Experiencing wealth and abundance starts with healing your money mindset. On today’s show, we’re speaking with Yolanda Boyerin, a Money Relationship Guru behind the brand Manifest Mad Money.
Her mission is to help driven entrepreneurs create and manifest the life and business of their dreams all while feeling completely fulfilled, passionate and aligned.
She is the perfect mix of strategy and woo that helps bring out the confident, thriving, and abundant version of you!
She shares a powerful method of manifestation using the written word. You can check out her free gift here.

Jeffrey: Welcome to the light in your launch podcast today, we're talking about manifesting mad money, stay tuned.

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Jeffrey: Welcome back to the show. I'm Jeffrey Someran, I'm back again with Katie Collins as usual. And today we want to talk about manifesting money with our special guest Yolanda Boyarin Yolanda is the money relationship grew behind the brand manifest mad money. Her mission is to help driven entrepreneurs like you create and manifest the life and business of your dreams all while feeling completely fulfilled, passionate, and aligned. She is the perfect mix of strategy and woo. That helps bring out the confident, thriving, and abundant version of you. Yolanda. Welcome to the show.

Yolanda: Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to be here.

Jeffrey: Awesome. We're excited to get to know you better and to have this conversation, tell us a little bit about, you know, where you come from, how do you, how did you get here and all that jazz?

Yolanda: Yeah. So I'll try and shorten that as much as possible. But basically when I was a little girl, I had this crazy uncle that used to just tell me he was going to manifest the lottery all the time. And when I was a little girl, I used to think it was so fascinating. I was like, yeah, that's so cool. Like my uncle is going to manifest the lottery. I remember as little as four and five years old, him saying stuff like that. And then as I got older, we would go to museums and restaurants and he would still tell this story to everyone. And it was getting a little embarrassing. It's like, okay, my uncle is drunk. Like people think he's really crazy. Like I know he's crazy until it happened. He manifested a $42 million lottery win. When I was 17 years old, I had, yeah, I had just given birth to my son.

Yolanda: I was a teen mom. And um, so after that I just kind of started taking it a little bit more serious. I was like, okay, there's something to this whole thing started asking him a ton of questions. And then I really started diving in deep in how the processes information and how we as humans thrive and operate. And I started applying all of these things and I consciously manifested and created a multiple six figure business as a 20 something year old. I was a real estate agent. I bought my first home at 21, bought my brand new range, Rover cash. I created a multiple six-figure savings account. Like I was doing all of the things. And then my son at the age of 14 attempted suicide for the first time. And it just completely rocked my world. Wow. And then I realized I was doing all of this out of hustle. I was combining the manifestation with the hustle and I was just like, this is what it takes to be successful. And I just realized I couldn't do it anymore. And I just threw it all down the drain and, um, kind of fell into a little bit of a slump. And during that time I just had this huge, deeper spiritual awakening, I guess you would say. And then I created the brand manifest mad money into a multiple six figure brand within two years. So here I am.

Jeffrey: That's amazing. And what was that journey in that transition? If you're, I don't want to say you're hitting rock bottom, but you've had the dip the down point. And then what was that like getting back up and, uh, what was that like?

Yolanda: Yeah, it was tough. It was really tough. I had moments. I had multiple days, weeks, months where I did not get out of bed. I had to purposely talk to myself of like, Yolanda, this is not you. This isn't you. That awakening really came when, when I realized I really had to do something about, I really did hit rock bottom. So when I realized I had to do something about it was when I went to go take the trash out one day and I heard all of the wine bottles clinking together because I was Downing one to two bottles of wine myself every day, just to self-medicate and escape what my reality was.

Jeffrey: Yeah. What, what was, uh, what was the catalyst for turning it around?

Yolanda: I realized I couldn't go on like that anymore. Not only did I not have the time because my son was in and out of, um, you know, health institutions trying to save his own life. Um, I also realized I just, I couldn't keep doing this to myself. I needed to be there for him. So yeah, that was a really, I mean, that was a really, really dark time for me.

