What does it really take to make your dreams a reality? Katie Collins lays it all out with a powerful 3-step approach to doing just that. In today’s episode, get a bird’s eye view on how to finally take positive action towards that 6 or 7 figure business.

jeffrey: Welcome to the light in your launch podcast today, we're talking about how to transition from a pipe dream to reality. So stay tuned.

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jeffrey: Welcome back to the show. My name is Jeffrey Samorano and today we're switching it up here and we're going to listen in on a little, um, uh, live that Katie Collins did while back. And, uh, it's all about transitioning from, you know, this, this neat idea, this pipe dream, the feeling of, you know, can it really be possible into something that's a reality that you have a plan and a strategy to execute. So if you like this content, there's a lot more of it happening in our Facebook group. The lighten Your launch Facebook group. So head on over there and, and, uh, join in the conversation. All right, let's listen into Katie and see what she has to say.

Katie: Have you ever sat there and created a dream in your mind of what you would love, which is a great question to be asking yourself, what would you love? And have you ever created that vision in your mind and then wondered.

Katie: Yeah, but how is this going to actually become a reality? Well, that's what I'm here to talk to you about today is how to make it your in fact reality, because it is completely possible. So if you have not been acquainted with me yet, I am coach Katie Collins, and I work with coaches and other online experts and help you overcome your fear of visibility and your fear of sales, so that you can make the income and the impact that you wanted when you first got started in your business. And I wanted to pop in here and have this conversation with you today because I had offered to my list, you know, to book a call with me, if you're feeling stuck in any way. And a few people have taken me up on that. And so I've had some really interesting conversations. And to be honest, they sat in me a little because some, some of the folks that I was talking to, like, don't believe that it's possible to get to where they actually really want to go.

Katie: And so, you know, perhaps they're making 50 or $60,000 a year in their business and they really want to be making, you know, 300,000. And it just feels like to use the phrase someone have used, it feels like a pipe dream, right? Like, oh yeah. Well, that would be nice. And you know, when you feel yourself getting to that cynical place, um, then it's really clear that your soul is like, yet, you're not aligned with that. Oh, so what do you do? Well, that's what we're going to talk about. So we have a three-step process to take your desire into what I like to call practicality. Like let's actually create a map that lets you get there. It's not, nothing is impossible in this world. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it and you have the dedication that you want to put into it it's totally possible.

Katie: But maybe in the first grade, when you were told that you were going to be graduating from college and going on to a career in insert whatever career you're in, it may not have felt possible to that first grader. Right. But as you got older and more advanced in school, you started to understand, oh, I do have choices or wow, I don't have to be the firefighter police officer, nurse teacher thing that I thought I had to be when I was a kid. Right. Anything is possible, but we had to go to school, um, whether it was college or a trade school or some sort of training, most of us had to go to a school to get the training we wanted. So what put, we had to put some work into it. We had to put some money behind, but you think about, you get to the other side and you're like, huh, I, I somehow did that.

Katie: So the first thing we've got to start with is, you know what, of course, so you want to start with your desire, what do you want to make? So let's just use the example of, you know, I want to make $300,000 now. I haven't figured out any math on my paper or my notes and just doing this off the top of my head. So, um, bear with me when I talk about money math, but let's just think about if the goal is you want to make $300,000 in your business and you're feeling like, yeah, I mean, that would be great, but whatever, right? Because you're not, you're not there. Um, you're not even close to being there, right? Maybe that's three and a half times the number that you that you're at right now. Um, the first thing you want to do is we've got to change the button, the leaf that you're holding that says yeah, right into actually I think I can do this.

Katie: And the way you do that is by looking at the numbers, numbers don't lie. They tell a story and they are possible to hit when you actually set goals to hit them. So now we're not talking 300 K as a goal, we're talking about what are the numbers that we need to put in place that would allow us to reach 300 K? So the first thing I like to do with people when I'm on the phone with them in these conversations is I'll ask them, what are you offering right now? And how much is it? And then I just take out my calculator and I'm like, okay. So, and actually I'm going to do that. So okay. Left the stage. Okay. So just for ease, I'm going to say, somebody says, well, I'm selling a package for $750. Okay, great. So you're selling something for 700 $5,750, and we want to get to 300 K in a year.

