Have you noticed the latest diet fad?

Which one, you may be asking?

What do you mean!? It’s the ONLY / FASTEST / EASIEST way to lose weight! You MUST try it and you’ll see results!

Here’s the thing that always gets me about diet fads…

They don’t work for every body. For some, beans and rice is an excellent meal. For others, it would bloat their bellies for days!

When I see people shouting about their new diet, their new supplement, their new green drink or CBD oil and claiming that it can help everyone who tries it, I cringe. Because we all know, it won’t work for some.

Does that mean there’s something wrong with those it doesn’t work for?


It just means it wasn’t the right “treatment plan” for THEIR body.

The same goes for business, my friend!

Too often we see Coaches and Course Creators try to copy the launch style of an expert they’ve been following. The expert touts: “It worked for me! I made millions! And you can, too!”

And so they try to mimic what they’re seeing the expert do, heck they may even buy the expert’s “How to” course so they can follow along step by step.

But then, more often than not, they don’t create those same launch results as the expert.

Not even close.

And what happens?

They blame themselves. They look at their business, their niche, their offer, and they make an internal agreement that something must change.

We agree on one thing.

Something must change.

But dare I say it’s not your business or your offer or your audience.

It’s probably just the launch style that needs to change.

Just like not all diet fads and supplements will work for YOU, the same is true for launching.

We recommend you choose a launch style that matches these three things:

– something your audience would want to participate in
– something that matches your personality
– something that works well for your price point

What does YOUR preferred launch style look like?

Connecting the dots on a complete launch framework so you can overcome the 3 launch mistakes that limit profits (and prevent repeatability)

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