As I was watering my lawn the other day, the hose got kinked and the water flow dropped by half. (Maybe you’re a lucky one with an automatic sprinkler system? Unfortunately, I’m not.) It got me thinking how many times that’s happened to me with money, too. Something kinked the hose, and the flow to me was less than the power that was actually available.

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You know what I’m talking about?

If you’re feeling like your cash flow has gotten kinked in some way, check to see if you might be making one (or more!) of these three common mistakes…

😮 Believing your potential clients have the exact same money story as you.

Our money stories can shift and change in the same day! With the exact same amount of money in our bank account, we can feel wealthy and grateful in one moment, and broke and scared in the next. It depends on the vibration we’re sitting in at the time. The best thing you can do for your potential client is help them shift their vibration and see what’s possible when they are in a more positive mindset. Be willing to give them space and revisit the conversation at a later time.

If your own money story is feeling stuck in struggle and fear at the moment, be sure to shift out of that vibration before doing your work. Get grounded with both feet on the floor, take a few deep breaths, and direct more money and success your way. You can meditate, read inspirational books, listen to podcasts, or other things to raise your vibration before you get to work.

😮 Working with Clients or Mentors who you don’t align with any longer.

When you continue working with clients who show you disrespect (by not paying or responding in a timely manner, or last minute session cancelations, or arriving late to appointments, or not doing the work they agreed on) you are sending out a signal to the Universe that you are okay with earning money when you are disrespected. Usually, money is the bottom line reason why we keep these clients around. We like the income. But instead, what you’re saying is you don’t trust if you let go of where you’re being disrespected, you could fill that void with TWO additional DREAM CLIENTS!

If it’s a mentor you’re still learning from, you might continue to stick around even if you don’t agree with how they’re showing up these days because “it’s money spent” and you’d still like to get your money’s worth. The tricky thing with that is you might be keeping yourself stuck in a loop of content you no longer feel aligned with. And that blocks your ability to write new content, or take a stand that might be different, because it’s operating at a higher vibrational level than where they are.

😮 Thinking you know what your ideal clients NEED instead of asking them what they WANT.

A lot of heart-centered coaches and online experts are concerned that if they do any market research, that it’s sleazy to then use their words against them. I beg to differ here. Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages? The essence of this system is that unless you speak to your partner in their chosen love language, they can’t hear “I love you” from whatever language you’re operating. If you keep telling me “Te amo!” over and over, but I only understand the meaning behind the words ‘I love you!”… I’m going to eventually tell you I don’t feel loved.

It’s important to use the language of your ideal clients in the same way. If you’re trying to sell them a glass of water to cure their headache, you’ll lose them. All they want is for the headache to go away. Sell them “We’ll take away your headache” and the process of giving them water comes after they say yes to working with you .

You’re still giving them the solution they wanted… but perhaps in a different and better way than they had thought. But first, you need to speak their language so they can actually hear you and understand you.

If you’re making any of these mistakes, it’s like you’ve got a kink in the money hose! Unwind the kink, and watch the money flow freely to you!

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