Katie: So let's just divide $300,000 divided by that seven 50, the package you have. And that means you have to sell 400 of those, um, to make $300,000. So then I just pause and say, well, how does that feel to you? How does, how does it feel to sell $400, 400 of those? And then let's just divide that by 12 months, you have to get an average of 33.3, three sales a month to get to 300,000. So normally around this time in the conversation, people say, well, I feel a little overwhelmed by that, or, oh, I can't even imagine doing that. I'm barely getting, you know, four sales a month, let alone 33. Okay, great. So my next solution is, all right, then we need to come up with, um, an idea of something that you could sell. That would be more than $750, right? So that you can really, um, earn more money with what you're selling.

Katie: Well, not like feeling like you have to hustle and hustle and hustle and hustle to sell 33 of those every month, because that feels exhausting. And when the belief inside of you is that the way to 300 K feels exhausting, guess what? You're not going to do it. You're going to sabotage it because you believe that you're going to have to give up something right. In order to get there. And I, you know, I get that that's that's okay. So we're looking at numbers and we're saying, whoa, your offer for 750 bucks is going to be a really hard offer to get to 300 K. All right. So what if you had a $5,000 offer? Now? I always picked $5,000 for a couple of reasons. Number one, I have a program called craft, a 5k offer that sells. So it's something that just rolls off my tongue all the time.

Katie: But the reason I chose that number, the reason why I chose that title is when I did market research. You know, in my group of people, with my ideal clients, most of them wanted to know that they were making a consistent $5,000 a month as a bottom line. Like no less than that. And I want to be up from there. So I always want to help people get from like the $5,000 to the $10,000 a month, um, place. Right. That's kind of my sweet spot. So if you can have a $5,000 offer, and again, it doesn't have to be 5k, but just for this example, if you had a $5,000 offer and you're jumping from 750 to 5k, okay. Huge jump. So we've got to get a belief system that believes that you have something to offer for 5,000 and that you can in fact sell it.

Katie: Here's the thing when I offer a high ticket, which to me is 5,000 and above. When I offer something like that, I know the transformation that's waiting for them is so much bigger than the transformation somebody would get. If they paid me $750, what they would get for $750 is a mere couple of sessions. What they would get for $5,000, right? Or I'm a little higher at this point. But what they would get for that is such a bigger package of more support, more time, we're able to achieve more things. And guess what happens when you do that? The client that works with you for that extended period of time, instead of the short $750 time makes bigger jumps. They get a transformation that they did not even think was possible because they worked with you for six months and the transformation blew them away.

Katie: And then what happens then? Number one, you get awesome. Testimonials. Number two, they tell their friends about you, right? And number three, you can see the impact that you've had on this person bigger than the impact you would have had at the 750. So we've got to enroll ourselves into the idea of all right. I can do a $5,000 package. So let's just type in that $300,000. Again, you want to get to 300 K in one year, and now I'm going to divide it by having a $5,000 package, you would have to sell 60 of those. Okay. It feels a little bit more doable. Let me divide that. By 12 months, I have to sell five of those every month to get to my 300 K. Does that feel a little easier to you? It might, no, it may feel brand new and overwhelming, but I'm just showing you the numbers.

Katie: I'm not trying to get you on board with this quite yet, but I just want to show you the numbers that you understand. Originally, we started with these numbers that made no sense where you are, what you're selling now can not get you to where you want to be, unless you drastically change something. You're either going to change your strategy. You're going to change your offer or both. Right. And in order to do that leads me to step two. So step one was first. You have to believe it's possible. And we believe by looking at the numbers and just seeing a clear pathway. Okay. So now I'm thinking, okay, I've got to sell five, $5,000 every month. Okay. Right. Or in essence, I need to be making about $25,000 every month in order to get to 300,000. Yeah. But when you have an idea of how you might get to that 25,000, for example, the five times, 5,000, it just becomes a little bit easier to believe.

