Ever felt like you’re hitting a wall with your sales strategies? You’re not alone. Many of us get stuck in traditional methods that don’t resonate with our values or our audience’s needs. It’s time to shift gears, break through those barriers, and embrace a change to your offer that aligns with your heart-centered approach. Let’s dive into how you can increase your sales numbers with your offer by staying true to your authentic self and genuinely understanding and connecting with your audience and their needs.

Understanding Your Unique Value:

We all have something special to offer, but are we clear on what that is? The key is to identify and articulate your unique value proposition. This understanding is crucial for creating offers that are not just visible but desirable in a crowded digital market.

Audience Alignment:

Knowing your audience is like having a roadmap to their hearts. Understand their needs, desires, and pain points. Tailor your offers to solve the specific problems that keep them up at night. Remember, you’re solving a problem they know they have, not a problem YOU know they have. ;) 

The Power of Clarity:

Clarity in your offers is non-negotiable. Are you even clear on what you’re offering? Because it’s the golden thread that ties your value proposition to your audience’s needs. Remember, simplicity is the ultimate winner in business communication. Are you able to simply state what you help them achieve with your offer? 

Addressing Real Problems:

Move beyond vague promises when it comes to talking about your offer. Talk about the symptoms and real-life challenges your audience faces. When you address these specific issues, your services become not just a want, but a need. You are showing them they need this because they can attach something tangible to the problem. 

Anticipating and Overcoming Objections:

Every entrepreneur faces objections, and you and your offer are no different.. The trick is to anticipate and address these in your marketing and your content they receive in anticipation of the offer. This proactive approach shows empathy and understanding, building trust even before the sale happens. You help them change their own mind when they consume your content. 

Pricing Strategies:

Set prices that reflect the value you provide and what your audience is willing to pay. At the same time, flexible payment options can also make your services more accessible, expanding your reach and increasing your sales conversions

Today’s journey through transforming your offer strategy is just the beginning. Remember, the essence of your success lies in understanding your unique value, aligning with your audience, and addressing their needs with clarity and empathy. As a heart-centered female entrepreneur, coach, or course creator, you have the power to revolutionize your business by staying true to yourself and your values, while also expressing what you do with clarity and conviction.. Reflect on these insights, and consider how you can implement them to see a positive change in your sales, launches and client relationships.

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Katie Collins is a sales-boosting, client-generating business coach who helps you get over your fear of sales and visibility so you can finally make the impact, and the income, of your dreams.

As The Launch Squad’s Sales Superhero, Katie teaches you how to have successful sales conversations (without being pushy), get clear on your message, craft your offer, and structure your program content, including your launch strategy, with an offer that really sells.

Katie creates a safe, nurturing space for you to explore your limiting beliefs and transform your fears. She’s trained in the Art of Feminine Presence and will lovingly push you outside your comfort zone in a way that makes you wonder why you ever wanted to stay there in the first place.

She’s often hired by 7-figure coaching companies to serve as a lead on their sales teams during launches, and has brought in over $4.5 million in coaching program sales.

With personality quiz results like enneagram 1, ESTJ, and The Connoisseur, she’s the very definition of a Boss. So if you’re brave enough, let her boss you into some stellar sales and the life you’ve been dreaming of.

When Katie’s not helping you achieve your sales goals, you can find her barefoot in Barbados or snowboarding in her home state of Colorado.

[00:00:00] Katie: Have you ever wondered why your incredible offer is not flying off the digital shelf when you put it out there during launch time? If you relate to that question, stay tuned because I'm going to ask you three questions to make sure that your offer is actually an irresistible one.

Hi, I'm Coach Katie Collins, and I'm here today to help you uncover the sales blockers that are preventing you from having the success that you desire. So the first thing I want to talk about is what is an irresistible offer? Well, an irresistible offer is one that your audience wants to buy. What makes it irresistible? It's going to solve a problem that your audience has.

Number one, wants to resolve. Number two, and wants to resolve it right now. Number three. If you have those pieces in place with your offer, then you're off to a good start. That's what's going to make it irresistible. But I've got three questions for you to discover if your offer is actually going to fly off the shelf or not.

Or if it hasn't already. You're going to figure out why.