Jeffrey: Wow. Yeah. So you're on the upward path. You're bringing, you're bringing things back, right. You're obviously, um, successful now. You're right. You're manifesting. What are you doing different now than you were before?

Yolanda: I decided to throw out all of the old rules of the things that I was taught. I decided that I was no longer willing to sacrifice time. I know I was no longer willing to sacrifice my mental health, my health. I was just no longer willing to do the grind anymore. And I realized if I could do it previously with all of that. And I knew the power of the mind and I knew how the brain processed information and how we create. I knew that I could do it without all of that. And so my mission, honestly, I just stepped into this role because I didn't want people to be as alone as I felt during that moment. And I was just like, I'm going to do this because it's fun. I'm going to do this because I want to help people, but I'm not willing to go through what I went through. Again, I was working, you know, six, sometimes seven days a week as a real estate agent working 10 to 12 hour days. And there was just so much that I lost during that time.

Katie: Yeah. That's a tough career. I mean, the expectation of your clients is that you're always available. It's in part why I didn't want to work with real estate agents as a business coach, because I was like, I just can't be like, well, you got to get out there and hustle 24 7. It's it's very hard. So I liked what you said, like you can't out hustle your money mindset. Um, you know, I, I had said or heard from someone else, like you can't outperform your limiting beliefs, right? So similar of what do you expect can happen. And then are you, are your goals reflective of something higher than what you actually expect can happen? Right. So I would hear a lot of people when I first got started in business coaching, you know? Well, what's your goal. And I would have a lot of people kind of shrunk. I could practically hear the shoulder shrug on the phone and they'd be like, I don't know. I mean, I guess I'd love to make $10,000 a month. Right. And it was like their voice heightened. Right. It wasn't, uh, I want to make $10,000 a month. It was a G I don't know, maybe. Right? Yeah. So it's like, okay, so your goal is higher than what you think is possible. And you're never going to get there.

Yolanda: I noticed their body language changes when they start talking about money. When I asked that question, I'm like, what's your goal? What do you want to do? And they look to the side, they break eye contact, or they like slumped down. Or there's a lot of different things that happened that they're not even aware of. It's. Yeah.

Katie: Yeah.

Jeffrey: And what do you say to that? What, what is your comeback when they're, when they act that way?

Yolanda: I immediately say there's a money story here that we've got to uncover subconsciously consciously. You can tell yourself all day long. I want to make six figures. I want to make multiple six figures. I want to make 10 K months as Katie just said, but subconsciously what you're doing is you're resisting it when you show up and you can't even, you can't make eye contact or you have to think about, um, well, I'd really like to know there's hesitation there. And so there's really a money story that has to be overcome in that moment.

Jeffrey: Yeah. And how do we, how do we unpack that? How do we, uh, get to the bottom of that? Really?

Yolanda: So our money story really stems from a lot of conditioning as a child. So from age zero to seven, your brain is looking for its belief system. It's looking for something to operate off of because it doesn't yet have that. And so what it's taking is it's taking from here, it's taking from there. Our conscious mind is only processing 127 bits per second, versus our conscious mind at 2.6 million bits per second. So that's a lot of information going into the subconscious per second. It can't possibly hold on to all of that information. So then what it does is it takes stories that we've encountered and it deletes them. It generalizes them and it distorts them because it's got to compact all of this information into something that your brain can hold onto in order to operate on in the future. What happens is these stories are being distorted, as I just said.

Yolanda: And then, so we make them mean something about our self-worth. So for instance, I like to use this as my example, let's say you're five years old. You have a school play after school. Your parents are supposed to be there. They get caught in traffic. Curtain opens you, don't see your parents out in the crowd, unconsciously. We are processing. I'm not good enough. That's why my parents aren't here. Because as a child, you can't fathom that they got stuck in traffic, or maybe they had a flat tire, or maybe they got into an accident. You can't possibly compute that. And so we immediately go to, I'm not worthy of it. And so there's a lot of, I call it inner healing and deconditioning that we have to do with the stories that are on repeat in our minds, because it shows up in not just your money story, it shows up in your relationships, it shows up in your friendships, it shows up in your familial relationships. It shows up everywhere throughout your life. And we're stuck in the story. So we don't even realize when it is showing up.