Katie: Now you've got to step to become person who can achieve the goal, become the person who's going to make it possible. Right. So what I said before, and I think it was Albert Einstein who said, keep doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result is the definition of incidence. Okay. So let's start being the person who's doing different things so that he or she can create different results. So who do you need to be to be the person that can sell five, $5,000 packages? So some words may come to mind already. Um, I have a, um, an I am list and I don't want to leave the stage again and go get it, but I want to tell you, so my words that I took on, um, right around when COVID hit, I restructured myself a little bit, right?

Katie: So the five words I took on are, I am Meg manic, adaptable, wealth minded, creative, and unstoppable. Those were my five, I am words that I was taking in, um, in March, you know, when things first started kind of going down, um, and you know, wealth minded, let's break that down a little bit. Well, if I want to attract people that can afford my high dollar, you know, high ticket service, premium service, then I need to also act as if right I'm wealthy. And even though March and April were scary times to spend money, I spent money because I bet on myself and I believed in myself and I knew that what I was investing in at that time, it was going to continue to advance me. That's a wealth minded person, right? The person that's holding on tight to their purse strings is not acting wealth minded.

Katie: Right. Uh, another example. And I, you know, I had a coach, a very high dollar coach a couple of years ago. And, um, unstoppable has been one of my words for a long time. And so, you know, we were having a conversation where I was in this, like, Ooh, what was me? You know, something didn't work. I can't remember what it was. And you know, I just feel like giving up or whatever. Right. I was in kind of a whiny sob story mood, and she's looked at me and she's, so I'm just curious, is that the unstoppable Katie Collins, that's talking and I'm like, oh, touché okay. Right. And that's what made me make this sign and hang it. And I made it pretty so that I like looking at it because I want to remind myself who do I need to be to get to my goals.

Katie: I need to be unstoppable. Right. And so now when things come up because not all of being an entrepreneur is easy, right. It's like, holy cow, sometimes you just get knocked down again and again and again. And especially when it's out of your control or it feels like it's out of your control. Oh, it can be so tough. Right. But when I put on the unstoppable Katie Collins hat, I find my way around the thing that stopped me up that prevented me from getting what I want, or I simply showed up in a different way. Right. So I shared on another video a few weeks ago, you know, one of my, it was talking about like what to do when nothing goes right during your lunch. Um, you know, it was like the most frustrating launch of my life. And, um, you know, a few things happened that made me not have the numbers that I wanted to have.

Katie: I had goals set, right. I had financial goal set. I knew how many people needed to be in the launch for those goals to be met. And I wasn't at that number and I considered not doing it. I considered canceling it, changing the date. You know, how else can I fill this up? And then I just got really clear, like, Nope, you know, you got people to say yes, and this is the time. And we're going to show up and give it our all, no matter how many people are there. Um, and I learned that early on as a speaker, right? You host a workshop. If nobody shows up, you stand at the front of the room and you deliver your workshop. Anyway, that's the unstoppability that we're talking about here. It's that nothing's going to get shut down. You're going to do it anyway.

Katie: Right. And I far surpassed my goals, even though my numbers weren't as good. Right. The projections were, were lower than my actual results and it works out fine. So it's just interesting when you take on that essence of unstoppability. So not to go too into my words cause I want you to find your words, but the, the thing is you have to become her. You have to really like have that coach in your head going, is that the unstoppable, you know, insert your first and last name, right? Is that a wealth minded decision? I sent an email earlier this week to my list talking about, um, you know, there's a reason why decision and vision rhyme, right. Is this decision aligning with my vision? And if it isn't, I'm probably not being the person that can get to my goal. All right. So we're talking about three step process for how to get from this desire of, you know, feels like a pipe dream to practicality.