Number one, are you even clear about your offer? So I can't tell you how many times I will help a client craft their offer or go through their pitch and their pitch deck. And they're still really unclear about the program itself. They're unclear about the transformation that's being offered, and they can't sum it up in a quick sentence.

Right? Like, I'm going to help you get better at sales, get out of pain, find a relationship. Those are quick sentences that wrap up what we're doing. But the minute you start talking about empowering... Women to uncover the beliefs that are keeping them stuck so that they're ready and willing to move forward in their life and in their future, right?

There's so many words. We get caught up in the lingo in like the mumbo jumbo of it all and we kind of lose track of what, what does that mean? And is that enough? Would somebody spend 1, 000$, 5, 000$, 10, 000$ on learning how to be empowered? I don't know, but what will being empowered do for them? What is the ultimate transformation?

And then they'll probably pay that 1, whatever your offer is.

The second question I want to ask you is, are you clear on the audience? And do they want to solve the problem that you're helping them solve? And are they interested in the vehicle that you're using? And if not, maybe we're not telling them about the vehicle that you're using until they get into the program.

So every time you talk about your offer, you want your audience to say, Oh my goodness, she gets me. It's like your offer was speaking directly to me. And guess what? A lot of times my offers are speaking directly to them because I've done the market research. I've learned about my audience. I know what's keeping them up at night.

And I'm going to create offers that are based on that. A lot of people are skipping that step. They think, oh, I don't have time for market research. I need to make money right now. Well, guess what? If your audience doesn't want what you're offering, you're not going to make any money. So let's figure out whether or not they even want it.

Now, sometimes we have to show them why they need it. And the way I like to do that is I like to talk about the symptoms. that they're seeing in their own lives that show exactly why they need this. Right? Because when we talk about tangible things that they can touch and understand, they're much more likely to buy into what you're offering.

So instead of talking about, I help women become empowered, we might talk about symptoms that they have. Like, never being listened to at work, or they're not speaking up for themselves. Or they're being mistreated in relationships over and over and over.

There's a pattern of people lacking respect. And they're, tired of it. They're ready to be seen and heard and valued for all that they bring to the table. They're ready to not be overlooked , at their job for, promotion. Right? And so we're just talking about symptoms that they can tangibly say, she gets me.

Oh my God. That's exactly what's happening for me.

And once you've identified these symptoms, my question is, are you talking about them? Are you talking about them in your social media and in your newsletters leading up to the invitation to your launch? Are you discussing and agitating and bringing up their fears and their frustrations, , symptoms their vision?

Are you bringing this up ahead of time so that by the time they hear your offer, they're already quite agitated about where things are right now in their life or in their business or in their health and they're ready for that next step. And finally, you want to make sure you're aware of the objections that are naturally going to come up when people hear your offer.

And better yet, Not only being aware of those objections, but speaking to them directly in your content before they hear your offer, speaking to it directly in your offer, speaking to it directly on the sales page so that you're overcoming that objection before they even hear your offer. So these are things that we need to think about when we're looking at what we're putting out there and what we're trying to sell and making sure number one, we're clear what we're trying to sell.

Number two, that the people we're trying to sell to know that they have the problem and they want to resolve it. And number three, what are some objections that they're going to have that we can overcome with our content before they even hit the offer.

The last thing I want to bring up is your price. So pricing can be a very tricky thing, but I want you to ask yourself, is your price point matching the audience you're trying to sell to? Because I don't know about you, but I would rather sell 100, 500 offers than, you know, one 3, 000 offer, right?

And so what do your people want to pay? What are they willing to pay? And is your price point or your payment plan reflective of the person that you're trying to attract? So if your offer is 5, 000 and the only payment plan you have is two times 2, 500, you might not be reaching the audience who needs you the most.

And so get creative around asking for deposits so that your payment plan can be smaller. , a lot of times people are willing to put a deposit on a credit card and then they're going to pay their payment plan with cash. Right? So get creative around things like that because again, we want people to buy what you're putting out there.

So making sure that the price and the payment plans reflect the people that you're selling to. All right, that's it for now. If you want to grab my free gift, I've got a free gift on how to craft that irresistible offer. Just give me a hand wave or drop me an emoji or send me an email and I'd be happy to send that along to you.

All right, everyone. See you next time.

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