakes
  • We’ll schedule all your social posts and create a custom blog post on your website (if possible)
  • 2 Rounds of revisions (if needed)
  • We’ll hand pick the most marketable or engaging reels


$897 / mo

4 Videos per month. 20 mins or less.

  • Brand glowup
  • Color palette
  • Font Pairing
  • Branded Canva templates

  • Edited & Optimized Video
  • Up to 3 YouTube Shorts

  • Eye catching Thumbnail
  • SEO optimized description
  • Up to 3 IG Reels (with thumbnail)

  • 1 IG Post (with caption and graphics)
  • 1 Carousel (graphics with caption)
  • Up to 3 TikTok videos

  • 1 Post (with caption and graphics)

  • Up to 3 Reels

  • 1 Carousel graphic with caption
  • 1 LinkedIn Post

  • 1 Carousel graphic with caption
  • Embedded Video
  • Featured Image
  • Blog post
  • Episode teaser/announcement

Gold Plan Notes

  • You add the edit notes and we’ll make the cuts
  • We’ll schedule all your social posts and create a custom blog post on your website (if possible)
  • 1 Round of revisions (if needed)
  • AI assisted selection of the most marketable or engaging reels
  • AI crafted copy using unique and personalized tone and style; reviewed and edited by a human


What should I expect during the onboarding call?2024-01-17T14:41:36-08:00

When you book your onboarding appointment with our team, you’ll be asked several questions around your branding, your logins, etc. Please COME PREPARED to the meeting, equipped with ALL passwords, access to your branding assets, photos and other data we will need to collect from you.

If applicable to you, we’ll need your login information for sites such as:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • Your website
  • Your email marketing system

We safely store your passwords inside our secure 1Password vault. We will want to log in as you during the meeting to validate the credentials, and then our overseas team will want to log in as you at a later time. We will request from you the 6-digit OTP (one-time password) through Slack, usually in the evening, which is the morning hours for our overseas team. And please, if you update a password, please be sure to let us know immediately. The publication of your episode could be delayed if you don’t.

Do I need a LinkTree account?2024-01-17T14:43:58-08:00

Have you seen “link in bio” while on IG and you’re not sure what that means? Instagram only allows one link on your profile so new services have popped up where you can have one link that serves as a landing page with several links for your audience. This is a free service (with paid upgrade options, but not necessary) where you get to list several different links. See Katie’s example here:

If you don’t yet have one, we will create one for you with your social media links and any other pages you want listed as CTA’s. However, please understand that you need to keep it updated moving forward (or request a VA task to do it for you.)

Do I need branding?2024-01-17T14:46:44-08:00

Yes, absolutely, and without a doubt!

If you don’t yet have branding, or you’re ready for a professional brand refresh, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s the outline of what you’ll receive as part of the Initial Set Up fee:

  • Color palette: core brand colors + expanded palette for web & Canva marketing graphics
  • Brand elements pack: Up to 10 brand-specific backgrounds, patterns, shapes and icons to add to social media posts
  • All Illustrator and Photoshop files, so any future VA or designer can create new elements and logos based off our brand foundation

If you’re looking for a complete logo design package, please inquire about those additional fees.

As you’re spending time gathering those old videos you want to repurpose (or creating brand new ones!), our team is busy getting your graphic templates created for your approval.

We’ll be using your branding elements, colors, fonts, etc. and creating carousel templates, standard post graphic templates, and Youtube thumbnail templates for your approval. Once you approve these templates, you won’t have to approve the graphics each and every week. We will simply change the text to match that week’s episode. (You can ignore the text words on these graphics; they are simply placeholders for the templates.)

Do I need professional headshots (portraits)?2024-01-17T14:51:01-08:00

Your graphics will look fun & refreshed when you get a branding session with a professional photographer. Headshots are great, but other shots where you are looking away, moving around, pointing, laughing, drinking coffee, etc are also great for marketing. Although this doesn’t have to get done right away, you’ll notice that the best graphics you see are ones that show a wide variety of lifestyle shots of you. (PS: you can also just do this yourself!)