Katie: First step was believing that it's possible by just laying out some numbers, right. And taking a look at your current numbers and like, do you have to offer something different? How can we make this just possible believable? Right? And then the second step was becoming the person who can make it possible. And what are those adjectives that you want to take on? The third step is creating the plan to get you there. So if you have decided that you're going to offer a $5,000 offer and you know, you have to sell five. And right now you're booking maybe a few strategy sessions, sales calls, whatever you want to call them. Uh, maybe you're booking a few of those per month. Then it's guaranteed that you're not going to get five sales because you're only having say for example, two or three opportunities, right? So you'd have to have a hundred percent conversion on your sales calls for those two or three opportunities that are trickling in with what you've been doing up until now to get sales calls booked.

Katie: So that's not going to work. So we need a new plan because if you keep doing what you've been doing up until now, if you keep doing that, you're not going to get further in your goals because what you need to do to get to your goals is something different. Okay? So we have to come up with a plan. How are we going to do that? So being an online entrepreneur, which is, you know, who is in my audience, um, it's, what's called a launch. You have to do some sort of a launch process to bring people in, get them excited. It's, it's kind of like having a party. It's inviting a bunch of people to your party, getting people really excited about this thing. You host the party and you make an offer. Now I'm making that sound easier, said than done. I totally get it.

Katie: Um, let me just go over a couple of launch methods that you've probably seen other people do, and you've maybe done it yourself. Um, simplest one being hosted webinar, host a 75 minute training, make an offer at the end right now, of course there's more to it than that. There's some strategy behind what are you sharing as content on the webinar and making sure that you're opening up a need for further help. And that's where the offer comes in. Okay. So that's, um, one way to do it. Um, I recommend hosting more than one so that if people can not attend your, uh, you know, the one you picked, then they can pick a different date. Um, I do recommend people go live. I don't recommend sending out a recording because nine times out of 10 people, aren't going to watch it anyway. So you really want them to raise their hand and say, I want this, I'm going to show up.

Katie: I'm going to pay attention. And I'm going to mark this in my calendar. All right. So that's a webinar launch. Now, other people are doing two other things that are very common right now. We've got the live method where you are going live inside of a Facebook group, usually so that you can contain the group of people that's interested and you're going live, you know, three to five days that week. And some even extend it to nine days, depending on the model they learn and what they want to do for some people that feels very exhausting for others, they feel really excited about that. Um, and then a third option is doing what, you know, typically is known as a five-day challenge. You may not want to call it a five day challenge. You may want to call it something besides the word challenge, which is maybe overused about as overused as the word pivot at this point.

Katie: Um, but you get the gist of, um, again, you're taking your audience from where they are right now. You're helping them gain some sort of a win. And you're setting them up for wanting more like, wow, I got this win in this free training. You know, what's possible on the other side of that, what else does she have to offer? If this is all I got for free, what's her pay program going to look like? That's the essence of how, right? So now getting a plan, we're figuring out a launch method and we're figuring out what, what is the content that's going to bring the right people in the door? What do I need to talk about leading up to my, the launch, right? What do I need to do in the launch? And then how am I going to deliver my offer? Right? And then we've just got to look at okay, if I want to sell, um, however many, let's say five, as we were talking about trying to sell five in a month, um, if I want to sell five of these, then ha and I can expect a 2% conversion.

Katie: You know, how many people do I need in the door, right? So that is essentially the plan that you need to make sure that the $300,000 pipe dream, Ashley has a way to become real howdy. Now here's the thing. It may not happen happen. The first time you launch, you may not get 25 K in sales, right. That's okay. That's okay. Okay. This is where the gratitude practice comes in. This is where the celebrations come in. So pat on the back, right? Because like, well, let's see, I made maybe half of what I wanted to make. Right. Okay. But I created all this content. I got all these emails queued up. I did get people to follow me. I did get people in the group. They liked it. I got great feedback. They got great results. Okay. Wow. All that worked out really well. Um, or let's see, I attracted people that weren't my ideal audience.