Jeffrey: Wow. Yeah. Where do we, where do we start with that?

Katie: Well, it's, yeah, it's hard. It's hard to change something that you're not clear about. Right. So I always hear like, well, with any change, you know, awareness is the first step, right? So noticing that, um, like in real concrete examples that I see in my business, um, are like, my clients don't want to look at their bank statements. They don't know their numbers. They don't even know how to log into QuickBooks. Like someone does that for them. So everything is kind of hands off when it comes to their money. And, and then, you know, they've got this goal, I want to make 10 K a month or whatever their goal is. But if I said, well, what have you made so far this month? They have no idea. Um, so it's, it's like this refusal to adult quote unquote right around money. And that is a symptom of some sort of story, belief, whatever. Um, I don't want to put words in your mouth, but that's just what I found is like, you know, if you're refusing to look at your money or on a monthly basis, you know, uh, w yeah. Track what came in, what went out, you know, what are you like, what are your business expenses per year? That kind of thing. Um, then it's really hard to reach your goals. If you don't have half of the story written down right. In front of your face, you know, being fully informed.

Yolanda: Yeah. I'm honestly shocked about the amount of entrepreneurs that are resistant to viewing their numbers. I'm like, this is data. This is the data that we need to move off of. But also, how do you know if you met your goal, if you're not even looking at what you've received

Katie: Or appreciating it.

Yolanda: Right. Yeah. And that's the biggest thing is like, we fear money because we tend to put it on this pedestal above ourselves, versus it just realizing it's a tool, just realizing it's a piece of paper that we gave its value to. We gave its name to it is literally just a piece of paper. But when in those moments, when we're refusing to check our bank account, or where resisting, wanting to look at what's going in and out, it, I mean, we're putting it above us. I always like to use this example of fear factor. Do y'all remember that show Brogan used to host it and like they would make you do the nastiest things like eat five Caterpillar's and we'll give you a million dollars or lay in his coffin with yeah. With maggot, snakes, cockroaches, and, you know, people would refuse. And in that moment, what they were saying is that money is not worth my self worth. Like, I am worth more than money in that moment. And that's the piece that we need to get to is realizing that our, our lives, our self worth our value is so much bigger than money yet we keep placing it on this platform.

Katie: Yeah. I know I'm back. I used to be a teacher before I was in the coaching world. So I learned about manifesting, which is what gave me the courage to leave that job. But I remember learning about like manifesting money. And at that time I was making a salary and it was not going to go up. It was a, this is what the district pays teachers in this role. And, you know, I had a master's degree. If I got a PhD, nobody would care. They were not going to pay me any more money. So when they kept saying, you know, manifest money or, you know, all of a sudden, I just got a check in the mail. I kept like sitting there going, yeah, I just don't have that rich uncle. That's going to randomly send me a check in the mail. I, there is no reason why any random check in the mail. Right. So I kept fighting against what people were saying, like how to manifest. I just couldn't believe that any of that could happen. And then I remember really trying to do that. I mean, sort of, right. Like I I'm cynical and then I'm trying to do it at the same time, but sure enough, like my mortgage company sent me a check in the mail. I got like a tax refund and then some, you know, $5, you know, settlement from our nationwide, you know, cell phone company at class action. Here's your five bucks. Right.

Jeffrey: But here's your $5 of the $45 billion loss.

