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Demystifying the Lucrative Launch

Connecting the dots on a complete launch framework so you can overcome the 3 launch mistakes that limit profits (and prevent repeatability)

  • Avoid the invisible first-time launch pit-falls

  • Avoid lead magnet killers that are attracting the WRONG audience

  • Pick software that won’t leave you stranded in the middle of your launch

  • Create coherence in your launch system so your buyers don’t get lost in the shuffle

  • Build your list and get paid to do it

  • Scale your earning potential, even if you have a small list

Self-paced DIY Courses

You’d be surprised what you can accomplish on your own with the right guidance

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Miracle Messaging Mini-course



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Close with confidence masterclass


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Craft your Irresistible Offer that sells


($4,997 value)

Now that you’ve got a bird’s eye view of your upcoming launch and you’ve started implementing some assets into your funnel, now it’s time to make sure you’re actually on the right track.

Funnel & Strategy Mapping session

This is a 90-minute session with  both Jeffrey and Katie
(perfect if you’re not launching next week)


($1,997 value)
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It’s time to get crystal chandelier clear on your upcoming launch. Here’s what we’ll cover in this session:

Funnel Mapping

  • KPI Analysis, setup, and review
  • Technology assessment and guidance
  • Visual asset plan and task list

Strategy Layer

  • Offer review
  • Lead magnet continuity review
  • Webinar & pitch review
  • Pricing assessment

Walk Away With

  • A full launch plan you can feel confident about
  • Solid tech that won’t leave you scrambling
  • Automation opportunities to give you some down-time
  • Data tracking script integration so you know what worked and what didn’t

Post-launch Debrief & Future Launch Blueprint

This is a 90-minute session with  both Jeffrey and Katie
(perfect if you’ve already launched)


($1,997 value)

We help you make data-driven decisions to impact your next launch.

  • Did you attract the right people?
  • Was your launch actually profitable (CPC, EPL, ROAS)?
  • Did your lead magnet actually work?
  • Did your offer land as expected?
  • Did any part of the system break down?
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Let’s review

  • Data analysis (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Conversion review
  • Profit tracking – Earnings per lead vs cost per lead (etc)
  • Full webinar & pitch review and recommendations

Walk Away With

  • Knowing what the data actually means and how that can inform your next launch
  • Webinar revisions and recommendations
  • Funnel system recommendations to improve points of conversions
  • Automation opportunity recommendations to get that off your plate (free up time)

How do you take this to the next level and get team support to implement all the things?

Live Coaching & Team support

1:1, 2:1, and ongoing team support when you need it most

We have three main levels of coaching and support. Choose a level that fits your needs.

Any of the above purchases are credited to your coaching package if they are included in the coaching bundle.

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