For Coaches & Online Experts who want to feel confident, not sleazy.

Close With Confidence Masterclass

  • Harnessing the Sales Mindset

  • Getting Quality Calls Booked

  • Mastering the Sales Conversation

  • Overcoming Objections with Heart

  • Case Studies & Next Steps

Selling your program shouldn’t feel difficult

But I’ve seen it time and time again. We get all “up in our heads” about this topic. 

  • I don’t want to feel sleazy
  • What if they say “no”
  • I don’t want to be pushy

But here’s the truth… Selling is a service. 

You have the power to change lives. Isn’t it your responsibility to tell people about it? And shouldn’t you be compensated for your efforts? After all, you can’t build a business on good intentions alone. 

Don’t get me wrong. Virtue is great. But virtue can’t pay for your Facebook ads…

It’s time to cast off the shackles of fear and step into the power of confidence.


Close with Confidence


Stay in alignment, sell with confidence, and never sound like you’re selling a used car ever again.

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