Katie: Um, but I remember just being like, see, you just don't know, you can't sit there and expect that you're going to know where that is going to come from. Um, I had another friend in, in the coaching industry and, uh, she talks about manifesting money miracles. But back when we were just masterminding together, she wanted her business to make $10,000 in one month. Um, in this one month she had $11,000 worth of income, but it wasn't from her business. And so she wasn't receiving it. You know what I mean? It wasn't. And, and my other master probably partner and I were like, what do you mean? You just got $11,000? And she's like, but it wasn't from, and we're like, no, no, no, you can't. You can't say, oh, it's only $5 from the class, this class action suit or, oh, this 7,000 doesn't matter because it was a payback from a family member, as opposed to, from my business, no it's money. It's the energy and the circulation of money. So those were two big things that I had to learn was stop trying to figure out why this won't work for you. And instead allow it. And number two, be grateful for any dollar amount and be grateful for in any capacity that you receive money in any dollar amount to keep that going. And I think those are the things that stops so many people in there. So simple, those shifts are so simple.

Yolanda: Yeah. It's like, you know, when I was a little girl, I mean, I'd see a penny on the ground and I'd pick it up. Right. And it's like, now I still do that. And people are like, why are you picking up that penny? I'm like, if I have 99 cents, and then I pick up a penny, now I have a dollar. I mean, why am I just going to refuse money? Because I think it's just a penny. That's a penny more than I just said.

Katie: Yeah. I think, um, I think it was one of our mentors, Jeffrey that had said like, you know, no matter what, if he finds change in, you know, anything under a buck, you know, and he finds on the ground, he literally goes woo. Every time. Yeah. Just celebrate 67 cents, $67, $67,000. You've got to celebrate it every single time. Um, yeah. So I had learned from, uh, back in the day, a mentor had said to personify money, she used to call it the money, honey. And she had us make like a vision in our head of like the, uh, soap opera version of money. Like who's that hunky in my case, heterosexual, who's that hunky man money, honey, that I was like bringing forth or whatever. And that was fun too, because the personification made me have gratitude, no matter what, if a man shows up with one flower or a dozen roses, I'm going to be grateful. Anyway, thank you so much for thinking of me and for bringing me a single flower, you picked out of my yard or a dozen roses or more. Right. It's so that personification really helped me find the gratitude no matter what, because when it's a person, you're not going to say, oh, you just bought me one flower. Awesome.

Yolanda: I was going to say, I mean, I'm sure there are some people, but yeah. We're, we're essentially refusing gifts. And it's like, who wants to give you a gift? If you're, you know, like why, why would I continue to give you a gift? Right.

Katie: Exactly. Yep. Yeah. Where's the other 11 flowers did rushy had us like kind of journaling back and forth between our money, honey. And it was like, why don't you ever show up for me? I never have enough. And the money honey response was because whenever I show up for you, you, you like get rid of it immediately. And it's those people that the minute they receive cash, they spend it. Right.

Yolanda: Yeah. Well, that's also, okay. So I'm going to go into that a little bit. So my uncle fit the mold of the typical lottery winner four and five years is when they expect lottery winners to go broke. And that happened, it literally happened. He's no longer with us. Um, he died of cirrhosis of the liver because he had too much time on his hands drinking. And that's why I always tell people if you receive money and then you ultimately have to turn around and get rid of it right away, you have a resistance to your self-worth. You either have a story of, I don't know, when's the next time I'm going to receive it. So I might as well just spend all of it now. Or you have a story of, I don't know how to handle this. I don't deserve this. I don't know what to do with it.

Yolanda: Let me get rid of it right now because it's too stressful. And so a lot of people used to come to me because I did share the story of my uncle obviously. And they used to come to me and they used to say, I want to manifest the lottery. And I'm like, I am not the coach for you because if you're not willing to work on yourself and do that deep work that I keep saying is the biggest takeaway. Then you're just going to find yourself in another bad spot. Again, it just, it never works out that way. It never works out. Great. If you're coming from that point

Jeffrey: And that that's just the rollercoaster or hamster wheel or rat race that so many people feel like they're a part of. Right. And it's all stemming from this self worth perspective.

Yolanda: Yes. Yes. Because you have a story of something. Even my clients say no, Yolanda, I had a great childhood. I had this, I had that when I take them through, um, neuro-linguistics programming, which is reprogramming what the subconscious has stored. They wind up getting, we go through exercises, they wind up getting memories coming back that they're like, oh my God, I had no clue that this was actually bothering me. I had no clue that this was actually showing up in my current world.