Just keep in mind that the team will need enough space to “crop” the background, but not your head and arms. So don’t take them too close up.

You are able to upload a requested image for your YouTube thumbnail right on the Content Submission Form. (This isn’t required, but it does help vary your thumbnails!)

Screenshot at .. PM

How does the whole process work?2024-01-17T14:54:00-08:00
  1. You’ll upload a video to your Google Drive folder created by The Launch Squad. You’ll rename the video to match the title of the episode. (Example: Episode 004: 3 Signs You’re Going to Kill It in 2024)
    1. (You received the link to your personal folder in the Welcome Email series when you signed up.)
  2. You’ll fill out and submit the form which tells us the episode title and other details we may need. (If your Call-to-Action -CTA – is going to be the same week after week, no need to retype each time. If/when it changes, please let us know the new CTA on the form.
    1. Please note, if you submit more than one form at a time, please tell us the order that you want these episodes published by numbering the episodes. 
  3. Within 3-4 business days after submission, we’ll post in Slack the assets for approval. These assets will be inside the episode folder in your Drive and include:
    1. Video transcript (you don’t need to approve)
    2. Edited video to publish on YT
    3. (3) Reel clips
    4. Canva graphics such as:
      1. YT thumbnail
      2. (1) carousel per episode
      3. (1) standard post image per episode
    5. Content assets (all on one google doc):
      1. Captions to coordinate with reels
      2. Captions to coordinate with standard post
      3. Captions to coordinate with the carousel post
      4. Blog post / podcast post
      5. Email announcement for new episode
  4. Upon your prompt approval or request for revisions (within 3-4 days, including weekends), the Squad will be able to then schedule and post all of the assets to be published over a week’s time, the following week. 
    1. Please use the “suggestion mode” in the Google Doc so the team can clearly see your edits and learn from them.
When should I submit my videos?2024-01-17T14:54:55-08:00

Please submit your video at least TWO WEEKS in advance of the publish date. Our cut off time is Mondays at 6:00 pm PT. Any episodes submitted after this deadline will not be published until 2 weeks later.

We can create a publication schedule for you, or you can submit one that you would like to follow. (Please always note time zones.) We recommend the same exact post schedule week after week. Consistency works well for the algorithms.

Batching your content makes it much easier to ensure that you won’t miss a week! Scheduling a Production Day each month makes this a breeze!

Do I get access to the person who’s editing my content or do I go through you every time?2024-01-17T14:59:22-08:00

All of our communications are within our Slack channel. You will receive an invitation to join the channel the day you sign up with us. 

    1. The Content Distribution Channel is where the team will upload assets for your approval. 
    2. Each episode will have a new thread. For example: Katie Collins, Episode 003 “3 Keys to Better Sales” is the title of the thread. The team will find this thread and communicate with you re: this episode. Once this episode is published, we’ll start a new thread for your next one. Please communicate with us inside those threads if it’s regarding an episode. If you have any questions or concerns outside of a particular episode, feel free to post that as a new post, tagging the appropriate person to assist you.
    3. Please only private message team members when the content that you’re sharing is private, such as passwords. Remember, if you’re sending a private message, no one else can see it, even if you tag them. 
What if I need edits?2024-01-17T14:59:57-08:00
  1. We welcome your kind and constructive feedback! Please know that it takes a few weeks to get to know each other. Your feedback helps us tweak and refine our process with you. Clear communication makes everyone happy and successful.
  2. The best time to give your feedback is when we send you the assets for approval. Initially, this may take 30-60 minutes of your time, so please plan accordingly. Please use the “suggestion” mode so our team can easily see the changes and make the edits on the graphics. 
  3. It is easy for us to make changes to any content before it is scheduled or published. 
  4. It is within our right to refuse to make changes if the content has already been scheduled or published. 
This sounds amazing, what’s NOT included?2024-01-17T15:07:16-08:00

Please be sure you understand the scope of what you signed up for.

