Why Some Coaches Never Launch…

Hi, friends!

When it comes to what you do, you know you have the gusto to succeed. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t dare to dream and act on your desires to start a business and launch a program you know can transform the right person.

So, please take a quick second to say this out loud to yourself right now:
“Self, you’re doing a GREAT job so far!” 👏

Getting into the master mindset to launch can be overwhelming for new and seasoned Coaches and Course Creators alike. Mindset setbacks can take anyone out of the game before it’s begun, even a business owner who’s “supposed” to know her stuff.

The thing is… you’re still a person. People, even the most beautiful, richest, or coolest still have problems with mindset from time to time. Doubts about competency are very real.

Just the other day I was working through my doubts about being able to buy a home in my area of Denver, Colorado. The prices have gone up over 20% in a single year, and that’s been a trend for a few years now. I had to catch myself in those “defeated” thoughts and remind myself… I can literally create anything. If I want to buy a home, I can set some goals and buy the damn house. Enough with the self-doubt already!

F.E.A.R., or false evidence appearing real, can spark imposter syndrome. This in turn creates self-doubt, the breeding ground of insecurities and stress.

Figuring out how to launch by yourself is hard, especially because many business owners start out as Solopreneurs. You’re already super busy running your business, taking care of your children, and handling other responsibilities to begin to try to squeeze in all the time you need to do all the launch things like copywriting, tech, marketing, and just having full, honest, yet constructive support. 🥴

When your mind is unable to grasp everything you need to do and who you need to be to launch, it’s time to take all the steps back. Here’s what we do to reset:

  1. Take a time out ⏲️. It’s always surprising how letting go of all expectations can be recentering. Leave all the pressure behind for a whole day to give yourself a chance to reset and find clarity.
  2. Ask yourself all the questions 🤔. Sometimes there is a sliver of truth in your mindset blocks. Are you feeling overwhelmed because you don’t have time and/or need help? If so, how can you make time? Who can you ask for help? Are you doubting yourself because you don’t know what the vital components of launching are? If so, do you need some how-to coaching?
  3. Make a plan 🗓️. Now that you can see where your mind might be right, it’s time to make a plan. Planning will eradicate many parts of your self-doubt that are falsely appearing real. Is it time to learn copywriting or marketing? Or should you take some time to research who can best help you with these tasks?
  4. Execute with consistency 🚀. It’s time to take action by outsourcing what feeds your doubts so you can feel more confident. Then ask, what can I handle myself? Make consistent moves every day to move the needle towards achieving your business goals. It’s the only way to overcome a paralyzing mindset.

Connecting the dots on a complete launch framework so you can overcome the 3 launch mistakes that limit profits (and prevent repeatability)

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