Jeffrey: I think that's so powerful. I come from a family that was loving and uh, open and you know, a great, a great childhood. But there were, I can tell by doing some of this work myself, that there were those times where I heard, uh, we can't afford that a lot, a lot, a lot, you know? And it's like, uh, it seeps in there, no matter what kind of child you have, it seeps in there. You know? So it's like every, almost everybody has this in one way or another. And it could be the opposite to where you grew up in an Uber wealthy family. It's like, yeah, you can have whatever you want. And those people end up manifesting millions themselves. You know, that they can believe they can have anything they want.

Yolanda: Yeah. Well, you know, what's funny is they say that, um, children of successful people are actually, they have the worst time of it because they feel like they'll never measure up to their parents' success. But also they were given everything. So they don't know how to go out and necessarily create for themselves.

Jeffrey: Right. Oh, that's interesting point, huh? Yeah. Tell, so tell us about your money magic method. What's that about?

Yolanda: So this is a method that I came up with after studying my uncle's process after studying the brain and how things, you know, process. So essentially first we just want to see what's coming up for you. Like I said, that deep programming, that conditioning that we grew up with, like Jeffrey, you just mentioned, like we can't afford that. Okay. Well that resonates in the brain in a certain way. So we need to release that, heal, that, get rid of that story. Then you need to step into what is it that you actually want to believe around money around yourself, your capabilities, where you're headed. And then once you can do that, that is when you actually receive and manifest. That is when it comes into the 3d. So I take people through this three steps, essentially this framework, and it always works. People come to me and they're like, Yolanda, I thought you were going to give me some ritual to do. I thought you were going to tell me step by step. Did I need to have this crystal in this hand and do this? No, that's not what manifestation is. It's truly releasing the old stories that your brain is operating from and embodying the stories that you actually want to believe.

Jeffrey: That's powerful.

Yolanda: Yeah, it really is. It really, really is it I'm telling you it's intense. It involves a lot of tears, a lot of breakthroughs, a lot of aha moments. A lot of, oh my gosh. I didn't realize I was doing that. It's really letting go of the ego.

Jeffrey: Um, that doesn't sound fun or easy. How do you get your clients?

Yolanda: Well, I get my clients based on what we all do. Right? Like we sell them what they want and then I give them Like, they, you know, that, um, my, my very first program was called money, mindset magic. And like I said, they would all come to me and they would say, Yolanda, I thought you were, I thought this was a map for manifestation, like on the full moon, do this and do that. And then they're like, I didn't realize I was going to come in here and do all this crying. And, but it always works. If you knew what you needed, you wouldn't be coming to me. I know.

Katie: Yep. That's huge. And really the processing and the crying is just that release of it all. And you know, but I used to always say like, you have to make a choice for change. You can't keep repeating, you know, like my, my story is I used to say, quote, I don't know crap about sales and marketing, and now I'm a sales expert. So somewhere along the way, I made a choice for change. I decided that's not going to work. If I want to stay in business, then that story is not going to move me forward. Right. So everyone needs to take a look, gain the awareness and then say, I'm going to make a choice for change. And I'm going to process this. And yeah, healing is a use Jeffrey's phrase. It's never fun.

Yolanda: Yeah. And you know, it's like, here's what I tell my clients. If it's fall, you want a brand new wardrobe or maybe you just lost a ton of weight. How much sense would it make for you to go and buy a whole brand new wardrobe and then try and cram it all in, in your closet where you have this other wardrobe that's no longer serving you or does it fit you or like, why not just empty out the closet and then replace it with what you actually want? And that's essentially what we're doing is we're clearing out the closet. We're letting go of the old crap and we're actually pulling in the stuff that's going to

Jeffrey: Good. Get you to your next. Not so good. Love it.

Katie: Um, so I know we didn't have a ton of time for the episode today. So we wanted to kind of cram in a bunch of info right. From the beginning. Um, but you know, how can people find you? And is there any sort of gift that you can give our listeners that they can get an idea of your, you know, manifest mad money framework?