For example, we are sending off an “announcement email” to let your readers know you have a new episode up. This is not meant to take the place of, or serve as, a newsletter.

If you’d like help with sending newsletters, creating newsletter templates, updating banners and graphics on your social sites, we can help! It’s just a different service.

Our “VA service” is $30/hour, billed in 15 minute increments. Fill out this form and we’ll deliver the goods within 48 hours (during normal business days). We will bill you separately after the work is complete.

This is a very simple way for you to get tasks off your plate, without having to find/hire someone to join your team.

We also have the capability to make website edits or even build you a new/revised website! Please inquire with us about what you need.

Katie is a stellar sales coach and strategy expert and Jeffrey is an Integrated Operations Director with 20+ years experience. Together we combine the best parts of strategy and systems offering you the most comprehensive insights of both the WHAT and the HOW. 

Sounds like you guys take care of everything, what’s my responsibility?2024-01-17T15:10:16-08:00

This service you’ve just invested in is helping you with one of the most important keys in online marketing: consistency.

By posting on particular days, week after week, you will start to see an increase in your numbers; views, likes, comments, shares and growing your audience. (And yes, we track this for you.)

With that in mind, you can’t count on ONLY this strategy.

The coaches and course creators who get the best results are the ones who continue to show up on social media – and create connection.

You do this by viewing and commenting on others’ content. Following them, engaging with them. Your engagement is what gets your name out there, seen by the followers of the person you’re engaging with. Show up as an expert. Agree or disagree, but show that you have something to add to the convo.

You also create connection by posting personal stuff on your business pages. It can be pet photos, how you’re spending your weekend in nature, your favorite go-to cup of joe… anything that creates an opportunity for your audience to say “me, too!” or “no, thank you!” Either way, they engaged with your content, and that’s exactly what we’re looking for.

The engagement with current followers is more important than the number of followers you have. 

Follow your hashtags. Engage with recent posts (not top posts) that use the same hashtags. Like them (of course, only if they align with you.) This strategy helps more people see your profile. (This only takes about 10 minutes!)

Share your reels to Stories. Then you can create “featured” content on your IG channel with those stories.

Share the content we post on your business page to your personal page or inside your group. Our scheduling software prevents us from being able to do that for you.

The other thing is to make sure you understand the different platforms. If your CTA says “link in bio” on your IG post, then it’s your responsibility to keep your Linktree page current with the correct links.

(If you don’t already have a link page for IG, we’ll create one for you when you join.)

Now, instead of trying to update it weekly, if you want people to visit your latest blog, simply put the link to your blog page, and the most recent episode will be right there on top. This is actually better than linking to the specific episode post because it allows the viewer to see all the other episodes right there. See Katie’s example here:

What do I say on my videos?2024-01-17T15:11:22-08:00

If you’re fairly new to video marketing, here’s a quick template to help you map out a script outline. While we don’t recommend writing out an entire script to read, we do recommend an outline of your hook and 3 main points you want to make.

  • Hook example #1: The Biggest Mistake
    • “In this short video, you’ll discover the #1 mistake that (your avatar) makes that prevents them from getting (desired result.)
  • Hook example #2: The #1 Big Question
    • “There is one big question that all (avatars) must answer in order to be successful. The question is, (insert question.)
    • “As a (avatar) maybe you noticed yourself asking how to/why is it that (insert problem to solve). In this short video you’re going to discover the answer to that question, and how to apply it to your (life) / overcome that challenge fast.
  • Hook example #3: A Provocative Statement
    • (A statistic or statement you want to make.)

We highly recommend tapping into ChatGPT or other AI resources to help you brainstorm content ideas and titles. This time-saving tool helps you batch content with ease.

Ready to Elevate Your Content Game?

If you’re excited to leverage the power of repurposed content , then your next step is to book an evaluation call with Katie. Let’s explore how we can transform your content strategy and amplify your impact.

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