Katie: Okay. I'm going to go back to my messaging, tweak my messaging, do it again. Right. So the whole idea of launching is the understanding. Yep. Have to do it again and again and again and again. And although you may, that people are going to get bored of you doing the same thing over and over again. Um, they're not, I promise. And you know what, if they've already done it and they're not interested tuning in it's okay. Right. Because the intention is to bring more people in anyway. But the best part is lots of people will do it your first time. And then they show up again and then they show up again and then they buy and it took them three times through your lunch before they bought the thing. Right. But what was happening that whole time you were showing up, you were a leader, you were unstoppable, you were maybe adaptable, right.

Katie: You figured out what wasn't working, you tweaked it, you went back and they see you showing up in that way. And they build that know like trust factor. You're building the know, like trust factor. They're following you. They're impressed with you. And they're learning from you every single time. And then you get to know your content better because you're repeating it over and over and over. This is why teachers, you know, if you know me, you know, I was a former teacher. This is why teachers like to teach the same grade for a few years in a row, if not several years in a row, because we get it dialed in. And then the next year it's going to go so much better because I finally figured out the curriculum. Right. Um, so when you teach the same thing over and over and over again, it's actually a good thing.

Katie: Now, if you think you're going to get bored, I promise you, you won't because you're always going to be upleveling your content. Right. So a lot of people like to say, you just rinse and repeat. I like to say to refine, and then you rinse and repeat, refine then rinse and repeat. So I'm running my craft, a 5k offer that sells program right now. And I'm refining it, looking at what I did last year. I'm I'm like watching the old Q and A's looking at what people were asking questions about what wasn't clear. And then I can go to that module and make it clearer, or make sure that I say upfront something that I want them to know instead of figuring it out later on. Right. So it's better. I'm refining. So that's really good. The three-step plan to taking your sort of pipe dream idea of making $300,000 a year in sales and breaking it down into like, what beliefs do I need to have to make this possible?

Katie: And we do that by looking at the numbers, right? Who do I have to be, do I need to show up in my business that I may not have been doing thus far? Um, right. So couple of things that I didn't mention that I will right now is like, if you're not using, um, video, that might be one thing. If you're not going live, that might be one thing. If you don't have a Facebook page, let's create one. Right? Who do we need to be to bring more people into our, our realm here. Right? And then finally, what's the plan that you're going to do that would bring these to life. Right? What kind of launch system do you need to have in place to make sure that you're bringing people in? And then of course the refine, rinse and repeat so perfect timing. My lawn care, people are here.

Katie: It's going to get very loud. Um, but I'm going to wrap this up, but let me know what you think in the comments. I'm so curious, like when I say $300,000, you know, where, like, how does that feel in your body? Like, is that something that you believe, is that something you want? And if so, do you have an offer that can sustain that? And if not, that's where you want to start is thinking through what could I offer for that? Right? How could I increase the value and thereby increase the transformation that my clients would be able to experience by creating an offer? That scares me. That pushes me to my edge. That makes me go, oh my God, can I do this? Because yes, you can. You absolutely can. But it just takes you making that decision and thinking it through. And if you want some support with that, let me know. This is what I do. This is what I love to do. I see possibility. I see beyond your blind spots and I can help you think through this stuff. So just reach out, send me a direct message, reach out and let's chat about it.

Katie: That's it for today. Again, that's Katie Collins wrapping up, you know how to transition from pipe dream to a solid reality. Even if you think you can't do it, if you, even, if you think you're not there yet, we know it's possible for you. Again, if you like this head on over to iTunes, Stitcher, wherever you listen to this right now and hit that five star, leave us a review, hit that subscribe button and let us know you're enjoying this stuff. Check out all the show notes at the launch squad, lab.com forward slash episode 27. And again, I'm inviting you right now to the light in your launch Facebook group, come on over and join the conversation. I'll see you there.

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