Yolanda: Yeah. Thank you. So, um, my podcast is the biggest thing. I give tons of value on that every week, and that is manifest mad money. You can find that on my website, manifest mad money.com or on any podcast player. Um, the next place is I show up daily inside of the manifest mad money Facebook group. You can catch me on Instagram with behind the scenes stuff where I actually do show rituals and crystals and all of that good stuff that everybody's into. And that's at manifest mad money. And my freebie is the scripting for abundance bundle and inside of there, I talk about the best ways to actually journal as though what you want is here, but in a way that your brain is going to process it, the quickest and the easiest and allow you to receive through.

Jeffrey: Yeah. Let me ask about that one really quick, because I've heard this from a few people where, uh, they say affirmations don't work because they don't believe them. Right. Right. If they say I'm a millionaire every day, I'm a millionaire, I'm a millionaire. And though I'm not a billionaire guy. So I don't know why I'm saying this. You know, that whole, that whole pattern of like that disbelief doesn't work for me. I'm lying to myself, you know it. So tell me really quick before we go. What does that all about and how do you overcome it?

Yolanda: Yeah. So if you don't believe it, I mean, manifestation is the feeling, right? So you have to believe it, meaning you can at least picture what it would feel like, what it, you know, what does the air smell like? Do you smell your coffee in the morning? Like you have to be able to incorporate your senses, but what's happening is people are trying to come from their conscious mind. Now, remember, I just basically said, your subconscious is ruling everything. 95% of our day to day, we are in our subconscious mind, meaning that we're on autopilot. And you would think that we have 5% left for the conscious, but we actually, the average person only uses one to 2% of their conscious mind. So in this bundle, the scripting bundle, what I do is I essentially, I walk you through an exercise that allows to lift the veil.

Yolanda: It's called the critical faculty. You're going to lift the veil between the conscious and the unconscious mind so that you can tap into the unconscious. It's really freaky, like the scientific things that I tell you to do after you go back, I tell you to go back. I tell you to check the time before you start check the time when you end and then go back and read this to yourself. So, first of all, when people, because you're in your unconscious many people, when we start, they're like Yolanda, I thought I was writing for five minutes. They realized they'd been writing for 30 minutes to an hour because right. Time is not linear. And then so they lose track of time. And then when they go back and they read it, they're like, I don't even remember writing this. I don't know, like, this is so good. And it's because you're actually getting out of the ego and you're really going deeper. So that is the process of actually reprogramming the subconscious to believe that you can receive these things. And that, that bundle basically it's a freebie. It shows you the evidence of that.

Jeffrey: That's amazing. That's amazing. And so powerful too. That is awesome. Uh, Yolanda, we do have to run this. We're being respectful of your time for sure. I know you got to go. Is there anything you want to add to this episode, uh, to call it this complete?

Yolanda: Yeah. First of all, thank you all for having me on this was so much fun. And my biggest saying is that you can not out hustle a bad money mindset. So if you are trying to throw strategy on top of strategy on top of strategy and your business, and nothing is working, you need to look at your belief system. You need to look at your money story and you need to start with you.

Jeffrey: Uh, so good. That's where nobody wants to start.

Katie: It's true. It's so true. Yeah. Yeah. They all look outside of them and yeah, it's truly, that's, that's how you build your business is like start with you. Right? Who are you being? What are you saying to yourself? How are you showing up?

Yolanda: So exactly.

Katie: Well, that free gift sounds amazing. So we'll definitely put a link for that in our show notes and, um, downloaded ourselves. So that was awesome. Yeah. Thank you for your time.

Yolanda: Thank you.

Jeffrey: Yes. Thank you so much for joining us and thank you all of the listeners for joining us as well. If you liked this episode, please head over to wherever you're listening to it. Right now, hit that five star review and write us a little note in there. We love to hear from you. Uh, and you can check out as we just mentioned, all the show notes at the launch squad, lab.com forward slash episode 41. All right, we'll see you next time.

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